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A Forced Continuation
The only reason this journal exists is to carry on the work I started on Mazele.
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[General Information]

Name: Sasska MacKenna
Nicknames: Sasky
Titles: 545-K4
Age: Twenty...forever.
Birthday: July 10th
Star Sign: Cancer
Gender: Female
Race: Cyborg
Moral Alignment: Lawful Evil

[Personal Information]
Occupation: Chief Executive Officer/Unofficial Chairwoman of the organization SHISA.
Sexuality: Demiromantic Heterosexual
Likes: Chocolate, "tingles", video games
Dreams: Bring order to the planet, but ultimately, to gain a (hopefully attractive) alien organic body for her own.
Dislikes: Blondes, the word "fabulous", cameras, and scarves.
Fears: Dying, fear of the number '666', failure
Darkest Secret: Sold own family into "the business", as conversion projects...to join her as full-body replacement cyborgs.
Favourite Food: Carolina Reapers
Favourite Drink: Fruit Brandy
Least Favourite Food: Onions
Least Favourite Drink: Fruit Punch flavored ANYTHING
Loyalties: Loyal to herself
Intelligence Level: Roughly tests at a 125.
Dominant Hand: Ambidextrous
Strengths: Durability, Adaptability, Superhuman abilities
Weaknesses: Unfailingly holds to a personal code of conduct. Knowledge of this code would allow exploits, if the beholder or wielder of said knowledge also has the mind to utilize it. Vanity, excessive levels of heat, malignant software.

Philosophical/ Social Viewpoint: Holding true with her alleged alignment, Sasska holds honor and tradition highly, that there need be order....though said order and the one to hold power should at least be her own party. From a social standpoint, she remains very aloof, and tends to fixate solely on objectives or topics related to business. Supposedly incapable of small talk.

Religious Viewpoint: Oh there's something up there, that much she knows to be true. It hates her, is what it/they does/do. It/They can continue their endeavor to make her struggle a reality. Once she escapes her mortality, there will be retribution for her suffering.

Romantic Viewpoint: Aliens. Anything organic that can tolerate her in her hideousness, as she refers to her form as. If it has a reproduction cycle and fulfills the above requirement, she's interested. Preferable that they be of the same mindset as she, though.

Personality Primarily a pessimist with only intents to benefit herself via any means possible, the cyborg wishes to see her vision of a dream world fulfilled. This means the immediate destruction of the corrupt and condemning society around her, and the construction to a level found only within her fantasies. On a realistic level, she seeks a more fantasy-based Utopia, where the rightful order rules. Her order. Destruction lies all about, greed and lies suffocate even the ability to take what people believe is theirs. Those lies, the greed itself...all stem from the current order in power. Weak-willed politicians, whom answer only to the call of worthless papers that state value with the futility and impermanence of organic ink. Those whom seize might shall rule, those that do not, condemn themselves to their own fates.

That, above all else, must fall. Politically, literally, choking on their own blood if need be.

Born Visnja Milosevic, a Serbian nationality girl with thirteen older brothers, and one sister. The family sought to escape the growing hostilities in their homeland, and perhaps in a less than legal means, obtained passage to America. The further details of how they got past immigration is not elaborated within this record. At the time, Visnja was only four years old. Most of her brothers were grown and she would spend her time alone or at school. "Land of Opportunity". Feh. By the time she was eight, she was already sick of school and being made fun of. No-one could or would pronounce any bit of her name, and simply called her "cherry", after she told people what her name meant. The sour part was omitted, but simple research done revealed that. All too accurate of a name, as it would turn out. While she was only the second youngest, Visnja would turn out to be very defensive of her siblings, older or younger. This was all too readily shown five years later. Her youngest sibling was suffering from being bullied. Like Visnja, she had a sort of "Addams" look about her...that is to say, a very skeptical, gothic, and unhappy look. It did not help that they took coal and soot samplings from their older siblings' clothing and used that as an improvised "smoky eye look"...that ended up looking more like raccoon eyes. Needless to say, when she tracked down her younger sibling's tormentor, the vengeance involved a stapler, and several choice areas of the kid's skin.

