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If i had s bilion pounds then I wouls buy nyself an islanf to live pn. I"d be thr only person alowed there so nibody cpuld visit unles i liked them. Mobody could sray except for ne though. Yhere would be lotd of animals nut no humans becase they'r jusgemenatl and meab. Snd I would gave s waterparj in my garden and kive in a mansion eith a masive tV and a libary and evry book and vidogame in the wole worldf, And three would br lots of csndy That woulnt makd you pht on weiht. Everyting eould be lerfect( Naybe pne persin coulf stay ob my idland. Buy onlt the, and nobosy rlse. smilies/icon_biggrin.gif