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pet journal
Rp Contest Entry
░░ Name:
xxxxx۩ Daurian Guilitl ۩
░░ Meaning:
xxxxx۩ Daurian: I was looking up bird names to possibly name her and came up with this. It is also the Scottish word for 'dare', which fits in with her personality. Guilitl: I just combined the last name of Chii and Guilians name. I wanted a little personal touch<3. ۩
░░ Nickname{s}:
xxxxx۩ Rian, Dauri. ۩
░░ Orientation:
xxxxx۩ Not decided at the moment, but its possible she won't care about gender. She cares more about the spark between her and the person she will love. ۩

░░ Herd:
xxxxx۩ She will stay with her family all through her foulhood. Even after becoming an adult she wont feel the need to wonder for a bit. But some day down the line she will get the urge to see outside a days walk. ۩

░░ Temper:
xxxxx۩ I'm not terribly fantastic at coming up with one word personalities >__>;;;. I'm going to have to think about this one a little longer. ۩
░░ Personality:
xxxxx۩ Rian is a 'sayer', not a 'doer'. Which is often for the better since she loves to encourage others to face their fears and it can be dangerous to follow them. She was born with brittle bone syndrome and must learn what she can and can't do. telling others to face their fears is partially her living vicariously through them, yearning to be able to go on dangerous adventures. She does have her moody days, where others feel it is best for her to just brood alone in the fields. She would never harm anyone, but she can be quite the pouter. Her pouts never last more than a day though. When she is not pouting, she is chipper and happy. She tries to talk big to compensate the activities she can't partake in. She is also afraid to fly. She had a flying accident as a young foal that resulted in a broken leg. Since then, she refuses to take to the sky. She does enjoy swimming though. It lets her feel free to do things she wouldn't be able to do in the air. The only thing she dislikes about the water is it can be a little dangerous when she gets out, she has to be careful she doesn't trip over her wet hair.

She loves hearing all the scary stories her brother tells. She listens to them more in wonder than afraid. It is another way she can know of all the things out there since she can not experience many for herself. She is never convinced any of the things he says are true. She just giggles and brushes it off. She has an innocent streak to her, naive being raised in the field and only experiencing love from the ones around her. ۩

░░ Likes:
xxxxx۩ Her family. Scary stories. Daring others to face their fears. Swimming in still waters ۩
░░ Dislikes:
xxxxx۩ Watching birds fly *it reminds her of what she can't have*. ۩
░░ Important Information:
xxxxx۩ She was born with brittle bone syndrome. As an adult, she will find better ways to cope with it and possibly foods that will help make her bones a little stronger. ۩

░░ Plot Ideas:
xxxxx۩ ~ I want her to have a slightly major injury as a child. Enough so that it inspires her parents to seek aid from a full blooded unicorn. I like the idea of them 'hiring' the uni to stay by Rian's side in case she needs medical aid. That way she will never be in too much danger. I was thinking for an injury, Rian can damage her tail bone in some way. Extremely painful, but not life threatening.
~ I would like Rian to try and go on adventures with her mommy before her syndrome is known. Just little outings to a special place, nothing major. During this outing, Rian can trip and sprain an ankle or twist something. Whether it makes Chii in a panic learning her child is so delicate, or that she feels guilty for injuring her child, I would like in some way or another to have Rian be able to console her and try and make her happy. All she wants is to make her parents happy<3.
~ Somewhere down the line I would like her to meet a soq who did not grow up knowing their parents. Rian doesn't understand how someone could grow up that way and unintentionally throws it in the soqs face the loving environment she grew up in. I want her to learn the world isn't all gumdrops and cotton candy. She had been told scary stories by her brother as she grew up, and I want her to realize that they aren't all Fiction. I am not sure how she would react to this yet, but I am eager to think of all the possibilities<3.
~ I am a romantic, so I have to include some sort of love plot lD;;. I really like the idea of her falling in love with the unicorn who is bound to protect and heal her. It probably wouldn't start out as love. She is more the type to bicker with her friends than to be romantic. She has a little bit of innocent streak to her. ۩

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