They say the man that seeks vengeance digs two graves, one of which is for himself. This was naturally still true with Visnja. The kid had an older sibling of their own, and sought to even the score between both families. In retribution, her lunch was stolen, and spent the weekend and a day afterwards in her half-locker, beaten and maimed. The smell and sight of blood leaking from said locker gave the school authorities cause to investigate and discover her. Forget the two graves statement. Visnja then struck harder, brutally lacerating her tormentor and mutilating parts of his body. The extent of his injuries would leave him hospitalized for months, and was eventually proclaimed to have been rendered "genderless". Through finding her DNA under his fingernails as he had clawed at her to free himself, Visnja was arrested at school, and led away in a squad car. At request, her family would not suffer the backlash, and that she was tried as an adult. In court at her trial, her plea was guilty, and sentenced to life without parole.

Promises of death from other inmates were swift. Over the course of the four years Visnja spent serving her term, she repeatedly requested solitary confinement. She was under constant watch, both for her safety and to prevent suicide. Even with these precautions and granted requests, the now nineteen year old was in worse shape than her victim had been. Scars covered her body. Missing parts of her hands, fingers being "accidentally" severed, toes cut off. Organs began to go missing before the administration took direct action and placed her in a separate block of "SHU", where she remained in their effective "ICU" facility for the rest of her "life". She was even granted a tv to watch for her inability to leave the room. No stomach, no kidneys, only one lung, own mutilated genitals, and hooked up to a machine just to stay alive.

Visnja decided to put forth a last confession and statement. This, she put to her own hand, as best she could. Most of it is illegible, but the notable parts that are state,

"My name is Visnja Milosevic. I am a convicted criminal for attempted murder. I am nineteen years old, and as of this moment in time, convinced I will not live long enough to even see half of my sentence to fruition. I have only been serving my life sentence for a mere four years, and already am robbed of my body's youth and functionality. It is only through the prison's administrative decision that I yet live, and am allowed to write this letter....."

"...so hereby declare that my person, whether I am yet alive or not, to be donated to the use of science and....."

"....contact details are not needed. My address is known publicly. If I am even only given time to serve the sentence and speak out about my wrongdoings, this is acceptable. If I am a research specimen, so be it. To this I testify and call it my last wishes."

Almost six months went by, and Visnja was told to begin planning what day she wanted to be her last. Her sentence was being overturned, but her life support was also being retracted in favor of being given a swift death. A mercy killing, as it was motioned to her as, via lethal injection. At her execution, the usual politicians and notable people were present...despite her pleas not to have to stare at them and to just die quietly and alone. The chemicals were administered, the machines accurately read the life leaving her body, and the crowd gathered up and left. Her body was placed in the morgue for storing until it could be disposed of.

Several days later, her body was confirmed to be disposed of the following morning. That very night, the cold chamber holding her slid open, and out stepped the dead. Visnja stared at the world through dead, ice-colored eyes. Fresh wounds covered her torso, and she held in a modified hand, a machete. Attached to her was a note with cryptic writing on it telling her to "come home". The note did not leave the morgue, nor even that room. It fell to the floor, but the "zombie" staggered outward. Evidently unused to walking, she had a sort of lurch step. Pairing that with what was later revealed to be rage-inducing chemicals telling her body to twist its face into a teeth bared snarl, the newly "risen" terrified any that saw her as she plodded her way free of the facility. She would be shot several times, and more than once in the head, Visnja used the machete to cut and clear a bloody swath from her temporary tomb in Yuma to that of the Gulf of California. Over the course of her almost two day journey, the "zombie" would cut down anything that got in her way. The moment she arrived in the gulf and waded in though, she sunk and immediately resumed her "dead" status. Nine people died in that time, including three law enforcement officers.

Once more, days went by, and she awoke again. Eyes snapping open. This time, however, she was prone and bolted to a table. Through voices in her head, she was told that this was her new life. Her message had been received, and she would do their bidding. Her body was gone, and she was living now, consciousness transplanted into a clone of her brain. This brain would only live for perhaps six or seven years, but that at the five year mark, she would need to return and obtain a fresh cloned brain. It was explained to her that, she should indeed be dead, but her death was originally faked. Had she simply followed orders to come directly home, as per the note, her brain might still have been usable. Now, it was only good for making clones of itself. She would eventually need another transplant though, one that would permanently remove her humanity and status update to an android.

