The battlefield was coated in blood. The men of the revolutionary government and the men of tradition had clashed swords in this field. Bodies lay, pieces removed as blank eyes gazed at the dark sky. Thunder rumbled slightly above, threatening to wash away everything that had happened.
A man of the revolution stepped through the carnage. His vivid green eyes empty as they moved to keep himself from being taken advantage of in the quiet field. Those who had been wise, had fled for the time being. There would be more battles to fight, and this one would perhaps be one of the more tame ones.
Kira wiped his sword upon his sleeve, cleaning it of blood before sliding it into it's sheath. The rain began to fall as he moved off of the field and into the forest, soaking his reddish brown hair to his head. He would only have to travel a short distance back from where he had come. There had been a small traveler's temple on the side of the road. A holy place that he would have to desecrate with blood, but he could not sleep in the rain, and it would provide him protection, giving him a wall to his back.
Lightning crashed across the sky, violently followed by a clap of thunder that made the ground and trees shudder in fear. He reached the temple as the road turned to a muddy river. He pulled his shoes off, leaving them to take the storm as he stepped into the temple that was only a room size with a Buddha shrine in the back. There was something strange in this temple that he had not seen before. Someone had left a mirror. It was the size of a window and was tipped against the side of the shrine. It reflected his bloody and soaked state, and he frowned at it before leaning against a wall, his body beginning to feel the toll that the battle had caused.