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A Forced Continuation
The only reason this journal exists is to carry on the work I started on Mazele.
Crazy one
Sucrée Academy Pride!

"Character Quote"

[color=color1]Shinjuku[/color] [color=color2]Jack[/color] [color=color1]Kobayakawa[/color]

[color=color2]Age:[/color] [color=color1] 24[/color]

[color=color2]Birthdate:[/color] [color=color1]02/27[/color]

[color=color2]Height:[/color] [color=color1] 5'5"; 165 cm[/color]

[color=color2]Weight:[/color] [color=color1] 133 lbs; 60 kg[/color]

[color=color2]Gender/Gender Identity:[/color] [color=color1] Female[/color]

[color=color2]Race:[/color] [color=color1] Human[/color]

[color=color2]Ethnicity:[/color] [color=color1] 50% Irish, 25% German, 25% Japanese, 100% Alien. [/color]

[color=color2]Nationality:[/color][color=color1] 'MERICA.[/color]

[color=color2]Sexuality:[/color] [color=color1] "Does it have a butt? If so, yes. If not...is it a fire hydrant?"[/color]

[color=color2]Country of Origin:[/color] [color=color1] "Atlantis. No, ******** me if I know what country owned the waters the boat was floating on....actually, just ******** me anyway. You look like a bean bag, and that makes me happy~" [birth country][/color]

[color=color2]Personality: [/color] [color=color1]"Mum...or that's what the mass fluff of curly hair told us to call her anyway, she always called my sisty 'n' me something strange. Like....she called me "Shinjuku"....the ******** is that some way to introduce meself as? Think of me future here, mumsy!? No, ahm not drunk yet, and it piss's me off that I ain't! Didyaknows that every five minnits I worry about when the aliens come for us, mum loses hair on 'er head. Needs the medication so's when we go visit that she ain't got a shaved head like a sheep. I think Da was dissipoint'ering that neither of us were sons likes he wanted. We tried though....we even grew us what body hair we could t'make 'im feel better.....tho when he saw...I think that's when it hit 'im that we really weren't supposed t'look like'at an shaved us like sheep he did. Felt pre'y good.....tho m'head was fugg'n cold n' mom said we looked like cancer patients. We kinna did, which was fun, since we just dressed like boys and just pretended like we just had ehm....what was it they called 'em? pin....pin birdies? Aaaanyways, t'was supposed t'inferr that a guy had a small wiener. Best part is? Got away with it for the whole of that school year. Helped that Da gave us manny names, like Jack fer me, and well....we ended up calling Horan as "Harry". Worked out fair enough, and th' stuff we gots t'see-- waitaminut.....why ain't you writin', boyo? Ahh fer ******** saaake.....THAT'S YER FETISH?? Rev trappin'? Ahh, ********. All right, all right. Well go get yer material and find a closet. I'll kin up here n' shaddap about that so's the interview can go on. Try not t'be about it all day though, I got liquor t'down!"

Addendum: Shinjuku, or Jack, and "Shinny Jack" as she preferred, is an eccentric and slightly paranoid alien conspiracy theorist with a double major in History and World Civilizations. Bright, incredibly popular with students, and creative. Sadly, bases everything around alien interference and twists reality and what was accepted as truth until her entrance into the field of teaching is now being questioned due to the proof she keeps mounting in her case. Also, a bit chatty about subjects that probably should be kept private. Also also, drives a golf cart and is fond of harassing the student body during track and field, which is her free time.[/color]

[color=color2]Mentor of Clubs, Sports, and Organizations:[/color] [color=color1]
  • (This is for current clubs, sports, or organizations which may have been done prior to the current school year.This section is important to keep updated and keep in mind for recruitment for on campus activities)

[color=color2]Courses:[/color] [color=color1]National History, World History, World Civ, Geography (all listed are for grades 9-12 only)[/color]

[color=color2]Residence:[/color] [color=color1] 8080 Anchovy Court[/color]

[color=color2]Likes:[/color][color=color1] likes[/color]

[color=color2]Dislikes:[/color][color=color1] dislikes[/color]

[color=color2]Hobbies:[/color] [color=color1](Things your character likes to do) [/color]

[color=color2]Relationship status:[/color] [color=color1](Current relationship love status-- can be from anything to single/crushing to single/uncommitted to (blank)) [/color]

[color=color2]Background:[/color] [color=color1]Biography[/color]

[color=color2]Artist:[/color] [color=color1](The name of the person who drew your picture)[/color]

[color=color2]Voice/Voice Actress:[/color] [color=color1]Optional[/color]

[color=color2]Voice Sample:[/color] [color=color1]Optional[/color]

[color=color2]Existing Anime/Video Game Character or Original?:[/color] [color=color1](The name of the character in the image or if the picture is original; if unknown or can't be found put N/A)[/color]

For Captain!
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