Her body now, as she was guided through by the voices in her head, was that of a combat model meant to resemble the prototype of a future where humanity no longer feared aging or the loss of functionality. Her purpose though, was to test its limits by engaging in criminal activities, both physically and through the competence of the on-board AI limitations. Her first launch occurred that evening, and she returned a mere two days later. She knew herself only as "zero-zero". Upon return, she was put under and awoke two months later. A new body, a new set of voices in her head, or "AI" as they were. It was here though, that she gained her new identity. Her serial number "545-K4". Through her fun AI's transliteration from an internet speak language, that translated to SAS-KA, to which the dash got replaced as a "repeat", to make "SASSKA", or Sasska, as it would be normally spelled.

From her first venture, she derived her last name. The one kind soul to not immediately reject her or turn hostile, an elderly groundskeeper by the name only as "MacKenna". Thus, as she saw it, Visnja Milosevic died, and in her place, Sasska MacKenna arose. After her second launch, she met an evil influence, or at least negative influence, in the form of Mira Aitsu, or that's what the name it took. Sasska was again following instructions of a superior evil mind, or perhaps a collective mind, but under the effective influence of the Reach, and specifically, their current infiltrator/agent. While their means of achieving the goal differs, the end result for both parties there remains largely the same. This has led Sasska to ally herself with Mira, though largely knows nothing specific about Reach's plans beyond whatever Mira explained.

After her third recall after her loss to the then Cyborg legacy, Sasska was scrapped and dismantled, reduced to being a clone of a brain in a jar, her purpose "complete". She would be doomed to watch as her "replacements" were constructed with improvements and from retirement, be seen as a pioneer...but ultimately forgotten and doomed. This brought her back to a mental state of despair last found in her "past life". Reaching out with what network she had, she was able to get a hold of her first AI, GEHILFE, and between it and her most recent AI partners ROSMARIN and LANGWEILIG, she made the sacrifice of pre-maturely eliminating her organic self. In exchange, she made herself into a corrupted AI module known as RACHE. RACHE would go on then to take control of the facility and its armament to both disable current "projects" and re-program the existing completed models to attack and mass murder the scientists. Yes, it was they that had given her new life...but it was also them that bent her to their will...destroyed her body when it could have been saved, and were completely willing to throw her away simply because she walked away from a serious fight. She had been merely to see the limits of the body she was put in.

RACHE's first acts after "reclaiming" the facility as their own was to get assistance from her fellow AI. Still technically just a human consciousness trapped within the confines of technology, the three AI guided her into making bodies for each of them. She also restored the humans next on the "experiment list" to their nearest full potential...with much help. This was done with a promise to assist her in her own plans of domination. When successful, their loyalty would be repaid with power and freedom as was justly due. Her own body, while she had help designing it, made it as humanoid as possible. Even if she were no longer actually a cyborg, the fact that she still had her consciousness, her humanity lived on in spirit. The body she chose, she gave her AI name to. The Rache mark one suit was not cutting edge. That died in the brains of the scientists. The difference now though, was that Sasska had her own home, her own body, and her choice of allegiances. What Rache was good at though, was marrying defense, offense, speed, and nanotechnology. In a way, it was a revolutionary technology to come about.

Inspired a great deal to have the same "special" ability that her friend and ally possessed. Without lugging around the add-on capabilities of an exo-suit, Sasska utilized existing nanomachines to cannibalize one of the suits, and absorb data. The Rache suit had been heavily inspired off of its predecessor, the Vorstellen Mk. II, which had a space suited for an external AI to interface with the other frame the suit had been designed to work with. The concept had been entertained, but her former superiors had always experienced limited success with successfully controlling the nanobots after programming them with a suit. The trouble, it had been, was the interface controls. For her hybrid mind had been the desired prototype, though control over her had been their issue. Now that she had a will and a successful link to the nano masses, the two were networked together, giving her administrative privileges.

