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The Collection
You can find crazy stories here. Often, those stories are never finished. But! That isn't to say that they aren't crazy. There are tons of OCs and fan fiction ideas starting up at every moment. Unfinished episodes are private until... finished... o.o
Sync - The 4th Attempt
'Sup Gaians. Eh, if you're still around.

Alright, Sync died again, but it's got a good number of lives left, so I'll go ahead and try for a fourth. No harm in that.

What's Sync exactly? Just a crossover of my workings. Real big and confusing, but it's mainly for me to practice character personalities and interactions that wouldn't ever occur in their own stories. The plot's convoluted and messy, and the protagonists don't make any sense. Nothing's clear, and the dialogue rants on for ages. It's just fun for me, and, hey, whoever wants to tag along for a read is awesome. So yeah.

I'm not going to bother trying to set up a plot right away Every time I try, it goes haywire. I'm going to leave it at what Sync 3 did. Darkness being the main antagonist, stray heroes trying to figure stuff out, etc. etc. This time, the character pool is going to be modernized. I'll be using characters from the Wave series on Fanfiction.net, and updated variants of older characters, such as Kenny the Killer and Kutzu. I'll also include The Wayward Seers characters, who really didn't get a chance to shine. That, in case anyone's wondering, is just a musical story I made on FurAffinity.

So, without further adoozle, lemme go ahead and bring in some character profiles for Sync 4 here.

(Also, Happy New Year I guess?)


The Circle: Group of young friends from a town called Autumnridge. They're all pretty different, but they share a love for adventure, be it in film or literature, or real life for that matter. Each and every member of the Circle was originally human, however a curse has transformed them into Pokémon. The curse itself is a long story, since it's also gone and changed their world. And then there's the whole gamma mutation and Scionic interference thing--it's complicated... Anyway, these are the main characters who will probably have the perspectives.

Cruxi-Cruce: The main main character. None too different from the other Cruces, except he is a Shiny Meowstic who wields incredible power. In addition to his psychic powers, he also commands a bow and arrow of pure light known as the Symbi Aeden. Cruxi is the leader of the Circle, albeit modest. He's the main, so there's a lot to learn about him. Initially, he woke up with amnesia, broken into two halves. One half called herself Maxi, which stole his memories. The other half was Cruxi, who took the personality of Cruce, with no memory to back him up.

Reia: Another main character. Originally called Topher Reigh, Reia is Cruce's girly cousin. He is a Siren Shaymin, an extremely rare mutation made by gamma. Sirens are between human and Pokémon, having traits of both, such as a small, anthropomorphic body, with the corresponding Pokémon features. In Reia's case, he is a Shaymin based around the Sky Forme. He looks female, but that's not really the case for his original gender. His appearance, along with the sirens, will be explained in the story. Reia wields a halo of light known as the Symbi Moonhalo.

Arcadia: A member of the Circle from the very start. Aria was a male human named Nickolas Wright, however gamma mutation has transformed him into a Minccino, with a spontaneous shift into a female Cinccino, and then a further metamorphosis into a Siren Cinccino. The transformation has granted her tremendous potential, as she wields a wand of energy called the Symbi Arcadia, only granted to great sorceresses and witches and stuff.

Al: A fairly recent member of the Circle who's all sport and game. Al is a Luxio who managed to retain a good chunk of his original self even after all of his exposure to gamma radiation. His willpower's given him some of the most notable strength of the Circle. He wields no special weapon, but he doesn't really need anything spectacular. He's been called a prodigy by some, and a hero by others. All of the good stuff. Not to be confused with the Mudkip Al from previous installments of Sync and whatnot.

Vis: A mess. He's a member of the Circle who was once the local idiot. He was rowdy and loud and all kinds of annoying, but his buds missed him when he wasn't around. The Wave, which is the whole thing that changed everyone into Pokémon and other miscellaneous creatures, mellowed him out, first changing him into a Buizel. Exposure to gamma radiation finally melted his body, however he was saved by a team effort; an injection which transformed him into a Aortwin, given a fluid blood body that can shapeshift into various objects and animals.

Cryhex: A quiet, gothic member of the Circle. She loves to laugh, despite her silent demeanor outside of her group of friends. She underwent multiple experiments during the Wave, her initial mutation that of an upright-standing Mudkip. She was constantly exposed to different strands of gamma-infected DNA from other victims of the Wave, until she was finally re-transformed into a bipedal Zorua with a terrible power. She appears to be capable of creating illusions so powerful that they distort reality.

As for other character cameos, we'll see a good deal of them throughout Sync 4.

Cameos include, but are not limited to:
Laza (Wave Pokémon)
Edge (Wave Pokémon)
Scion (Wave Hypera)
Katalyn (Wave Earth)
Maxi (Wave Earth)
Mars (Wave Hypera)
Nephi (Wave Hypera)
Nirva (Wave Earth)
Celebi (Wave Pokémon)

Kutzu (Soryn, Eclipse) - Companions: Prespe and Suzi
Safiri (Safa, Eclipse) - Companions: Rilia and Slianna
Sesney (Hypera, Seer) - Companion: Glitra
Kenny the Killer (Ante, Eclipse) - Companions: Roger and Kylie
Impulse (Equestria, Star) - Companions: Cobalt Dawn and Sweet Dreams
Surge the Rabbit (Mobius, Eclipse) - Companions: True the Fox and Stream the Skunk

Lea (Soryn, Shade) - Companion: Homay
Danni (Safa, Shade) - Companion: Drilion
M (Hypera, Shade) - Companion: (None)
Idi (Ante, Shade) - Companion: (None)
Viper (Equestria, Shade) - Companion: Star Diver
Sekigan (Mobius, Shade) - Companion: Equinox the Nightwish *Note: Sekigan takes the place of Ginsengaar. Same person, different name.

Naught (Darkness Ruler)
Epathy (Darkness Warrior)
Anigma (Darkness Warrior)

Rush (Guardian)
Amen (Guardian)
Lavender (Guardian)

Aether (Light Ruler)
Skye (Light Warrior)
Hideaki (Light Warrior)

Yeah, that's all I can think of for now. But I think this should be a pretty good exercise for some more writing betterment. I don't know when it'll start, but hey, big ambitions, right? Probably won't get too far. It's all in the name of fun anyway.

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