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Unique Collection of all my RPCs.
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And the walls came tumbling down in the city that she loved.

The roar of oncoming warriors was overruled by the guttural screams of advancing Hunters and she wept. Standing atop a beautiful grassy cliff, a cavern tucked into the mountainside, a young vibrant women watched the fire and destruction sweeping through the buildings below her. The simple huts, crafted of thatch and wood providing the raging blaze with all the food it needed. Searing heat drifted from the growing bonfire below her gaze and she gripped tightly at the dimly glowing pendant that hung between her bosoms. Giant feather-like sounds whipped through the winds now, and she could see gargantuan shadows appearing in the distance. The porcelain woman turned, fear settling into her eyes as she swept her long unruly locks back, fleeing into the folds of her Sanctuary. Golden locks, frail and untended flowed behind her as she raced into the ravine like structure, the interior filled with columns of the old ages, almost a ruin of sorts. As she ran, the damp grass sprung to life, clinging to the turf of the cave, growing and seeming to come alive with each step she took.

There's a room where the light won't find you.

Deeper and deeper she ran into the caverns, the rumbling of the war outside weighing down every footstep, withering at her being, her skin looking opaque and haggard, the beautiful face cracking with worrying, lines etching themselves into her personality.

"Not yet.." the soft chime of her voice was hoarse as her mind pleaded with her ancestors to grant her access to the next area ahead, the collapsed columns before her crumbling and making a path. She leaps across them and barefoot continued her way into her maze. The next area opened up completely as the walls were filled to the brim with varying gemstones that shone and fluttered to life as she stepped onto the runes into the center of the room, the pendant around her neck jumping to life as she bowed her head humbly in the beauty around her.

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