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The Chronicles of the Weezie and the inflatable turtle
Weezie's random ramblings!!! Wahaaa!!
Casual Update of no significance...
So today is Good Friday. Bonus day off work. Yusss.

I have to say, I ended up spending today doing very little. Eating hot cross buns and Easter Eggs. YouTubing music. Playing Tapped Out. Playing Candy Crush and Bubble Witch Saga. Yup, I'm an app game addict, it seems.

There is something very nice about that though. Normally my days off are spent with errands: supermarket shopping, dishes, washing, tidying, call that person or send an email about such and such...it's rare these days to have a day off and not leave the house, not even get dressed.

No gym. No errands. No going out anywhere. No meeting up with friends and family. Just me and Taina, doing nothing together.

That plus I ate chocolate on and off all day and I don't feel bad about it, because...screw it. Easter and such.

So right now Taina is in the lounge playing some game on the PS3 called Dynasty Warriors something-rather. It's hilariously bad actually, the dialogue and voice acting is appalling and cheesy.

And I'm already half in my PJs, chilling in bed with my laptop.

It seems surprising that it is April already. It's an odd thing I guess, I often like having a specific event to look forward to, so each morning I can wake up, look at the calendar and feel increasingly happy that as each day passes, I get closer to the specific date I am counting down to. Last year/ early this year that event was my wedding in January.

But now that that's been and gone, I haven't had any major plans or anything to get excited about. Well, not exactly true, I am going over to Brisbane next week for a week's holiday. But it's not on par with my own wedding in excitementness.

The reason for my Brisbane trip is because my cousin Christina, who lives over there, is getting married next week. It's great because being a family thing, Dad paid for the flights and accommodation for all of us: me, Taina, Dad, Nick and Grandma so I get to have a week holiday without having to try and actually afford it myself.

Christina's wedding will actually be the third one I go to this year. The first was my own, of course. The second was my friend Leem, who got married just a few weeks ago.

His wedding was a fairly casual-ish affair. His wife is actually from Cambodia, like Leem's family are, and she doesn't seem to know much English. Getting the visa for her to come and live over here in New Zealand was a bit of a mission, and took quite a while, and so what they ended up doing was having one wedding in Cambodia, with all of Leem's wife Sreylak's family, while she was still over there, and then having a second wedding now that she is finally over here to live.

So the wedding was just a reception here, really, at a Chinese restaurant in Wellington. But there were still heaps of people, mostly Leem's extended family. We had a table full of the old group crowd: me and Taina, Jess and Luke, Lisa, Nerida and Andrew (although Andrew was mostly sitting at the Head Table as a best man). Plus two other random young New Zealander types who got shown to our table so they'd have people to speak English with, of a similar age group.

But it was still very much a wedding: there was a fancy looking cake, lots of food, speeches (some English, some Cambodian), and Sreylak was in a sparkly white dress.

The food was banquet style: heaps of dishes to share with everyone at your own table, but they brought out only a few at a time, and then once people had eaten most of what was there, they'd take away some and bring out other dishes.

Unfortunately at our table most of us didn't really know it would be like that. So when the first few dishes were all seafood stuff: mini octopus things, some fish type soup, stuff like that... we were all a bit dubious on how much we actually liked it and were thinking we'd end up being hungry because we didn't like the food, and Jess was all suggesting a potential McD's stopover on the way home. We were trying to force ourselves to eat things we didn't really like because we felt we had to.

And then the next few dishes came, and the next few. And the next few. And there was all sorts of things: vege dishes, chicken and noodles, beef, pork etc...and we realised that if anything, there was too much food, and we needed to pace ourselves otherwise we'd be overstuffed.

Ah well.

So that was the second wedding I went to this year, and now coming up, my cousin Christina's wedding will be the third. And to top it off, a family friend of mine, Janine Pilcher is getting married also, and she announced just a week or so ago that her wedding is set to be near the end of May. So I've already secured the day off work (it'll be a Saturday), so it looks like there'll be a fourth wedding to attend this year also.

Things always come in trends, I reckon. Like years have themes, things that become the pre-dominant feature of a particular year.

2015- The year of the weddings

and 2014- The year of people getting cancer

2013- The year of unusual weather/natural disasters

2012- The year when the world was supposedly going to end but actually it turned out to be a very ordinary year with not much happening

2011- The year of lots of jobs but still very little money

2010- The year of insane crazy events

2009- The year of group break-ups

2008- The year of moving flats a lot

2007- The year where I was just really glad 2006 was over

2006- The year of being horrifically depressed and doing nothing about it

2005- The year of quitting things

2004- The year of petty arguments and making a big deal out of silly things

2003- The year when lots of things went better than expected

2002- The year when pretty much everything revolved around the Germany Trip

2001- The year of awkward teenage self-doubt

2000- The year of making a whole new group of friends from scratch because my old friends became really bitchy

1999- The year where I became obsessed with rock/punk/grunge music

1998- The year when Queen was the constant soundtrack to my whole life

1997- The year of being obsessed with The Simpsons

1996- The year I hated my teacher at school

1995- The year Mt Ruapehu erupted a lot and it was kinda exciting

1994- The year that one mean girl at school Aliesha made my life unpleasant

1993- The year with lots of skiing trips

1992- The year I had no idea what was going on all the time because I had some ear condition and couldn't hear properly

1991- The year when I was really into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

1990- The year when I was worried about not getting to watch Playschool on TV once I started going to school

1989- The year of a few very hazy memories and that's about it

1988- The year I don't remember

1987- The year I also don't remember

1986- The year I definitely don't remember

1985- The year where I was only around for the last month of it and I don't remember it

And that pretty much sums up my whole life. With titles that kinda remind me of the titles of episodes of Friends.

I want to have more to report on, but there isn't terribly much. Work has been just carrying on as normal. It's had ups and downs, but overall I'd describe my job as mediocre at present. I'm kinda just hanging in there until I'm in a position to be able to do something else. I have ideas and plans in the pipeline of where to proceed from here, but at the moment it's going to take a little while to put some of these plans into action. So I guess I'll just have to let you know as things come about.

So I'll see ya later, Journal-ator!

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