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NuLova Stories, poems and thoughs
Stories are my favorite to rite and I hope the others enjoy reading them
Dark Cloud
I knew things werent always going to be rainbows and sunshine
I knew that we would have all these ups and down,
And I knew things would be hard,
But there was one thing
One single thing that always remained true
It was simple,
But it was enough.
No matter what
We would always be able to see the sunlight breaking through the thin veil of clouds.
Thats what kept me happy.
That we would always have the sun there to see
That we would always have a bright day
But now.
Now that sun as has been engulfed by a dark cloud.
I dont know what to do
You have hurt me, more than I ever thought possible.
I knew we would have downs, but.
This is not the down I saw.
This is the one thing that broke me

That has covered that sunshine
I can no longer see the light
That dark, evil cloud forever hangs over us now.
Tears, all these tears I have shed,
Each one cuts into my flesh, reminding me of what you have done.

I keep hoping its a dream,
But my alarm wont be going off
And I know its not

I want you to hurt,
I want you to hurt in the same way that you hurt me
I cant.
I cant watch you suffer
I love you too much to see you in pain.
I dont want you bleeding the same way I am

So now, here I lay
Looking up at this dark cloud
And feeling all the tears that fall
Each threatening me to drown me in pain

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