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Subject- #85 - Ulrick Darken (AKA) Underdog

Age – 67 (but only looks in his 20s)

Sex – M

Blood type – BR: (Before Rebirth) 0- Species – Human
AR: (After Rebirth) 0w Species – lycan hybrid
"Sir! Bite me Sir!"{ War.}
Now Ulrick finds him self Sitting in the Passenger set of a small Jeep in a rather large air War ship checking his Gear. Somewhere he never saw himself until a few months ago in Boot. He wasn’t the most cooperative solider with his higher ups but always got the job’s done. Witch got him Promoted Farley Quickly.

He starts to think about a young Girl that he had met just a few days before funny, smart, caring, beautiful and her name was Windchime . Actually it was not the type of person that he had expected himself to fall for. Ulrick decided that after he got back He would tell her how he felt if it was not too late.

Suddenly the large hanger doors on the back of the ship open and the Jeep starts to plummet to the Ground. Ulrick reach’s down and hits a small green button that makes a parachute burst out of the back of the jeep. Gun fire and Magic Energy Orbs fly past the Jeep with many close calls.

Ulrick had learned that war was not like the Fighting he did at home this was much worse much of the time it was only luck of the draw if you came out alive or not.

The jeep slams into the ground and the driver floor's it Ulrick with hi head hanging out the side fires at the Enemy foot solider. The 50cal gun on the back rattling as it fires. Suddenly the Jeep is thrown into the air and lands Upside down in the mud. The Gunner was dead and the Driver wounded Ulrick climes out of his window. He realizes that he dose not have his riffle and has no clue as were it is. Ulrick sees a small group of enemy foot solder’s there guns pointing right at his head Ulrick Draws his Combat Knife and dives for a pistol lying few feet away from him. Using only the Pistol and the knife Ulrick dispatches the enemy solder's.

Ulrick Runs over to his wounded comrade’s side and pulls him free from the Jeep as it sinks into the mud. Than lifts the man into a fireman's carry and as fast as he can runs for the nearest Friendly controlled Bunker. Just as he Reach’s the Bunker a bullet enters the back of his lag Ulrick falls face first onto the dirt. As Ulrick sits up another Bullet tare’s across his right shoulder and he falls back to the ground. "GOD DAMNIT!" He shouted seeing that he was only about a yard away from the Bunker.

Ulrick thought he could most likely make it if he was to leave the other man behind but he was not willing to do that. Forcing himself to his feet Ulrick Grabs the back of his comrades shirt and drags him as fast as he can into the bunker the hole time Bullets whizzing by only inch’s away. After entering the bunker Ulrick falls to the ground and every thing goes black, he had passed out from blood lose.

A few months latter he finds Windchime and asks her out on a date not long after they get married

Boy meets world. World Sucks! {Childhood}
Subject 85 (Ulrick) was born just like any other child. As the sun of Joy Moonheart and Alex Moonheart tell his family was killed in a bandit raid on his home town.

At the age of Five Ulrick was left to fend for himself. In the wrong place at the wrong time Ulrick MoonHeart ended up being taken in by a bunch of Thugs were he was made tough and tought the basics of Fighting and how to survive. At the age of ten Ulrick could Kill Man and Beast twice his size with use of his strength and wits.

At 13 Ulrick had already started his own gang of powerful allies. After that Ulrick and his allies spent much of there time tracking down and killing Bandit's and taking there swag. at the age of 14 he found his parents killers and gave them a slow death by sawing off there arm's and lag's than Hanging them From the Durem clock tower all 13 of them.

This act along with manny other's gained him the Sir name of "Darken" for the Dark shadow He cast on Durem in that time. Ulrick Excepted this name for Moonheart was his kind hearted Mother and fathers name and he felt it to be week and not worthy of him. Although Ulrick did'nt fell what he was doing was wrong but was enforcing Justas in the world by punishing the wicked

At 16 after a strange tern of fate Ulrick was forced to go to Prison after being caught trying To kill the mare of Barton town. A corrupt man whom was rapeing young woman.one of his allies's ternd on him. But as fate would have Ulrick was sentenced to join the Military and fight in the Grate Gaia War were he would most ashoridly die.

Ulrick Darcken
Community Member
Ulrick Darcken
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