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The Armies.
Reworking of my original list. RPCs not commonly used were removed, and new ones have been added in! <Any and all pictures found are taken from a variety of DeviantArtists>
Name: Alexei Maksimilian, also goes by "King".

Appearance: Alexei Maksimilian

Text Based Description (If Applicable): Standing at 6'8" and weighing in at 209 pounds, Alexei is a physically intimidating figure - especially since most of that weight comes from a well developed muscular system. Shoulder length brown hair and a long beard of similar color cover most of his head, hiding his rather bland brown eyes. He wears thick leather and heavy furs at all times, covering himself from neck to toe in them as if preparing for a freezing winter. There always appears to be some amount of frost or ice clinging to the garb, and his breath tends to fog as if the air around him was considerably colder. He wears little fancy adornments, save for an amulet with eight crystals in it, each one a different color and engraved with a different, yet still peculiar, rune.

Race: Human

Age: 40's

Gender: Male

Powers: Planar Attunement - Being a walker of the elemental planes, Alexei is capable of aligning himself with the energies of them, allowing him to either summon an ally or weapon temporarily to assist in his fight.

Alexei has no knowledge of who, or what, he will bring with him, and any allies are not only temporary, but fickle - Just because the realm blessed him with their alliance doesn't mean they came willingly.

If the object that comes through is an ally, it will have some sort of alternative use instead of just an upfront fighter unless the ally came from the realm of Fire. While an adept fighter, part of Alexei's oath as a Planeswalker was to avoid confrontation unless it was necessary.

If a weapon is brought through during the attunement process, he obtains enough proficiency to wield the weapon in question with skill a seasoned soldier would with it. The blade itself appears to be made of a crystalline variant of the element in question, and is capable of shattering.


Vyzhivat -
A heavy, metal gauntlet wtih runes carved into the surface, the metal is an off-teal color, suggesting otherworldly origins. Aside from appearance, at first glance it seems like any ordinary protective piece of steel. A gift from Alexei's home plane, Vyzhivat is a chain that aids him in his planar travels and his attunement process. Without Vyzhivat, he is incapable of asking for blessings from the Elemental realms.

On it's own, Vyzhivat appears to be a very durable metal, borderline indestructible for all practical matters. It naturally allows him limited access to the Plane of Water's magic, and can also be used to empower his swings. However, when seperated, the only trait it seems to maintain is its defensive nature.

Personality: Undecided...

Bio: With an appearance far different than now, the original Alexei Maksimilian was a meager boy - Short in stature, light of voice, frail of bone and body. The son of a merchant, he was entitled to something those from his frozen homeland had considered a luxury - the art of reading and writing. It was through this gift that he had developed a peculiar plan, and an equally bizarre plan. Most would mock him in his youth, and he was driven into exile -- A nearly guaranteed death sentence. Years passed, and soon a man whom seemed entirely different emerged from the mountains and forests. He spoke of a new religion, of a new era. He spoke of many things... and people accepted it. He spread this word, and the culture of the word, wherever he went, travelling from tribe to tribe, forming a fledgling nation at first. Soon, under the work of this preacher, a large empire spawned. The various tribes had managed to set aside differences in the face of so many similarities brought about by the preachers name. So important was he that they even changed his name - While his old name is unknown, he was soon hailed everywhere as 'Alexei Maksimilian'. The empire named themselves the Vechnyye, and the bloodless unification only took seven years.

Not all things are meant to last though. As he aged, Alexei continued his reign until the inevitable had to occur. The first drop of blood shed would be the drop that showed the end of his life. Killed by an assassin, a member of his court who sought power, the Vechnyye would go into a civil war before being reformed anew, reclaiming their name and honoring Maksimilian's efforts.

Of course, Death is not the end of his story - Despite his death, he did not go to any afterlife. He woke up on a patch of ice. He found himself taller, heavier... considerably so. He found himself young again, a strange gauntlet on his left arm. Soon, an entity of water had shown itself, explaining what had happened - The Plane of Water had been watching him, and found him worthy. He was explained what it meant to be a Planeswalker - A person chosen by the Elementals to walk between them, serve as emissary, serve as guiding hand... and when the Mortal Plane suffered ills, go down and act on behalf of their home plane. The Water Plane had chosen Alexei as one of their walkers.

While in the middle of an interaction with the realm of Earth, Alexei was informed of an issue going on in the mortal world on a continent who's name he didn't catch. An unfamiliar name to him, but all the same, if the Call was sounded, who was he to refuse?

"I have resolved...
To never start an unjust war.
But I have resolved...
To never end a legitimate War...
Except by one thing.
And I have resolved, decided, that one thing...
Is Absolute Destruction of those who call me Enemy."

"You! You whom have killed my men!
You! You whom have raped this land!
You! You whom have ruined so many lives...
The King still holds power!
Maksimilian's Decree still stands.

"I walk the line of just and injust.
Wielding a sword of war and the sceptre of peace.
I walk the line of Fire and Ice.
Needing to cool the flames of hate.
But heating the chill of peace produced laziness.
Do not tread lightly when walking near my wake.
My steps are never light and soft.
I announce my presence, for I must.
I am Alexei Maksimilian.
And I... am The King."

"RAUM! You traitorous fop!
You think your fire is what holds our world together?
RAUM! You foolish child.
No strength comes from tyrannical rule.
RAUM! Have you lost the way?
You were once a model general. What tainted your spirit?
RAUM! I have no use for such a fool.
You abandoned home and hearth, and poisoned your name."

"Plane of Fire!
Hear this choir!
The world I walk upon, it feeds your pyre!
Let none dare to question your place as Sire!
Now bless me with your power -- Let me strike down the host of Desire!"

"Plane of Water!
Fierce as the enraged daughter!
A land so filled with the pact of slaughter!
Long have I travelled, much of your depths I've wandered!
Bless me with your power -- Watch me force the world upon your altar!"

"Plane of Earth!
Dreadfully lost of mirth!
Your home so filled with gems, much of unknown worth!
So fertile and splendid, the source of all birth!
Bless me with your power -- Grant me the endurance to force them upon your hearth!"

"Plane of Wind!
Gusts so strong to leave us blind!
Your energy alone, enough to fuel the mind!
You, that which is the essence of speed when defined!
Bless me with your power -- Let me demonstrate your force when unconfined!"

"Plane of Life!
Crafter of the tooth that cuts like a knife!
Ultimately uncaring, without love like one would love a wife!
A world so filled with glory, so packed and rife!
Bless me with your power -- Demonstrate with me, the ultimatum called Strife!"

"Plane of Death!
Empty and barren, a wasteland of ash!
How haunted your lands, yet we don't hear the chains lash!
Oh how none can see or hear your soul's thrash!
Bless me with your power -- Force from them the final breath!"

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