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Today was a day in which...
Just getting it out my chest...
I really need to vent this off and well i think writting it down its the best way to go...

First off i learned i am a person that needs my space. Yeah i dont like being alone all the time but i do need time to atleast do what i need to without having a tail constantly complaing and throwing s**t at me. I mean i have 10 billion problems already dont add to them plz.

This makes me get extreamly mad and irritated and i get all down and depressed.

I feel really down of everyone always taking me for a fool and lying to me just cause i am nice, just because i trust. It irritates me how people think others wont find out what their doing behind your back...its stupid..but most of the time i let it slide to avoid futher problems. But sometimes i just wish they would be honest and not try to hide it, lie about it. it really hurts to see things like these and makes me wonder why i keep my word when i say i wont do things ....

And other thing that has me about to blow in rage and tears is like people just think they cant do what ever and you clean up after them. Like wtf ? i am nice but arent you pushing your boundries a bit too far ? Your irritating me .... like bad. I like kids that are wellbehaved not kids

I am now also certain that i dont want kids or anything to do with them. Heck if you wanted to make a person dislike a kid stuff one up their case 24/7 and dont take care of them...Also i am so done with the excuse oh ill do it later and it never gets done

Also if you said its yours take care of it for god sakes dont just leave the responsability to someone that has 10 billion more things to do ... its unfair and makes me see how inmature you are ...

And pleasse pick up after yourself ...i dont dont have kids cause i dont need more things to clean. thank you for contribuing to my idea that i dont want any of them. Ill treat my firends kids nicely and be a good example for them but no babysitting ever again

Also you have broken all my stuff and keep saying its alright ill pay for it and nothing .... i know you wont pay for it .... or take responsability for it

i am very tired, mad, upset and all of the avobe. It sucks to be always treated like this.

I just urghhhhh at times like this i hate being a nice person, i wish i was mean, selfish i did everything i wanted without caring.But i know deep in my heart i cant be like that making me even more angry.

I wish someone would realized what i am going trought and be concious before acting this way....i really hope people would understand how it feels to be in the other possition....

it really gets to me ...
when a person tells an other not to do something they do ... its like WTF? smilies/icon_confused.gif Nobody is better than anyone and when i see this it just makes my blood boil

No matter people avoid giving trust to others this days, when things like this keep happening....

I hate visits
ohmg i had forgotten how annoying is to have people around you that just get make you urghhhh !

i know solitute is bad for a person, but this is just ridiculous .-.

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