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I am eight weeks postpartum, and I am trying to lose weight. I need to drop pounds fast. I weighed 106 lbs before I got pregnant. I was 120 Ibs when I was almost due. Now I weigh 111.6 lbs. I need to lose weight, and tone up this booty. Well I need to tone up my whole body to be FABULOUS otherwise I'm just going to be a fat blob that jiggles. I am laying off the carbohydrates in foods such as flour and rice. On the other side I need to stay away from sugary food. It's sad but I have to say good bye to Caribou coffee. Omg! I just love Caribou coffee. I love sushi too but that's a no no! The most delicious foods in the world are too fatty, sugary, and bad for me. Now I have to eat boring and bland food to stay healthy and fit, plus I need to exercise everyday. I'll keep you guys updated on my weight loss and achievements.


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