So a few things.

1.) My new gaming headphones/only gaming headphones/special limited edition Hyper X Cloud II arrived today. Which is totally awesome. They are super amazing. Now I can play league with my friends in style.

2.) Work is stressing me out, not sure how much more I can take before I lose what's left of my sanity. And though I love that people at work notice that I'm not 100% myself it does get tiring being asked 'Jess are you okay?' A billion times a day, and know that no one cares about the answer.

3.) I miss Katie. Like a lot, and though I text her every now and again, and hope for a reply the long distance best friend thing is not working great.

4.) Which makes me come to the conclusion that I miss having friends in general. And I don't mean the wanna be friends that are only around because you have something to offer. Though I only have one of those left. But outside of work I have no social life at all. For example went to see Jurassic World again today with my mom, Elyse, and her mom, and I paid in advance so we didn't have to line up when we got there, (Since it's cheap Tuesdays) and they just expected me to not ask for the money that they owed me. Kind of like...yeah no, you owe me ladies and I mean now. None of this I owe you stuff.

And that is my awesome lonely life. YAY ME.