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"Reproductive Health"
The kids had that in science today and, oh my God, the looks on some of these 6th graders faces! They had no idea what anything was. They didn't know what ejaculation or masturbation meant and, sweet Jesus, I can't believe I was ever that naive!
It's weird, though, because they only have the class today and tomorrow for an hour. They have 2 hours total for this kind of stuff. I had 2 or 3 weeks of it when I was in middle school! It's weird to me...

I'm kind of glad that my kid was mad at me for the last half of the day, because I didn't want to talk to her about it. I would have, but I didn't want to. And I didn't have to!
The reason she was mad is because I have a folder where I keep important documents and such and bring it to each class. She makes it a joke to take it and try to hide it from me. I usually don't mind, because I know she's joking and she'll return it pretty quickly when I ask for it, but this week she's started hiding it and, when I ask for it, she says she doesn't know where it is. At first I assumed I'd misplaced it and spent a good amount of time looking before she returned it, like it's something funny.
Today I had a book in there. She took the folder and quickly gave it back, but my book was not inside. I asked if she had it, although I knew she had it, and she lied right to my face. So I got serious and told her to give it back and that I didn't appreciate her lying to me. She got upset because she counted it as joking, but I told her off for lying because that's what it really was. It was disrespectful. But next was the reproduction speaker, so I didn't have anything to say to her, then recess, lunch, and the next class the teacher showed some videos and gave them a moment of silence assignment for We Day to stand up for kids who don't have a voice (which I thought was pretty cool), so we couldn't talk in the room. I kind of wanted to talk to her about it more, but I didn't want to pull her out of class. So it ended up being dropped.

But I'm sure it will come up again. -sigh- I don't know how I deal with this every day.