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Brolis Journal
This journal is just about my daily life. Maybe one post a week or so lol...I dunno...
Havain Virrea
Name: Havain Virrea
Nicknames: Vain, Havi
Race: Elven
Profession: Apprentice Alchemist
Gender: Male
Birthday: April 24
Age: Twenty-One
Appearance:Close to BedtimeStand AloneSeductionMany Emotions
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 200 Pounds
Build: Havain is an average sized male. He is strong, but he doesn't work out to the point of him looking overly buff. Shirtless, he would look as though he has the start of a six pack, but he doesn't work out enough to have definition.
Orientation: Gay
Personality: Despite his nickname, Vain is a very kind soul and hardly vain at all. His life revolves around those he loves, even if they don't love him in return. He is rather reserved at first meeting; but once you become his friend, he opens up like a book and his thoughts flow quite freely, almost to a fault. He's almost too honest once in a while. He will tell you if something you do or say bothers him or how he feels about a subject being discussed, no matter the consequences. Though, if he realizes that something he says hurts someone, he is quick to apologize. The word "IF" is the key there. He isn't the brightest crayon in the box, and there are many things that truly don't make sense to him. Being this sort of 'ditzy' character is just a part of his personality. Being explicitly told that something is wrong or hurtful is the best way to really get through to him.

His fashion sense obviously says that he likes to be quite original and quirky. He doesn't like to hide behind a mask or try and put on a facade. He wears his emotions on his sleeve and everyone can tell when he's truly happy or sad. Even when he fakes the happiness, or tries to, people who know him can tell it's just not the real him and if approached about the actions, he will oftentimes try and deny ever feeling that negative emotion.

Havain is easily excitable, loving most aspects of life. He always tries to be so happy and hyper that some people almost find him to be an annoyance. He kind of acts like a child himself now and again. He never throws a tantrum like a child, but his actions will prove to be very innocent like one. Most of the time he will takes things literally like a child does. Joking with Havain is much more hassle than it is fun. Sure, he can be fun to joke around with, but most people end up making him the 'butt' of all of the jokes, and he will laugh right along with them only because he doesn't understand what's going on. Sometimes he will understand, and if he does, and feels offended by a comment someone's made, he may tear up right there or end up telling that person exactly how he feels.

Vain doesn't really consider anger to be 'anger' he considers it to be 'sadness'. He doesn't truly get angry, instead, his anger turns into a sadness that he says he can just cry away. When someone wrongs him, he is easily able to forgive if they apologize, but will be quite weary of that person if a similar situation arises. He will hold grudges versus those who wrong him and who give no remorse for their actions. It's kind of like the rule of thumb for him, "fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me." He lives by that quote quite often. If he is burned one too many times by the same person, he tries to avoid them at all costs and will not be afraid to tell them how he feels about them should they ask or feel the need to continuously be a bother to him.
Likes: Food, spending time with loved ones, being around good people, his memories, the golden ribbon.
Dislikes: Negativity and the people who associate with it, when people are angry or annoyed with him, being alone for too long.
History: Havain was the miracle child of an elderly couple who had wanted children all of their lives, but were told they couldn't have any. His parents were rich with wisdom and money was always readily available. He didn't have a want in the world. After his first year, his father died of sickness combined with an elderly age. Ever since, Vain grew up with only a mother to love him and a couple of servants to help him in a large, empty house.

He was kept secluded from the outside world because his mother was fearful of sickness and disease. This seclusion went on for years even though he had always wanted to venture out. When it was normally time for the children to go to school, he would get a private tutor to help him through. Because all he did was study, he began to love the sciences, which fueled his desire to become an Alchemist. He only ever had contact with his mother, the servants, and the tutors, never any children his own age or many other people at all for that matter. The neglect of physical contact with other children and not being able to have that normal childhood, caused Havain to grow up to be respectful and loving towards all, as well as a very innocent and naive boy.

When that boy became a man, his mother also died, leaving him the mansion and all of their possessions. But that wasn't what he wanted. He wanted love, friendship, and the ability to live life away from the mansion. He sold everything, took what money he made, and left for a more secluded and peaceful place. He found a cottage on the outskirts of town and bought it. Ever since, he has lived there happily, working on improving his alchemy skills and trying his best to make friends with whomever he can.
Font: #8AA88F

Reuben Rothmore

NAME : Reuben Rothmore
AGE : 31
OCCUPATION : Self-Employed Herbalist, Tarot Reader
RACE : Human
LIKES : Positivity, tarot cards, nature and the outdoors, his gardens, his loved ones, being alive.
DISLIKES : Negativity, violence, destruction, blocked or bad energy.
LOOKS : Adorable | Cheese

Reuben stands at an above average height of 5'11", and weighs in at about 180 pounds. His body is quite toned as he enjoys staying as healthy as possible. He has straggly, unkempt dirty blond hair and sea blue eyes which are oftentimes covered by black rimmed glasses. He will sometimes grow out his scruff just enough to make him look a bit older, but as soon as he feels he looks a bit too rugged, he'll shave it clean and start again. He wears t-shirts with jeans in the spring, shorts and tank tops throughout summer, light sweaters in autumn, and scarves in the winter. Quite the "hipster" in ways of fashion and whatever speaks to him at the time is what he decides to wear for the day.

PERSONALITY : Being a Taurus, Rueben certainly fits the bull bill. He is a kind-hearted soul and finds positivity in most any situation. He's not afraid to speak his mind and always speaks the truth; regardless if it's hurtful or not. He's stubborn, yet willing to admit defeat when he is clearly proven wrong. He spends a lot of his free time in nature; whether that be in the woods, at the beach, or simply running in the urban neighborhoods of Gaia, he's always having a good time when he's outside. When he's not outdoors, he spends much of his solitary time reading the tarot or studying herbalism and creating herbal remedies.

Reuben tends to be the type of person who marches to the beat of his own drum. He doesn't care for the opinions or instructions of others and would rather figure things out on his own. Sure, if he has questions about something he'll ask and take their responses to heart; but unwarranted advice isn't readily accepted or necessary; and it's actually one of his pet peeves when someone tells him what to do. He also is a huge believer in karma and will take any chance he gets to be kind to another being in the hopes that it comes back around to him in the future.

HISTORY : Reuben Rothmore was born on April 24th to his parents, Peter and Rubi; and had an older brother and sister. They were a very conservative family; going to church every Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday. At a very young age, Reuben was instilled with all of these very conservative views which always seemed to conflict with the way he truly felt about something.

Growing up, Reuben always felt as though he was different from his family. He felt much more connected with nature in a spiritual way. While his brother and sister were often indoors playing video games or with makeup, he was outside enjoying the crisp, cool breeze and often spending time with the plants the family grew in their back yard.

It wasn't until Reuben began going to grade school and beyond that he realized his "differences" were something that other people felt as well. It was during his teenage years that he realized he wasn't only gay, but he didn't feel about God the way the rest of his family supposedly did.

Doing his own research at their local library, he realized what he enjoyed more was the freedom of being himself. A friend he made at the library gave him his first tarot deck, an original Rider-Waite and the love for the tarot began. Of course, this was blasphemy to his parents, but he kept it to himself. During his time at the library he was also introduced to herbalism, realizing that his true passion was for plants and growth. He then bought himself a small planter and began to grow his own herbs and reagents he could use in his potions.

These "hobbies" became fully realized jobs when he grew into an adult. Reuben came out to his family when he was 21. They proceeded to kick him out, forcing him to move to Barton Town, where he then opened his own alchemy shop out of his home, selling custom potions and specialty herbs to his clients and reading tarot on the side for some extra cash.

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