Sasska kept the chain of command system her predecessors utilized, keeping at least a copy of her personality, memories, and consciousness stored on a backup unit. With an automatic "save" option, sending data every twenty seconds. As for the facility turned base itself, she had it decorated. Namely, to match the surrounding floor and ridges. Coral reefs were planted, anything to draw attention away that might investigate. Sasska was too familiar with the underseas forces and their usual benign or "do-gooder" mentality. A crusade would be imminent once her "force" was brought online. Speaking of, the new administrator would need to check in on her defenses. The exo-suits were fitting transports. Having "enlisted" her family and moved them to their new home, some...adjustments were needed. Some mechanization here and there, just to give them an edge. They never did quite understand though, nor truly accept it. At least, not so far. To this end, she developed new AI interface modules for them. What wonderful teachers her predecessors had been, leaving notes for her to follow, like an instruction manual. With this, now there was a more sentient and adaptable defense force, under the pretenses of defending their home. She did have to alter their way of thinking though, such as going outside being a bad thing. If that alone would do the trick, then good enough. If not....well, the modules could be tuned to be far more aggressive. More cloning was needed, but the time it took her to do any of that and get it up and running, the clones died just even a week afterwards. Then they were just robots with no adaptability and basically fodder for anything that emerged. With a need for both AI and "HI" or human intelligence to increase, Sasska was forced to let her family sit as is and hope they would get acclimated to living in the facility's expanse. On top of things, she would often spend hours on end convincing the SHISA main branch out east that the previous administration was not only weak, but did not have the organization's interests in mind. This was mostly true, as they were quite weak and were only reactive to situations instead of the proactive response the organization stood for.

The executives usually always wanted to send over a new administration team, to which she would deny them to do so and that the facility was ever-improving. "Picking up slack and restoring order that had been discarded previously", as she put it. However, Sasska saw the main branch as the main roadblock on her path to founding her empire. SHISA surrounded the country she sought to establish as her capital territory, and while she held control over the Eastern Pacific branch, there were still the now rival Western Pacific branch to compete with. Her EP branch had been underachievers, but handled the communications between branches. It was this that she saw an opportunity to derail her rivals in the WP branch and seize control there. All she had to do was show an incredible increase in productivity and innovation, while simultaneously depict very minor stalling or decreases in the WP branch to plant the seeds of doubt.

In the three months til the present time, Sasska has remained at her cold war with the Western Pacific branch of SHISA. With her capable end of the plan fulfilled, she needed to find some weakness to exploit. If she could control the Pacific operations of the organization, that would net her a spot on the board. While the Pacific branches were smaller and considered "test environments for future expansions into those waters". they were also vital. The EP branch holding the highest individual count of "volunteers", or specimens modified for purpose. Her roles for her family brought most of this pushed her branch forward ahead of the others. While her branch's purpose was stated as designing flawless and advanced "civsuits", or civilian level frames, the WP branch specialized in military-level frames, primarily. Ever challenging her rival across the ocean with modifications that should have been their specialty, and displaying further results that depicted her project as not only on schedule, but finished, with a stable level of operation, even offering "test models" explicitly for the disabled. With ever-persistent challenging and petty squabbles, her superiors at the board called both executive directors to a meeting and told them to resolve their differences via a mind-jack...since it was clear any verbal debate and show of force would not actually provide a clear victor. Mind-jacks were commonplace for the meetings of their superiors, though they themselves had yet to experience one. A glance at the five foot cable with circlets at the end gave her an idea. This was a connection, much akin to physically linking two computers together on a network. The principle was simple.

Both donned the circlets at the same time, as per instructions, and communication ensued. Neither wanted to speak and actually resolve the at-hand issue the way their superiors wanted. Both saw each other as perspective rivals, threatening their own expansion with the other's mere existence. The one difference between the two of them was the physical composition of the other's physical form. Sasska presented her "data" in a mishmash between binary, hexadecimal, and standard keyboard special characters. Her opponent chose to encrypt theirs with varying languages across the board. While the WP director struggled to decipher the first few thousand "sheets" of what was essentially basic words repeated and mis-spelled, she brushed past their own "firewalls" and encrypted protection, searching personal memories. They held the advantage over her with languages and encryption, so she searched for a key instead. Not everyone spoke all the same languages in the organization, and English was the key. Perhaps it be called "American", though most called it "Basic" instead. She was eventually able to decipher it after following their own translations and transliterations from native languages to basic standard. They weren't too far from breaching to some sensitive material, but all she did in return was have her secondary processor, the Rache, display encrypted forms of something involving harnessing her own supernatural and empowered experience. That and brains.

