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Unique Collection of all my RPCs.
City's Guise
Soft, mesmerizing sounds came from the harsh concrete as one after another, the droplets of rain fell, breaking upon impact. It was a continuous cycle, each varying in size, shape and speed as they consumed the turf, splotching and soaking the city, dampening it's usual neon glow. Through the rain, muffled music blared, thumping and pounding from buildings, and almost seeming to radiate through the very concrete one would find anywhere. It was as if the city itself was fighting back against the rain's oppression. In the core of the city, heavily welded doors were painstakingly shoved apart, various beacons of neon bursting from behind them, shining out and into the dark night, killing some of the rain's sorrow. Through those doors, a figure emerged, slim, any visage of them obscured in the now more rampant rain, which had decided to increase speed, cascading into sheets of downpour, trying to drown the city's heartbeat altogether.

A second figure had joined the first, and both gazed back and forth, rain soaked hoods hugging their faces and figures as the one looked back to the other and nodded. With a persistent groan, the doors rattling to a heavy close with the assistance of the hooded figures. Ensuring the doors were closed, the two looked back at one another and discreetly shook hands. No words were exchanged as they released one another's hands, turning away from each other, hands identically shoved into their pockets, faces instantaneously tilting down, further hiding any persona from any passerby as they began trekking through the rainstorm, ignoring Mother Nature's tears and walking in opposite directions from one another.

The rain succeeded at muting MOST of the thumping beat as one of the figures hurriedly made their way down the sidewalk, not paying mind to anything but the walk ahead. Sirens wailed, zooming past the figure as even through the rain, the red and blue lights initiated a loud grunt of surprise from the being as they casually side stepped farther into the shadows, almost grateful for the torrential droplets that helped hide them. The patrol vehicle whizzed right by, not catching a glimpse of the shady being. They had shaken themselves off, the unenjoyable aspect of running into one of the city's "finest" grating into their mind for a moment. The figure moved swiftly, back out into the rain while nearing a new range of music came from another warehouse looking building, and in the light of a dank, dingy streetlamp, a smirk could be read of the face of the person. They moved quickly to the building, a similar set of fort knox like hangar doors at the front. Choosing one, they grabbed ahold, the welcoming, mysterious beat luring them in as the door gave way, screeching open a sliver, enough for their petite view to get in as they were greeted with a sight beyond imagination.

Bass played heavily, vibrating the entirety of the usual pitch painted building alive with dark lights, rainbows of neons and strobes dancing along the walls and floor. This was the city. The pounding, pulsating nightlife that appealed to it's even more "colorful" inhabitants. During the day, the city remained slow, dormant and lethargic. People went about their lives, their families, whatever "life" they assumed. At night? It flourished. You could feel the vibrancy flow from the speakers, hugging each person who entered, refueling them, reviving them. The hooded figure shook slightly, dribbles of rainfall leaving them and meeting the floor as the hood was flipped back and revealing their face..

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