Entry Tag: Jackariah Beckett | Suti' | Extreme | Twins

(no gamma rays were involved in the making of this pony.)

(neighing sounds) Horsing around is fine with me!

Edit Category: - Extreme
Soquili Species: - Suti
Body Build: Draft
Gender: Male
Starting Stage: Basket
Concept Origin: original design
WIP Needed? Yes please&3

-- Colors & Markings --
Body: He has really long body hair pretty much all over his body *Like in the long antler pic*. Not really sure what to put for markings, so I'll just put this and let you have your way with it =).
Face: Like in the ref pic, I would like his ears mostly hidden by leaves. I like face markings that divide the face into sections, or has eye markings<3. Eye color is all white, even the pupil *like a blind person in anime*. No roman nose. Does have suti jawline and big mouth.
Mane: Bald, but he is suuuuuuuuuuuuper shaggy/fluffy, so he don't need hair B].
Tail: Moose tail
Hooves/Fetlocks: Curly short fetlocks like the kirin fets. I would just make it part kirin, but I want it to be full suti &3&;;.
Reference Image(s): Use this as a color profile&3. Including the greens of the background nwn. Antler length and foliage. Antler animals.

-- Physical Breed Traits --
Horn(s): He has deer antlers that run along the length of his body. He also has leaves and vines growing out of them *You'll see in the ref pic*. On the antlers close to his face his antlers are shaped into forest animals *also in a ref image*
Wings: His wings are also made of 'wood-like' material with leaves sprouting from them. The wing branches should have a birch color to them. They are sparse of leaves in his art form, looking like this but with some leaves mixed in.
Fins: None
Scales: none
Pelt: none
Other Notes: Breed variants, traits not desired for halfbreeds, recustom, alt versions, non-standard traits, etc. (don't forget to list colors too for any physical breed trait)

-- Accessories & Edits --
Trading Post Items: If any, list them here and desired colors.
Custom Items: I would like some butterflies flying around him<3. I would also like him to have a more neutral expression.
Reference Image(s) for Items:

-- Ulun'suti --
Element: Wood