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lol sorry for another month's wait guys (yeah this was supposed to go out during the beginning of November, but my internet got stupid and then i totally forgot to finish typing this... Again: Sorry)

also that other journal entry... i forgot what the heck i was gonna write so i just left it like that.


It might be this, maybe not, BUT.


Big butt.
lol jk das sorta gross i'll stop now

One day, I was in PE (wow you know everything is gonna go wrong in PE if you know me... you probably don't...) and i got put into a team. The team consists of:

Oh hey i know this girly! i hate her.
Random guy
Random guy
No teamwork guy
And finally a single friend smilies/icon_smile.gif

So as you can see, i hate most of my team (aka girlies and no teamwork guy)

this is what happened like 2 weeks ago or so.
This is my script. This is 99.99% accurate.

"Hey girly2! Catch the ball!" -girly1
"GOT ITTTTTTT!!!!!!"-girly2
Girly2 then start kicking the ball towards the goal. She stops halfway and says:

Yep blame ME for leaving the ball right in front of the opposite team member...
Nonononono that isn't all that happened. No. I had to be in this team for an entire month and you know what I ever hear?

And in my mind I'm just like:
yeahhhhh that's tooooootally MY fault. I'm sooooooooooooo sorry guyyyysssss.
(sarcasm intended)

And if you think I'm doing something wrong:
Well, sure I can't catch a ball. But that is IT.
I was once the only one who scored points for my team and that's all I heard wtf?
We lost every single game. You know why?
Well, for starters:
THE GIRLY GIRLS DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. (when the opposite team has their friends)

"Hey, Sketch switch positions with me. You'll do wayyyy better here."
"Sure, if that's what you think."
5 seconds later
noteamworkguy passes the ball to girly.
She gets hit in the head cause she was to busy talking to her friend... are you kidding me?
like sure, i talk to my friends when i play games BUT AT LEAST I DONT HAVE A FREAKING CONVERSATION THAT LASTS THE ENTIRE GAME
All I ever say is something like "My team really hates me" or "Good job" or even "Yeahh we'll never beat you guys."
Notice how only one of them doesn't involve my team.

That's basically it. It sucks sooo much. Well, now my basketball unit just ended. Might as well talk about that while we're at it.

My team:
Useless (you send me flowers is what our homeroom teacher calls him smilies/icon_razz.gif )
useless's friend
friend from my old team yay~
acquaintance that isn't really an acquaintance

At least this team knows what teamwork is. I caught the ball with my face twice... so that's something...

Yeah I think I'm done here... BYEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

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