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Avi Creation List 2
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Raccoon dog in a business suit at company picnic?

It reminds me of a persacom from the anime Chobits.

Vampire or demon?
Whatever the hell it is it looks cool and has an awesome servant to back it up.

I made this while I was really loopy and out of it but have no idea what theme I was going for or if I was even going for one at all. Thanks goes to Human Clad Monster for helping me with the finally touch ups when I got stuck as to what to do with it next. ^_^

The Christmas coon of snow!! He has magical powers that allow him to give us the winter mother nature denied us lol.

Love is blind.....and evil.

Let me tell you a story.
A story of a never ending winter....

John Constantine

Moon Rabbit


Adventurous Lynx

You mad or are you just crazy?

Bunny girl

Good luck or bad?

Celestial alien