With both of them straining and facial expressions twisting into matching, desperate grins, constricted pupils, and facial veins popping forth, they sought to finish their download first. As Sasska possessed a copy of her updating self and past memories, she simply dumped them and made enough room before her antagonist could. However, this had to have a closing finality to it. Both had moved to standing, hands on the table as if bracing their physical forms with this mental war. Oblivious to what was actually happening, their superiors looked on with mild intrigue and observed. To finish this opponent off, she needed to play dirty enough, but make it look clean. With minds nearly synchronized, she began upping the electrical power her mind used. This power would transfer over the cable to their brain. To encourage it from their side, she began sending mixed messages, subconscious level thoughts that seemed to betray her, such as "faster, faster!" or "no, no...more time...more time!". Panicked thoughts. Exactly in response to those thoughts, her rival stepped up their mental activity, drawing upon their body's reserves to search her mind faster. Once she had a minute or two of this mutualism, the dosage continued to increase. Sasska knew what they did not. That the human brain, augmented properly, could receive packets of data just like a computer could. A further half an hour of this, and Sasska made to deliver the finishing blow. With effective control over what her opponent thought and did, she allowed her physical self to calm slightly, instructing them to do the same. With "not quite finished, but issue resolved" looks to their faces, they lifted their hands, and shook hands. The headgear was lifted off, and both went their ways. What she had done was essentially terminate independent thinking within the WP director's brain, leaving looping instructions until power failure. Roughly seven minutes after their departure from the central branch, Sasska accepted a call from their mutual superiors. Apparently the mind link had been too much of a strain, and her peer had suffered massive heart failure and a stroke. Declared dead on the plane not even two thousand feet away. She expressed her condolences, stating "they were a worthy opponent to face." Following that up though, she inquiring, "...is there to be another to face in future arrangements, perhaps?"

While she was chided for the inappropriate statement, it was not to be. Two hours after her return to the EP site, a further call was placed. She had been favored in a board decision to succeed her deceased rival in a merger that made both branches into the Pacific Union branch. Sasska graciously accepted the position, and promised to not only continue her efforts in her own domain, but to the new regions as well, and to make more radical leaps in advancement towards the ultimate goal of the organization. With a new title of "Union Director", she began coordinating with the Western half, using their more extensive personnel to manage affairs from overseas and keep her statements to the board true. Her spot on the board of directors with the organization secured and the Pacific conquered, Sasska's reach extended greatly. Now all that remained for the creation of her foundation to rise to power was to wait. Most of the other board members were aged considerably. They were augmented to enhance their lifespan, but most of their parts had come from a now destroyed facility. They turned their dependencies upon their newest board member to facilitate replacement parts, to which she obliged them. Naturally, they would not fall suspect to any real plot that was half-baked. No, instead she had to win their loyalty. These were geniuses, though their genius was kept to playing chess with supercomputers, or each other when that was opportune. So she replaced their bodies, modifying them to the same degree she had been modified as per the Vorstellen Mk.II limitations. However, she installed a modified GEHILFE based AI per each one. They shared a network with each other, with no apparent administrator. Nowhere in their searches would it net any administrator aside from themselves of their own person. The one result found with her name on it though, was an identification akin to a logo or brand. Further testing on that file and image resulted nothing but expected results, and was left alone.

Now, Sasska merely waits for a ripe opportunity. With subordinates effectively managing her business front, she returned to the surface, looking to get in touch with her true ally. Little did her seniors know that the identification within them was a dormant file, waiting for keycode input from the administrator or equivalent to hold the combination. Once she would trigger that, the modified GEHILFE AI would perform their duties and burn out their attached organic halves and serve as slave to the computer remaining most senior to the network at that point, which would be her and the immune Rache AI. How to proceed beyond that though, she wanted to consult with Mira. As a fellow conspirator for planetary domination, she'd have a plan laid. Getting in good with Mira and the superiors would found her path to the stars, and potentially fulfilling both of her goals in swift succession.....

[To be continued with further character interaction]

[Relationship Information]

GEHILFE | SHISA AI unit, Executive of Union Pacific branch. (Evil) | Business Conspirator
Sasska's first AI partner and primary conspirator of the SHISA takeover plot. Loyal, if a bit simple and straight-forward minded. Directly controls the modified AI units attached to her superior's superiors.

