Mark k thx
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Summer 2013 so far.
I'm exercising a lot more. Still doing my best to maintain 10k runs every week day. Got to work on getting rid of that stubborn fat. After my run, sometimes I play tennis, which is a nice way to end my night.

I've been going on Gaia lately to zOMG! with random people for fun gold. It's been pretty nice. I tried DMS, it's boring as hell. I'll stick with smobbing. Maybe a few eb.

I'm currently taking one summer course at the moment- Discrete Structures. It's fine. I finish the class next Wednesday. Then the week after I begin 2 more summer courses- Intro to Literature and Anthropology. I'm hoping those are gonna be smooth, easy courses. I want to relax more over summer before my upcoming hell-ish semester...

I want to make new friends, maybe find and catch up with some old ones. Here, and irl.

Life's been good for me this year. I hope it continues.