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Stuff that has gone on so far.. ♥~
Heh... where do I start?smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif
Well let's start where when we first met.
I met him online in a place like myspace ( yes thats old! XD)
I think it was called hi 5, but he begged me to talk to him on the phone. I'd make excuses here and there as to why I couldn't because I was shy and looking at his profile and seeing him intimidated me. ( I made this, it just has his old pic in it)
He was a straight forward man and I just got out of Highschool and into college so I had no idea that something like this would happen to me.
Well anyway one day when he just wouldn't stop, I decided to call him and that went nuts so he just told me that we could meet somewhere.
I was so nervous! So I went home and I was deciding if i should really go or chicken out.
Yes I decided to chicken out lol >< But then my sisters started to give me a hard time about something and i was like "welp f you all, imma goin out!" So I went to go see him. ( NERVOUS! X.X)
It was just me and my bike when I rolled up towards the quaint little coffee shop that we planned on going in. I was red from my cheeks to my ears! smilies/icon_redface.gif
I sat there waiting on him in the shop and then saw him, my heart skipped a beat (literally I thought I was dying x.x XD)
And there I was a delicate 5' 2" woman looking up at a 6 foot plus man x.x...
I can remember his clothes and everything what he wore and how he smelled also( so goood!! ..emotion_smilies/icon_drool.png ) how he kissed.
He didn't kiss me right away, no. But he did lead me there by asking me to dance after a long session of talking about art music, ect.
He was so smooth and immediately i fell for him like ton of bricks, and that kiss sealed the deal.

We dated for about 3 months and during that time it was so magical.~

But then he ended us because he was afraid for some reason.. he never told me cause he didn't know himself.

He tried he tried his best to get back with me a couple months later but I told him that I was with someone, and I was. The man that I was with ( at the time) was a rebound and was actually arranged by my friends but I wanted to stay with him because I am faithful to the ones that I am with. And that was the first time I saw him cry...
And I so wanted to get back together with him but we didnt discuss anything else and he left upset and hurt.

For a while it was like this. He was with someone and I was with someone, we tried getting back together but one would hurt the other out of their situation.
Until one day I told myself I wouldn't give up and when I said that, about a month later he told me that he is giving up and settling where he was and who he was with.
I was upset but..
I never gave up.
for 2 years I didnt hear from him and during that time I was depressed and tried to cope by dating other men but..
really they couldn't be the man I truly loved.
Everytime I'd start something with another man my mind was like " I love you but you could never replace what was lost"
And he was a big loss in my life, everyday those two years I felt like a void was there. But I told God finally these two things. " I will always love him no matter if I dont ever see him or hear from him again he is my love" and also " If you dont put him in my life Lord ill still love him your will be done not mine"
As soon as I said that, I got a message in my gmail saying "Are u there?"
I was shocked and i was tearing up.
(Letting all of you know by the way this is current! He got a hold of me june 29th)
We have been talking, and talking and even more talk since that time. And I feel the same nervousness as I did that very day when I first talked to him.
Thats when you know its true love guys smilies/icon_heart.gif ~

We have plans to get back together and such but I do need some prayers here and there, and good thoughts sent our way. ty guys for listening to my story! well... reading it heh smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif