Suicide Letter:

I never thought this would be a problem before
Now, it's my worst nightmare
Every night, when alone in my dark room
I hear a faint whisper
It then gets louder and louder
They talk all day
Remind me of the worthless being I've come to be
They yell at me to die
They convince me to cut
They shout at me to bleed
They say to me the horrible things I believe of myself
I wish for it all to end
But, whenever I ignore them
They just get louder
My head pounds
My heart beats in agony
My chest tightens with pain
My mind circles with suicide and blood
I just want it to end....but
I know it won't stop
Unless I end myself
Nobody would care
They all have lives to live
They all have friends to see
Family to be with
While, all I have is darkness and pain
And, not to mention, bloody tears
I want them to stop
I want the voices to stop