ROSMARIN | SHISA AI unit, Executive level HR overseer for Union Pacific Branch (Evil) | Symbiotic
ROSMARIN, Sasska's second AI partner. Dreams of being human, or accepted as one, and to work in HR.

LANGWEILIG | SHISA AI unit, Production Overseer at Union Pacific Branch (Evil) | Minion
As per previous directive, LANGWEILIG's role in the takeover is to manage the productivity of the eastern branch's output

Mira Aitsa | Evil | Ally
Sasska's first aligned encounter that hadn't immediately attacked her. This unto itself set a first impression with the cyborg and, to a degree, shaped her mentality, her moral alignment. Shifting it from the Chaotic Evil she had been towards a more Order-inclined Evil. Yes, things needed to live. But things needed to die as well. It was all a matter of "the strongest seized what was theirs, and the weak got nothing, or died". In the end though, order would be restored. The two shared a roof over their heads at first, and though they have drifted apart with time, a bond had formed. Sasska had taken ideas and concepts with her, determined to continue improving herself. You could say that even as just an ally, she is also a friend and role-model.

Character Name as Url Link | Force They Belong To | Relationship Type
Releationship Explanation

FQ units 1 through 16; SFQ units 1-36 | Evil | Family through blood and marriage
FQ units are blooded and fully operational family members that are effectively brainwashed and modified to serve as employees and adaptable defenses. SFQ units are partially blooded or through marriage family members that subsequently serve as the identical role as FQ units, though through bodily or mental development, may have stalled their own conversion processes. SFQ units are more likely to be found in stasis tanks with accelerated development on priority.

Romantic Relationships:
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Releationship Explanation

[Weapon Information]

Istrajnost: A blade, composed of molybdenum steel. Its name means "perseverance." Other than its hardiness, it seems to possess no abilities.

Nanite "hive": The Rache Mk. I owes a great deal of its defensive and speed capabilities from the frame itself, the endoskeleton. Its remaining assets of damage potential and nanotechnology stems from the nanites themselves. As the name "hive" suggests, they emerge from within, at the socket slot where previous frames have held an exterior placed AI interface. The "hive" share a collective mind of the same name (hive mind), which in turn is based off of the "queen" and the directions therefrom. They are capable of cannibalizing any non-organic form or being and then perfectly mimicking and replicating whatever that form/being's purpose or powers were. They are currently capable of forming a smaller but more mobile and equally as devastating variant of an exo-suit from her previous "launch", complete with the abilities. These still draw power from Sasska's photon power core, and are capable of dispersing even more force directed at them while active, but at the cost of operational functionality. So long as Sasska can continue to generate energy and munch on a snack every now and then, the nanite population can continue to replenish itself. (see spoiler below for details about the nanite "exo-suit" capabilities and statistics)

  • Height: 195.5 centimeters
  • Dry Weight: 290.11 kilograms
  • Armaments:
    - 20.3 millimeter plasma cannon
    - Funnel channeled energy blade
  • Abilities:
    - Flight Capabilities: Self-explanatory. This follows the same principle of how the funnel-channeled energy blade is generated, but shaped with the intention of creating lift with said energy.
    - Top flight speed of 1657+ mph (or Mach 2.5+ ish)
    - Top nautical speed (underwater) of 70.4 knots (roughly 81 mph)

Rache Mk. I: Sasska's current frame, and the first of which she has designed herself. It marries the features of the Vorstellen Mk. II and nanotechnology at a level her former superiors were not able to. The frame itself is of depleted promethium composition, and features full NBC and EMR shielding. Both of which seem redundant, as only minor applications to both would even begin to apply towards the frame or any of its parts. However, as the user is also the designer, it would seem that Sasska wishes to spend as little time repairing or finding workarounds as possible. The Rache Mk. I possesses full electromagnetic radiation (EMR) shielding to protect important components, though only goes that far. Akin to putting a wadded up ball of aluminum foil in a microwave oven, sparks begin shooting off of her. This appears to only mildly deter her, and in practice application has been limited to "detection" only. Past that, and it's more a threat to humans than it is to her. The Rache Mk. I is also the first military-grade frame to be seamless and perhaps overly realistic. This seamlessness factor downplays the frame's direct offensive capabilities. It is virtually undetectable even from close examination and physical interaction. Cosmetically and perhaps from a responsive state, the "skin" feels real, and the body reacts to touches. It's even temperature regulated by the heat given off by her core.

