Everything is set up and ready to head out to Munich! It's been pretty stressful getting all the things we need together!

Soon it'll begin, but until then I'll have a chance to explore Munich and enjoy the sights the city has to offer to me. It's currently raining outside and it is a bit windy. Cold as well. I hope that this weather subsides so we will have some better business.

The weather has been pretty wild lately. A lot of overnight freezing and rainy days. I myself have been feeling somewhat down but I know it's nothing I should worry about.

All in all my days have been doing good. I wish I could fix some things but they ultimately are out of my grasp. I try not to worry about that which I have no effect over, but it is worrying.

Otherwise I've been enjoying my position of Forum Assistant. I hope Gaia has more surprises in store for me in the future!