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Lost Reflections
A place for me to ramble about stuff and all the musicians I love. If you want to look for it, I've got some stories I wrote buried in here.
15 Awesome Great White Songs
I don't know, I'm bored. xD And this is turning out to be mostly about Michael Lardie...

Hell, I'm fine with that! smilies/icon_mrgreen.gif

1. Hey Mister - Can't Get There From Here - 1999

Gosh, do I relate to this song. Jack must have written this with me in mind, even though I was only 5 when this album came out. xD Michael Lardie is an amazing piano player and I love Mark Kendall's guitar solo in this song.

2. Love is Enough - Elation - 2012

This might be the best song on this amazing album. Terry Ilous's voice is pretty damn good. Michael's piano/keyboard playing is so beautiful in this song. This band really knows how to write an extremely beautiful song/ballad.

3. In the Tradition - Can't Get There From Here - 1999

Good God, this song is good. When they do this acoustic, it's so incredible. Michael's background vocals when it's acoustic...Man, that's awesome. (If you can't figure out who my favorite member of Great White is yet, then keep reading)

4. Here Goes My Head Again - Back to the Rhythm - 2007

I could listen to this song on repeat all day for the rest of my life and never get bored. Ever. Everything about this song is perfect. This whole album is pure perfection. This song is a testament to that.

5. Save Your Love - Once Bitten - 1987

This song... I have no words for its awesomeness. The video is cool, too! What I wouldn't give to be able to go back in time and see Great White in the '80s. In the video, Michael plays this killer-looking guitar that looks like a cross between a guitar and a harp (or something similar). He is just so cool.

6. Gone With the Wind - Sail Away - 1994

Several songs on this album feature Clarence Clemons on the saxophone. Again, Michael's piano is amazing. The whole band is amazing, though. Audie Desbrow is a hell of a drummer. This song is really amazing.

7. Hard to Say Goodbye - Elation - 2012

The song and video that got me interested in Great White in the first place. I saw it on Vh1-Classic right after they had played "Once Bitten, Twice Shy". I couldn't stop staring at Michael Lardie. xD Anyhow, this song is just... I have no words. It's one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. It's so sad, though...

8. Lovin' Kind - Hooked - 1991

Oh my goodness, this song is beautiful, thanks in part to Michael's piano part. (How'd you know that was coming?) Jack even let him sing the song live and Michael's voice is absolutely gorgeous! I like Michael's voice better on this song than Jack's. Jack, don't kill me.

9. Easy - Let it Rock - 1996

One of many Great White songs to feature the harmonica talent of one Michael Lardie. He can play anything he wants to. This is the most consistently incredible band I've ever heard.

10. Last Chance - Rising - 2009

Jack Russell has said the writing on this album is the most honest he's ever been. And damn, this song is good. What would this band be without Michael? His piano work here is so sweet, as is this song. I'm a sucker for songs like this.

11. How Far is Heaven - Back to the Rhythm - 2007

Shall we talk more about how awesome Michael is? Yes. His work on this song is so damn good! The keyboards just floating though the song. Again, this album is really damn awesome. I love Audie's drum work here.

12. Saint Lorraine - Can't Get There From Here - 1999

This song rocks!! This whole album rocks! Michael's a great rhythm guitarist, but man is he a hell of a piano player! This song is another example of that.

13. Rollin' Stoned - Can't Get There From Here - 1999

This song is amazing. I could rock out to this all day! Someone put this song to video of the guys performing this live... It's perfect.

14. Desert Moon - Hooked - 1991

I know this song is tied to such a tragedy, but it's still kick-a**! I could dance to this all day long. And I'm just realizing how freaking awesome Tony Montana's bass playing is. Jack Russell's Great White is lucky they have him right now. I love the video for the song, too!

15. The Angel Song - ...Twice Shy - 1989

Apparently, the band doesn't play this song very often, but it's so beautiful!! They should play it more. This song would be nothing without Michael's piano playing.

And with that, there ends a ton of fan-girling in the way of Michael Lardie. What can I say? I'm kind of in love with him.

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