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May 3
smilies/icon_xd.gif Okay so gaia i have watched it change. Its grown alot and only wonder How far it will grow. Ive held in there for quite some time now. Was it worth it? Hells Jea! I perfer to use this than Face Book. Thats right no face book? Maybe some day Im still waiting on the new thing Like My Face of Space Book. Ya know? When it comes on Ill be first to jump on that like MBA Players on hard wood floor.

So today work was Great I had inventory today and counting has never been so agonizing. My new lover is going to Cali and is leavenme to fend for myself. Thats right! Honcho and Inches here we are. Again.smilies/icon_neutral.gif Its cool though. I wish my ex could stop smoken ganga. :cry:Thats all i asked. Fudge I wish he'd stick to drinking but no. Lets see what pills smoke and drink do. Its like he was never satisfide with the high he managed to conjer. Whatever I need to focus on me. like that one rap song goes by drake. You know the one where hes doing him self right now. smilies/icon_xd.gif Gosh though i man really though i spent six years with that monkey scatching song of a fish! Who knows maybe one day ill give into my addictions, or maybe ill grow up become successful and find a nice dude to take care of.smilies/icon_whee.gif