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pet journal
PAHIL YOU ARE DA BESTEST, PLZ NOTICE ME SENPAI emotion_smilies/icon_kirakira.gif

Username: Jackariah Beckett
Concept Type: Soquili breeding&3

How many Soquili do you own? Uhhhhhhhhhhh..... -goes to see- 45 give or take
Have you ever worked for Soquili in the past? Nope
Has a staff member ever bought you a breeding before? Yes? Sarie chose Sandsablaze and Paavai from the MCCL a few months back nwn&3
Has a staff member every bought you a custom before? Yes&3. I used to babysit for Rynth and during that time she bought me a birthday custom which I used to get my Venosaur nwn&3&3&3

Have you ever been gifted a basket before? Yes =D. Amaretto was a gift from Fuzzy in '12, Kararti was a gift from Lestragne *though Maho was the one who agreed to co-own with me&3&3* in '12, and Henrietta was gifted to me as a basket by Fuzzy in '14&3
Have you ever won a basket contest before? I have nwn! And a personality contest at that *u*. He was my first soq I ever owned fully by myself&3. I got him in '10
When was the last time you won a breeding? -coughs- Mind's last breeding she had, Pavo and Spec won &3&....
How many times have you won a breeding? Oh dear. 3-4 times?
When was the last time you won a custom? My amazing angeni twins nwn. 2012
How many times have you won a custom slot? 3 times, one a set of twins
Have you ever been picked for a bribe? My first no ='D;;

If Phail was your deity, what would you sacrifice to please her and choose your idea? Hmmmm -taps chin- I would give all my kitty kisses for a week. And believe me, I would miss my kitty kisses twt.
Link Phail a song just for fun: I always loved this music video<3.

Why do you want this concept? I mostly want this breeding because I have always wanted a see-through pony of my own nwn! Okay, maybe not mostly, but its true I desire a see-through pony x3. I love Utani and what she adds to her family. And honestly, I didn't love her till she found Kel. Sure, I adored her colors and her ittle chipmunks, but that's all she was for a time. A 2-d pretty piece of art. It wasn't till I found Kel and talked to Makette that she really started to flesh out for me. She turned into a kind and gentle mare who could look past the ugliness of the world and see the beauty within. One who could not only see it, but convince others of what she saw, and show them that there is love to be had within a world previously filled with hurt and pain. A mare who is patient but knows when not to take people's s**t lol. And a mare a little too gullible when it comes to trying to fulfill other's dreams of a family who could not have a family of her own. Kel and her have agreed that some day she would be a surrogate. Whether this turns out as planned, or is tricked into having some ponie's minions has yet to be seen ;p.

And before she can be lead off to accidently give a stallion children who isn't of the purest intention, I would love for Kel and her to have a brood of their own<3. I want Utani to show Kel he really can be the father she knows he can be.

Colourist Preference: Strife<3<3<3, Nerpin, Ryuu, Baddot, Mind, 1/3, Zack, Cypran?
Collabs: Yes<3. Especially Fitzy *u*. And I love Kara =D.

The Concept Wrote:

Sex ratio: I need to talk it over with Makette, but we will let you know<3.

[size=18]Can you feel the love tonight?
~~~ Would you like Bird wings?: Sure, Utani already has the fluffy angeni wings anyways lol
~~~ Would you like Butterfly Wings?: if butterfly wings, we would like they be mixed with another type of wing.

~~~ Would you like Spring/Easter/Valentines inspired markings?: Sure? Utani is a little eastery with her blue and yellow lol
~~~ Would you like Spring/Valentines inspired colors?: sure, but not as the main color
~~~ Would you like windblown hair?: mmmm, love windblown<3
~~~ Additional things you do not want to get: bugs, unless they are cute kawaii bugs. Christian/Catholic objects.

~~~ Would you like Flowers?: sure
~~~ Would you like Flowy scarves?: could be cute =3
~~~ Would you like ribbons and bows?: looool, ribbons around bones could bring a smile to anyones face xD. But yush, go ahead.
~~~ Would you like Arrows?: uhhh, not gory ones, but cute ones are fine.
~~~ Would you like Candies/Chocolates?: sure =3
~~~ Would you like Hearts?: sure
~~~ Would you like Toys?: sure nwn
~~~ Would you like cute baby animals?: GIVEMEALLYOURBABYANIMALS!!!!!
~~~ Additional things you do not want to get: Christian/catholic symbols/items

Anything else? Thank you for the hope =D! Its always nice to dream nwn. I know this pair isn't anyone's favorite because of the clothes and see-through, but I love them<3.

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