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Silver Freak's Ramblings
A place of babble and gobbledegook. Of mumbo jumbo, drivel, and tripe. There is also a little bit of hogwash, poppycock, malarkey, and hard facts thrown about in here too.
Look who we have here.
*crawls out from under your bed*
A stalker Mc Stalky pants, gettin' all up in my business.
*points an accusing finger at you*
What do you think you're doing looking at my journal? This isn't for your eyes! Now shut them peepers before you sully my expert writing typing with your less than worthy gaze!!
What did I tell you? Don't you know how to listen? Stop reading this instant!
Did your mother teach you nothing? It is polite to do whatever a person tells you to do, NO MATTER WHAT!
Or maybe your mother did teach you and you are being rebellious. Well... You're being rebellious anyway by blatantly and deliberately disobeying my direct and completely reasonable order, but that is besides the point!

The point is, you should respect peoples boundaries and learn a privacy! What if I had some really REALLY personal stuff in here that I didn't want anyone to see and you just waltzed in here and totally saw it all. Then you would spread it around cause you're like that and I would be uber embarrassed because you were unable to control your mouth!!
You could have sunk a whole ship! A WHOLE SHIP!
What do you mean "Don't put personal information on the internet"? I'll have you know that the internet is the most safest place to store all information of every kind. Especially the very sensitive kind.
Don't shake your head at me! I have approximate knowledge of many things. So you could, maybe, might possible, definitely call me an expert on every single thing on the entire Earth. No, The entire galaxy! NO, the whole entire universe of every verse in the multiverse. Yeah, that's it. that sounds real cool!
What? "I should put my profile on private if I don't want people to look at it and I should not advertise it on my profile"? Are you soft in the head? Do you even realize how much work that would be for me? I don't have that kind of time! I have to spend that time sitting on the couch and channel surfing until I find something almost adequate to watch.

Besides I'm doing a public service by leaving it up there. I'm teaching the likes of you that it is important.... no EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, like even more than life threatening important to control your self. Yeah, I said it! Control yourself!

I mean, I know not everyone can be as controlling Self controlling as me but you could at least put some EFFORT into it!
And how come you are still reading this? Didn't you learn your valuable life lesson yet? Cease and Desist your looking at and comprehending the meaning of written or printed matter by mentally interpreting the characters or symbols of which it is composed!!
Don't make me call the guards! Then you'll have to pay the court a find or serve your sentence!
*starts to sob hysterically*
Why can't you just comply with my demands!?!? It is really that difficult for you to make other people happy??
*rolls on the ground hyperventilating*
FINE! Be that way! if my beautiful and kind typing voice can't swayed you, than NOTHING CAN!! NOTHING!!!!
*whimpers and crawls back under your bead to spy on all the secret things you do*

Silver Freak
Community Member
Silver Freak
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