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just a journal..
you know that stupid song by Miley Cyrus
Seven things I hate or whatever...

no song could be any truer to how i feel right now..

Everything i say,
is a joke to you...

I hate when you laugh
when I'm being serious with you
and the funny thing is- you continue to laugh
when i say it isn't funny..

am i a joke to you?
was everything i said true then?

you are barely home to spend time with meh anymore..
I sit and wait hours for you to just call meh
ask about how i slept
what happened today-

and i feel so lonely
i know you have to work, I know this!
but I'm just here...

i can't stand that you can't be there for meh when i need you...
do you know what thats like?

and i get so quick tempered with you because
im so stressed...
I'm having to deal on my own...

and sometimes when I'm there waiting you go to your friends instead of meh...
its ok to have friends, but what about meh?
am i second in your eyes?

you tell meh you love meh all the time
but it doesn't feel like love to meh anymore...

your so far away and I'm here
still up late at night writing this while you sleep
our only time together away...

what happened?
what changed in meh so much to say that
i hate you...

i hate this
i hate you
and i hate being alone..

and I'm going to college soon
meh going to college..

what time will we have then?
what then huh?

why am i here...
why is this happening to meh..
why do i hate you so much that i can't even sleep-
because of you...

but there is a second part to this song isn't there?
a second part to all this hate...

i can't even see past the tears to even type it all...

goodnight, again...

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