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                Nonivia-nibnover-niknella-nipnova or “Nivi”
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                age :: 30
                gender :: Female
                race :: Gnome
                profession :: Bard/Magi
                height :: 3”
                weight :: 70lbs
                sexuality :: Heterosexual
                open to romance? :: Sure


                likes :: Raindrops, Socks, Spicy food, cheese, collecting small trinkets, rain, clouds, and most other odd things.
                dislikes :: Holy people, Cruelty, Rudeness, Greed, Bugs, unintelligent persons.
                quirks:: So she *collects raindrops, left socks, shiny rocks, leaves, butterfly wings, and star light (also known as lighting bug butts). She's near sighted, snorts when she laughs, is very talkative, stutters, and shouts randomly.
                positive personality traits :: Friendly, Energetic, Positive, Kind.
                negative personality traits :: A know it all, *kleptomaniac, Distracted easily, accident prone.
                background :: Nivi is one child to large family of gnomes, honestly her entire family makes up a quarter of the village she grew up in. Her four names were passed to her from her mother, her father, and her two grandmothers on her mothers side. She has many more, but she thought that would just be a mouthful when people needed to speak to her. As the smallest and youngest of 20 children Nivi was very spoiled with the affection she was given by her family, brothers and sisters arguing over who turn it was to play with the baby, or if they could help bath her, or feed her, etc. As she grow she was no longer the youngest as new babies entered the family and the cycle would play over and over again. Once she turned four Nivi was sent off to classes with her older siblings, being taught about their world, culture, customs, and lore. And also the world beyond them. The Humans, the Elves, the Orcs, Witches, Warlocks, Mages, Magis, etc etc. During those years she was fascinated by it all, a world where Gnomes and Orcs, and Elves lived together, where Humans didn't try to catch Gnomes for their good luck and instead took time to befriend them. A world that Nivi was more then excited to see. The elders and her parents would humor her and say when she was older, or not until she was done with her studies. As the years went on, the subjects in her classes changed tailored to different careers and paths, fishing, farming, tailoring, etc, but that one that stood out to Nivi, the ones that caused her great excitement were Magi and Bard. Seeing magic used to aid performance was hypnotizing and inspiring. So Nivi took to learning the performing arts, and the arts of magic. Learning as much as she could, learning defensive and offensive magics, along with her performance tricks. Time flew by and Nivi was older and longing to join a traveling group to explore the world outside the forest, and soon her family knew it was time to let her go. At 25 Nivi was given many gifts, one of which was special and the note tied to the gift read, 'On your journey remember this well, we always love you, we always shall. And if you need a warm hug, or good cry, climb inside and stay awhile.' once opened the gift sat in her hands, dark brown hide, straps to wear over her shoulders, and as she stuck her arm in, it seemed like a never ending trip. A bag of holding, and her most treasured gift. After packing, and gathering, and saying her good byes, Nivi left the village with a few family friends who promised to let her join their act.
                After five years, Nivi felt she needed to go out on her own, she felt she no longer needed the protection of these five old Gnomes, and so one night, in the pitch of black, she left. Nothing told them of where she went or how they know she was okay, but a note reading “Off to explore, off to learn, and experience this world. If anything happens to me, my bag will end up back at the village and many crow will cry.”
                It's been three months since she left her group, and now a whole new journey waits...


                ability to fight? :: Yes
                magic user? (including weapons infused w/ magic) ::Yes. Magic itself is her weapon, but she also owns a scythe she picked up one day after doing a grand performance, which will never rust or damage, and might have a mind of it's own.
                equipped weapons :: She does carry a small knife under her dress, and her scythe of course.
                fighting style :: Close quarter.
                three weaknesses :: Incredibly short which causes her to buckle under larger opponents and their attacks. Is horribly distracted even when in combat, has had a lot of close calls in the past. Has a soft spot for pranks, and said pranks usually gets her into a lot of trouble, especially with much larger creatures.