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Artwork Recived from generous people <3
So here are all the wonderful works of art I have received over all my years on gaia, most of them are of my Time Lady Aziza but they are all awesome! These are all the originals btw. (Due to image sizes most will appear as direct links)

I love this art style a lot especially the way the hair was done

From a fellow Who fan eeeh it\'s Tennant! &3

Serious Face headshot

Smiling Headshot

Aziza with blue eyes

Beautiful Sketch work

Aziza & her Calico buddy Zee

Modified version of this one can be found on my profile near the top, I gave it a blue background with grey and white skin to make her look a little more shark like.
Original artwork of Aziza as a Shark (In honor of shark week)

Half Body shot Aziza & her companion Zee

Check my avi creations list in my journal to see what it's based off of:
Awesomely adorable chibi version of my Succubus avi <3

Check my avi creations list in my journal for avatar this art is based off of: Adorable Chibi Fox Girl

So cute! Tiny Time Lord

Last but not least I consider chibi pixelated and avatar animations artwork as well since hard work was put into making them: