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pet journal
░░ Name:
xxxxx۩ Kōri Kakigōri ۩
░░ Meaning:
xxxxx۩ Kori: Comes from the Japanese word 'Korikoppu', which is a decorative bowl Kakigori was served in before WW II. Kakigori: A frozen ice treat served in Japan. Like shaved ice, but with a much finer snow texture. Name theme continued from his mother, Sherbert.

░░ Nickname{s}:
xxxxx۩ Kori *Pronounced Corey* ۩
░░ Found:
xxxxx۩ xxxx ۩
░░ Breed:
xxxxx۩ Mini ۩
░░ Gender:
xxxxx۩ Male ۩
░░ Orientation:
xxxxx۩ Too young to know ۩
░░ Co-ownership Agreement:
xxxxx۩ None ۩
░░ Colorist:
xxxxx۩ Ryuu ۩

░░ Herd:
xxxxx۩ Unknown ۩
░░ Currently:
xxxxx۩ growing up with his family ۩

░░ Temper:
xxxxx۩ connoisseur ۩
░░ Personality:
xxxxx۩ Kori inherited a love of games from his mother. But his main love is food. He loves experimenting and learning new tastes. He is willing to try any thing new as long as its not red meat. When he gets old enough, he will start traveling the Kawani lands to find new foods. He also loves festivals. It combines his love for food and love of games.

Kori can be adventurous, but only if there is food involved. Otherwise, he isn't interested in traveling very far or getting into danger. But if you convince him that there is some new flavor to be found, he immediately forgets about any danger and goes all in. He has gotten trapped in a few caves because of his eagerness.

He is very dedicated to his family. He always does everything his mother asks him. Except when it comes to staying close to home. If he hears about a festival he can reach, he will leave right away. He would try and convince his parents to come with him, but if they could not make the journey, he always promises to bring them a gift when he comes back.

░░ Likes:
xxxxx۩ Games, food, learning new things. Some adventure. ۩
░░ Dislikes:
xxxxx۩ Adventure when he is busy with food, red meat, seeing any of his family sad. ۩
░░ Important Information:
xxxxx۩ He has a color vision deficiency called Protanopia.

Protanopia is a severe type of color vision deficiency caused by the complete absence of red retinal photoreceptors. It is a form of dichromatism in which the subject can only perceive light wavelengths from 400 to 650 nm, instead of the usual 700 nm. Pure reds cannot be seen, instead appearing black; purple colors cannot be distinguished from blues; more orange-tinted reds may appear as very dim yellows, and all orange-yellow-green shades of too long a wavelength to stimulate the blue receptors appear as a similar yellow hue. It is hereditary, sex-linked, and present in 1% of males. ۩

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