Yun San
Community Member
How to fix Downvoting
In the arenas downvoting seems rampant. Most notice that downvoting occurs within the first day or so. Here is an idea that I've come up with to battle against this.

Monday- Only 5 stars allowed (Making it so that only 5 stars could be selected)
Tuesday- 5 and 4 stars allowed
Wednesday- 5,4 and 3 stars allowed
Thursday- 5,4,3 and 2 stars allowed
Friday- 5,4,3,2 and 1 star votes allowed (which gives the haters two days to hate all they want without damaging the avg's too much)

I really think this is fair. If people want to 1 star on a Monday they can wait until friday to 1 star the entry they hate. Also when people 1 star vote an entry they should be forced to provide a comment as to why they rated 1 star (maybe even a list of the namesand what they voted could be listed). That way intimidation will prevent 1 star ratings that have no reason. If the person that rates a 1 on the entry does not have a viable reason as to why they voted a 1 star then it can be reported for mods or admins to decide to void that vote.