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Inane Wanderings
A blog about....well about....something. Really.
Secondary Navel Gazing: NO MOAR STUF
It's September 1, at least where I sit, so they fish are back in the tank. Don't think I don't have misgivings about this, because I do. But I hate waste, so there they are.

One of the other topics that I keep coming around to in my head when I think about Gaia is all the Gaian resources I've acquired over the years. Sometimes I've worked at it, but sometimes - ok, a lot of the time - it's just been a by product of being here and dinking around with the game.

I used to do this to accumulate stuff and to test out my Gaian economic observations. Go read my really early journal entries if you want to know more about that - I started out this journal as a place to note and write about Gaia economic topics. I'm still interested in the economics - me and numbers you know.

But at this point, I don't really need any more stuff. Well, technically, I never needed any of it - this is a game, these are pixels, and on the prioritized list of things a person needs to survive and/or live a happy life, they come in somewhere significantly below athlete's foot remedies and cat litter scoops.

More importantly, I don't particuarly want any more.

I have stuff I like that I've never used. I have stuff I don't like that I've never used. I have investments that yes, I could sell off for significantly *cough* more than I paid. I don't sell these things because I don't want any of the new stuff enough.

Part of it is that I don't like the new stuff. Seriously, they announce what, 4-5 recolors every day? I couldn't tell you what the original items were or what the colors were in the first place. They all look the same to me. It's all interchangeable. Nothing makes an impression or makes a statement. Almost everything is a complete look, cookie cutter, like you went to a department store and bought everything on the mannequin.

(Please don't tell me if you do this. I'd have to scream. What ever happened to originality and creativity? But that's another ran.)

I like to invent my own looks, and as I've written before, most new items look like laundry piles. If you recombine laundry piles you don't end up with a new, unique look. You end up with just another laundry pile.

So I've been asking myself why I'm still doing these things, still accumulating resources, when there's really nothing I desperately want, and on the rare occasions when I do, I already have the resources to acquire it.

I don't have any good answers. Some of it is inertia. Some of it is the emotional reward of success of accumulation.

BTW, gifts are a different matter entirely. What matters there isn't just the item, but more importantly that someone cared enough and bothered enough to make an effort to give something. That's of immense value to me. I keep all gifts because they remind me of the special people they came from. What I'm nattering on about here is pixels for pixels' sake, something entirely different.

But meanwhile, Gaia keeps pumping out the stuff, and I keep liking it less and less.

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