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Lost Reflections
A place for me to ramble about stuff and all the musicians I love. If you want to look for it, I've got some stories I wrote buried in here.
Ranking of all Great White songs
I was bored earlier and well... this happened.

This is all the studio album material from Great White in order of my personal preference, for anyone at all that actually cares (my goal is to find a Great White fan on this website that's not me). It's actually just 150 songs from Great White's epic repertoire: all 12 studio albums (including b-sides and bonus songs, except for their cover of "Caledonia" from Back to the Rhythm because I've never heard it) and all of Recover that didn't end up on future Great White albums. What was not included was all the covers on The Essential Great White album or anything on Recovery: Live or Great Zeppelin even though their cover of "Dazed and Confused" is completely EPIC.

Just because a song is at #150 does not mean I hate that song. I actually love ALL of the songs on this list. Seriously. And many of the songs in the bottom 50 are covers. xD

So here goes this long list. I'm going to listen to all the songs again and write stuff about each one... eventually.

150. Bitches And Other Women
[...Twice Shy] It's a cover of several songs put together: The Rolling Stones' "It's Only Rock n' Roll" and "b***h" and Foreigner's "Women". I guess it's last because I really don't listen to it as much as some of the other songs. Michael got to play the harmonica on this one, though! That's always a treat. The acoustic feel really works with this song. I love this line: "Now you got the mix and Audie you got the sticks". Getting Audie Desbrow's name into the song... Love it!
149. Again and Again
[Recover] Status Quo cover. I've never heard the original but Great White always does a kick-a** job on covering a song. Audie as always is just solid on those drums here.
148. A Short Overture
[Sail Away] The name says it all. It's thirty seconds long. It's a little piano piece by Michael Lardie and it's so beautiful. I just wish it was longer... a lot longer. I suppose stuff like that is what we have to look forward to with Michael's solo album. The second half is my favorite part.
147. Gimme Some Lovin'
[Shot In the Dark] Spencer Davis Group cover. They took this old song and put their classic spin on it. Michael might be on keyboards... I'm not sure. Lorne Black was a great bassist, though. I love the multiple female vocals on the chorus. It really works well. Mark's guitar solo in outro is great!
146. If I Ever Saw a Good Thing
[Sail Away] Tony Joe White cover. The very second that Jack starts singing here, he sounds just a little like Jeff Keith. I just noticed that. God I love when they play acoustic. Clarence Clemons is on the saxophone and he did an absolutely wonderful job.
145. Lil Mama
[Let it Rock] I love the beginning with "Lil Mama" playing on the radio. smilies/icon_biggrin.gif This song rocks! I'm cursing myself for putting it this low. It has this really classic feel to the guitar playing and that's what I love. Dave "the Beast" Spitz is on bass and kickin' a**, especially right before Mark's guitar solo. Michael and Mark work wonders on those guitars together.
144. Sin City
143. Need Your Love Tonight
142. Down On the Level
141. Nightmares
140. The Good Die Young
139. Lady Love
138. Who's Drivin' Your Plane
137. No Way
136. Red House
135. Baby's On Fire
134. Weak Brain and Narrow Mind
133. Livin' In the USA
132. Somebody to Love
131. Is It Enough
130. Momma Don't Stop
129. Down At the Doctor
128. Ready For Love
127. Mistreater
126. Still Hungry
125. Only You Can Do
124. Man In the Sky
123. South Bay Cities
122. On Your Knees
121. What Do You Do
120. Wasted Rock Ranger
119. Fire and Water
118. Train to Nowhere
117. Out Of the Night
116. Loveless Age
115. Miles Away
114. Just For Tonight
113. Livin' On Rock n' Roll
112. Fast Road
111. Take Me Down
110. Ain't No Way to Treat a Lady
109. No Matter What
108. No Better Than Hell
107. Love Train
106. Let's Spend the Night Together
105. She Shakes Me
104. Move It
103. Freedom Song
102. Lowdown
101. 30 Days in the Hole
100. My World
99. Hiway Nights
98. The Hunter
97. Gone to the Dogs
96. Promise Land
95. I Want You
94. Waiting For Love
93. Heartbreaker
92. Play On
91. All Or Nothin'
90. Tangled Up in Blue
89. Heart the Hunter
88. Substitute
87. Never Trust a Pretty Face
86. Just Yesterday
85. Danger Zone
84. Mother's Eyes
83. Slow Ride
82. I'm Alive
81. Afterglow
80. Love Removal Machine
79. On the Edge
78. Cryin'
77. the Original Queen of Sheba
76. Step On You
75. Cold Hearted Lovin'
74. (I've Got) Something For You
73. I Don't Mind
72. Rollin' Stoned
71. Sail Away
70. Stick It
69. Standin' On the Edge
68. Bad Boys
67. Wooden Jesus
66. Heart of a Man
65. Once Bitten Twice Shy
64. Back to the Rhythm
63. Can't Shake It
62. Last Time
61. Doctor Me
60. Resolution
59. Streetkiller
58. Gonna Getcha
57. All Right
56. My Sanctuary
55. Gone With the Wind
54. Get On Home
53. Sister Mary
52. Anyway I Can
51. Was It the Night
50. In the Tradition
49. Dead End
48. Shot In the Dark
47. Face the Day
46. Cold World
45. Complicated
44. Lives In Chains
43. All Over Now
42. Situation
41. Easy
40. Never Change Heart
39. Call It Rock n' Roll
38. Shotgun Willie's
37. Hold On
36. Loveless
35. Run Away
34. Mista Bone
33. Burnin' House of Love
32. Psychedelic Hurricane
31. Rock Me
30. Last Chance
29. Here Goes My Head Again
28. She Only
27. Save Your Love
26. Where Is the Love
25. Psycho City
24. Pain Overload
23. Lovin' Kind
22. Lady Red Light
21. Ain't No Shame
20. Love Is Enough
19. Neighborhood
18. Alone
17. Silent Night
16. How Far Is Heaven
15. The Angel Song
14. Hand On the Trigger
13. Shine
12. House of Broken Love
11. Desert Moon
10. Hard to Say Goodbye
9. Saint Lorraine
8. Congo Square
7. Maybe Someday
6. Feelin' So Much Better
5. Hey Mister
4. Is Anybody There
3. Big Goodbye
2. Love Is a Lie
1. Old Rose Motel

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