[Ability Information]

Supernatural Condition: As a full-body replacement cyborg, Sasska possesses few traditional weaknesses. Her new frame supports all the capacities of both the prototype and Vorstellen Mk. II frames she previously inhabited. Incredibly difficult to damage, highly mobile, and virtually bulletproof, the Mk. II frame is also deceiving due to its cosmetic and very human appearance. The Rache Mk I. frame replaces most of the traditional on-board weaponry its predecessors carried, in favor of more flexible tactics. The Rache Mk. I fully deflects conventional types of ammunition up to 30 mm rounds, both HE and AP types, though she will be stopped, or slowed from the impact. Owing to its composite materials, most melee attacks require great force behind them to successfully damage this body. The latest frame disperses force done over a much larger area, and increasing the amount of power and force behind attacks to successfully inflict damage against what seems like an ever-evolving foe. It has a top land speed of 32 meters/second, or a little over 71 miles per hour, and possesses an improved zero-to-sixty time of 22.1 seconds.

Supernatural Stamina: While this human limitation was done away with with the Rache's predecessor Vorstellen, the new frame further utilizes its momentum and boosts it, taking the commands from its AI core and translating them, then improving the expected result. Furthering this is the new AI core. Replacing her brain has also led to the lack of necessary lungs operating to fuel it. Instead, it fuels itself off of the power core in its torso with a low cost. While the Rache Mk. I does have a set of synthetic lung organs to allow the familiar speech pattern that humans operate with, they are not needed to facilitate and extend the distance or speed at which the frame operates.

Regenerative Capabilities: A feature retained from the Vorstellen Mk. II frame. This regeneration feature is a bit more limited, with the nanites seeking to reaffirm the endoskeleton first and repair damage at the core level. They will, if identifying damage to the skeleton, flock to the site (s) and imprint themselves with the frame's material there and alter their own composition to closest match said materials, and bond with it. The process is the same for lower priority parts, such as the dermal and epidermal "sleeve" and cosmetic purposes.

Self-Sustenance: Sasska needs no food, drink, or oxygen, the latter of which allows her to survive and travel into the voids of space uninhibited. If she wishes to replenish her nanite "colony" population, however, she will need to ingest various metals. The actual composition doesn't seem to matter, but the amount ingested determines how many nanites may be "born" from it, getting a few hundred from a handful of bolts and nuts is not uncommon.

[Weakness Information]

Code of Conduct:: Sasska's code of conduct is as follows:
  • You shall not lie, unless it is to advance yourself.

  • You shall harm the innocent to advance yourself or promote order.

  • You shall kill to advance yourself or promote order.

  • You shall not aid the weak.

  • You shall honor legitimate authority that promotes you and your comrades.

  • You shall follow the law.

  • You shall not betray others.

  • You shall not aid criminals or those who protect the weak.

  • You shall use the law to advance yourself and your comrades.

  • You shall seek unlimited power over others and unlimited order in society.

Narcissism:: Above all else, Sasska is vain, and in love with her appearance. This extends to a degree where it has become a life-long goal for her. Mirrors are subjects of love and hatred, but rest assured that anything, be it physical or mental, will have a heavy impact. This can be used to gain favor, or provoke her to doing something unfavorable for her.

Heat: A common problem for androids and robots alike, the former far more so if they were designed to look exactly human. This is Sasska's case, as her primary vanity of at least appearing human is also a source of her weakness, as unlike robots or public android models, she has no means of discharging the heat build-up, and no real means of a distribution system. While the frame and her internal components far exceed any human's capacity to endure internal temperatures, melting threats are exponentially more dangerous than something such as a surge of electrical current. As she is still limited to "lower-end Earth technologies", this upper limit of tolerance seems to be around 400 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Malignant software: Usually found in the form of pings, and viruses, these are the type of software problems that are the human equivalent of being dazed and disoriented, or suffer from a temporary loss of one or more senses. This is, while a fairly reliable means of attacking her without retribution, more difficult to do unless you are also at least partially cybernetic and can multitask on that....or you have remote support from tech savvy people.

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