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The Forgotten: Starter
modern day
Plot Idea:
There once was a little girl. She was very lonely and so, this particular little girl made an imaginary friend. The little girl loved her imaginary friend. There was no one closer to the little girl or who understood her more than her imaginary friend but soon enough, the girl began to reach an age that was inappropriate to have an imaginary friend. The little girl was not so little any more and any time she said she was playing with her imaginary friend, she was harshly scolded. So, slowly, the little girl stopped playing with her imaginary friend. At first, it broke her heart and then, little by little, the girl forgot all about her imaginary friend. She grew up, became an adult and had completely forgotten her imaginary friend. But her imaginary friend never forgot her. Due to events (to be decided upon) the girl who grew up starts seeing her imaginary friend again but being forgotten has changed the imaginary friend in some way. Despite that, they need each other, maybe even more than when they were both young and innocent. Now, something threatens both of them and the worlds they live in.

_______________________S T A R T E R________________________

Once upon a time, there was a little girl and she was very, very lonely. Out of her loneliness was born an imaginary friend. She named him Kez and he cherished his name as much as he cherished her. This little girl, his little girl, meant everything to Kez. They spent every second of every day together. That is, until she grew up and grew out of having an imaginary friend. Kez had never been warned this would happen and it broke his heart.

For a few years, he wandered aimlessly until he happened upon another imaginary friend who had guided him to another world, a world of forgotten imaginary friends just like him. To enter the world, they had to pass through a mirror. That’s when Kez realized that being forgotten had changed him. Kez caught sight of himself and recoiled in horror at how he had changed.

His boyish, round face had somehow become haunted and more angular. It made his large, cat-like yellow eyes stand out more than they had already. He held up his hands to the mirror, examining them. They had always been strange, with an extra finger on each hand but his fingers seemed longer, thinner, like they had gained an extra joint. He still looked the age that he had been made, around ten or eleven but there was something off about him. It had made his tail fluff with alarm and wrap around him. His tail hadn’t changed. It was still the same, prehensile tail. Since entering the other world, Kez had avoided catching glimpses at himself. He didn’t look as innocent as he had before he had forgotten. Now, he looked like something devilish, something from a nightmare.

Kez realized that he was not the only one who had been affected like this. After talking to other imaginary friends, he had confirmed that being forgotten changed every forgotten friend. But that was not all he had learned. There was something wrong with their world. It didn’t seem like much of a problem at the time but years passed and the problem grew. Spots would appear on the landscape or buildings. The spots looked like rust and slowly spread, consuming and destroying anything it touched. Kez had ignored it like a lot of other imaginary friends until the rust spots started to appear on imaginary friends. No one knew what to do.

Kez watched as more and more imaginary friends became affected. Panic increased and Kez had to do something. Maybe the problem lay with the creators. And so, Kez set out to find his creator to see if she could help. The only problem was that once a creator forgot a friend, they could no longer see that friend. That didn’t deter Kez. And once again, Kez found himself at the end of his creator’s bed, staring at her as she slept. He was deep in thought, trying to figure out how to make her seem him again. Kez had lost count of the nights he had spent trying to contact her. Sometimes, it felt like she could sense him and it would get his hopes up. Kez pawed at her sheets, sighing in frustration.

“Just wake up. I was there when you needed me,” he mumbled, feeling deeply frustrated and a little bit sad. He had tried to tell himself that he wasn’t doing this because he missed her but because he wanted to save his world. “Wake up,” he kept muttering, feeling helpless.

Lost in the Dreamscape Starter
[[Sample/Starter for a plot I have that can be found in this journal.]]

The ground shifted violently beneath Cole's feet, knocking him to the ground and effectively knocking the air from his lungs. As his gasped and struggled to regain a normal breathing pattern, he wondered at the fact that he was still unused to some of the Dreamscape's shifts. Not all of them were violent like the one that had just happened. Some of them were barely noticeable and the scenery around seemed to melt and shift into something new. Still the shifts were always without any real pattern. Sometimes, Cole could spend what seemed like days walking around and nothing would change and at other times, the shifts would be in short intervals that seemed only like minutes or sometimes, although rarely, like seconds.

That was another thing. Time seemed to pass strangely and sometimes even seemed to pass backwards instead of forwards. Cole could still never figure out how to count the time or even the days. He was unsure of how long he had actually been wandering in the Dreamscape.

Cole looked around before he decided to lift himself from the ground. It was a forest this time. Before, he had been trapped in what seemed like a nighmare set in a dark, forbidding house with too many doors and twisting hallways that seemed to stretch and move. Cole hated when he was in a nightmare because he never exactly knew what to expect. And it was dangerous. He had learned that if he was hurt in the Dreamscape, it was a real injury so he assumed that if he were to die he would die in Reality.

As Cole began to pick himself up from the ground which was becoming uncomfortable because he landed on a knot of branches, he realized there was a weight on his chest. He glanced down to seem a girl, semi-unconscious on top of him and he hope that this would not be like one of those times that she turned out to be a monster from someone's dream. That happened sometimes. He often met dreamers wandering around their own dreams but it was hard to talk to them because they were distant and hardly there as they played like actors on a stage, immersed in their own role in their dream.

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a MasterXSlave Sample
[[Starter for a prince character I had who was looking for a slave to buy.]]

Roland strolled along the cages that lined the room. It was the third room he had been in and yet there were no slaves that caught his eye. He sneered as a slave cowered in the corner of one of the cages. Clearly, she was new, the light in her eyes had not dimmed. Her fear was fresh and new . It had been a while since Roland had seen fear like that but that wasn't what he was looking for. Fear made them clumsy.

Rolan continued to stroll about the room. His icy blues eyes didn't seem to be the only cold thing about him. His demeanor, his expression, it was all distant and aloof. It seemed as if nothing could warm this man, no pleading eyes or words. Still, his eyes were sharp and clear, missing nothing.

