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Inane Wanderings
A blog about....well about....something. Really.
Talkin' 'Bout Booty
Booty Grab, that is.

Over the past months, I've been dutifully transcribing the numbers from the Daily Aquarium report to my spreadsheet, even though I'm doing almost nothing with them and I know that the "average amount caught per player" is utter nonsense. I've never been sorry I had more data than I needed.

What I haven't been keeping track of is how many tanks per day I play. Yes, I know it's at the bottom of every tank I play, but since it's not presented to me as a total once a day, it would require more attention than I have to give to Gaia to keep that updated. Look, I can't even remember why I got up to go to the kitchen half the time, remembering to write down that number before bed when I'm tired anyway isn't going to happen.

But I've been curious, because I know I'm playing some amount of tanks, and the total daily plays on my tank have been somewhere in the same neighborhood. So just as a spot check, I did write down the number of tanks I played yesterday, just to see how it compares to my tank as a whole.

The number I wrote down was 8. It might've been 9, but I'm going with 8 because that's what's in purple ink here on the piece of paper.

When I got the Tank Report for yesterday, the total number of plays on my tank was....8. Weird.

On the surface, that's not so bad. I'm getting one play for every play I make.

Except 2 of those plays on my tank were me on my mule. I wrote that down, too, because if you think I'm not paying attention to the number of times I play on this account, I'm REALLY not paying attention to the number of times I jump on my mule to play my own tank.

So that means I played 10 tanks yesterday (It's my hand doing the motion, it's this person behind the keyboard, it counts). The rest of Gaia played my tank 6 times.

In other words, I'm personally outplaying the rest of Gaia (all the thousands of players) when it comes to my tank.

Now before anyone gets their panties in a twist, please note that I'm NOT whining or being snarky or upset about this. I've worked hard to keep the tone of this post light and matter of fact.

If anything, I'm kind of relieved.There's no need for me to feel pressure or guilt about the number of tanks I'm playing. I'm holding up my end of the Booty Grab Unspoken Agreement.

It's also freeing - there's no obligations being neglected. I can continue right on with what I'm doing, playing the tanks I want when I have time.

And so can everyone else. It's all good.

(Side note: I tend to play from my stalk list and the last few pages of my glow thread so I do catch those who play my tank more often. I want to help those who help me. But I also play from the general forum and a couple of Booty Grab threads. So if you've been playing my tank and I haven't returned the favor in awhile, it's a matter of timing and nothing more. I am checking and eventually it will work out.)

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