Roland walked to the next room full of cages. He was determined to find a replacement for the slave he just lost. She had be beautiful, something to really admire. And she had been so efficient in all her actions. Unfortunately, her face had been ruined and Roland could not stomach looking at her face. It upset him even more that it had been his brother's doing to spite him for Roland's better standing in their society. His brother had always been jealous and spiteful. Still, beautiful things, especially living things, waned into ugly things and always had to be replaced.

Roland stopped in front of a cage, sizing up the contents. He might actually buy this one.

The Wars of Men: Sample
[[This is a starter for a roleplay that is sort of like Mulan. The only thing that is similar is that my female character is mistaken for a boy and enlists to fight in a war. I really enjoyed this roleplay but it died quickly.]]

When day broke, there was an unearhtly silence that blanketed the land. Briar was already up, doing the morning chores. Her father, a hard-working man, had taught his daughter everything his father had taught him and part of that was start the day early and work hard. Briar was dressed in her usual slacks and her over-sized shirt with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows. Her long hair was pulled back in a simple tie to keep it from her face. Briar was a pretty enough girl but she was tall and sturdy. Her clothes often hid the feminine curves of her body and because of that, there were never many boys at her door trying to court her.

As she watched the sun rise, the sudden hush made her scan the landscape. She could not see anything amiss but all at once, there was a commotion towards the center of the villiage. She could not see it because of the distance but it was loud enough to hear and that worried her. Her mother had gone down to the villiage. She would have just arrived. Her father came running out of their barn and stood with his daughter, thinking the same thing.

Without a word said, the two ran back to the barn and saddled up the work horses. In unison, father and daughter took off towards the villiage at full gallop.

The pounding of the horses hooves matched the pounding of Briar's heart. She had her whispers and rumors of war brewing between their kingdom and a neighboring kingdom but she had paid no mind. They were a small villiage and surely they would not be involved. But as she neared the villiage center, her stomach dropped. Men in armor weilding swords and axes filled the little streets with blood and cries of anguish. The villiagers caught in the fray were cut down easily, falling like broken dolls. Briar never knew such panic.

But there was no time for that. Her father shouted at her to turn back but she shook her head mulishly. He didn't fight it. He jumped off the horse and ran to the market, searching desperately for his wife while dodging stray swings of weapons. Briar was right on his heels, calling out for her mother. The feeling of being a lost child over took her and her heart siezed with fear but she worked through it. Until she saw her father fall. It happened at if time slowed. A sword had sliced his back and another had skewered him through the stomach. When the sword was pulled out and the soldier turned to face a different attacker, Briar's father fell to his knees, clutching his stomach, eyes wide and still searching for his wife.

Briar froze for a moment then pushed through, tossing villiager and soldier aside in her rage and anguish. She collapsed to her knees where her father had fallen and gathered him to her. Tears streamed down her face. The battle raged on around her and Briar wasn't even sure when it stopped. She did not know where her mother was and her father was dead in her arms. When she realized the fighting had stopped, she was no longer able to cry. She felt dry and hollow.

She stood, looking around as others she knew grieved for the ones they lost. Some were desperately trying to put out fires that had been started. The soldiers were tending to their wounded but looked unconcerned with the damage they had done to this small farming villiage. Anger and hate filled Briar as she looked upon them. How could they do this to innocent people? What were they supposed to do now? So much had been lost and so much had to be rebuilt. They were not a wealthy town or city. They lived off of what they made and what they had made had been destroyed in one day. The fighting had even heightened to the point that it spread and she saw a fire where her home was supposed to be. Briar didn't even know when soldiers had gotten there.

Still, Briar had to search for her mother but the hope that she was still alive was very small.

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Community Member
PrincessXServant : Sample
[[This was a starter for a roleplay that involve a princess (spoiled rotten) and a servant sent to entertain her while her father waged a war. She was kept in an isolated castle and her father and his most trusted men were the only ones (asides from the people working there) that knew her location. Daddy just had to protect his little girl. Pfft.]]

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Emilia Geneve Voclain had posed quite unhappily for this portrait. It had been for her eighteenth birthday which had been exactly eight months ago. It had been started a week before her eighteenth birthday and had been completed in time for Emilia's big birthday bash which had consisted of all her father's friends and royal acquaintances. Emilia remembered the portrait and the party with nothing but annoyance. Although she did smirk at the memory of her father and the artist's shocked and horrified faces when she had come waltzing in with her hair cut short. The only thing that had ruined the moment was that awful ceremonial gown she had been forced to wear for the sitting. It had been so uncomfortable. Emilia had found it to be gaudy with all the pearls sewn on it.

Emilia huffed and turned from the portrait of herself. She was sick of looking at how the artist had ruined her expression. Emilia distinctly remembered scowling throughout the entire time she was posing for that quack of an artist. Instead he had given her a thoughtful and almost sad look. It was disgusting. She had almost gone into a rage when she had seen the finished piece. But it didn't matter now. No one would see this portrait.

It had been moved along with Emilia when her father had informed her that there was a war going on and she was being relocated for her own safety. Emilia balked at the idea at first and then calmed when she had found out that the dull and irritating palace servants would not be coming with her. Instead, she had a small staff that mostly left her alone in this new castle. Her father had also hinted that she was going to get a nice surprise when she arrived at the castle hidden by forest, nestled at the based of a mountain. Emilia had been there almost three whole days and there was still no sign of this surprise.

Emilia stomped her foot in irritation then headed towards the lounge where Emilia knew tea and snacks would be waiting for her. It was tea time after all and just because there was a war going on did not mean that she had to miss her favorite time of the day. She wondered what kind of tea time snack her new chef had prepared for her.

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