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Durem Police Department Pocketbook - Inspector Roderick
Really none of your business. Move along, citizen.
[Temp] Tyrone Roderick's Profile
Journal entry copypasta'd from Tyrone Roderick's Tumblr:

Name: Tyrone Roderick
Age: 46
Birthday: December 29th
Height: 6’1”/185 cm

Distinguishable Features: A fat and curly strand of hair that always sticks out no matter how much hair gel is put in; large grey eyes with specks of amethyst here and there

Typical Appearance: dark grey trench, black suit /w slightly scuffed oxfords
Occupation: Homicide Detective at the NYPD
Abilities: Shapeshifter (large bear); Karate

Notes: Just a bunch of facts on Tyrone.

Tyrone has a strong liking for crepes. They make him happy.

He avoids zoos because some of the animals behave nervously around him.

J Crew is his favorite brand. When he puts enough money aside, he goes in and spends it on a blazer or coat. A nice little reward for himself.

One of the reasons why Tyrone goes hiking is to encounter bears. He’s feels like he’s not as sociable to his kind, so he takes mountain trips to mingle with them to make up for it.

Tyrone can only trust Sydney to pilot planes. He’s learning to trust other coworkers that work with him, though.

Tyrone has a bad habit of calling people kids. Like nearly every sentence.

Working for the FBI was Tyrone’s biggest mistake.

He doesn’t like suspicious people.

He also doesn’t like assailants insistent on fighting him with only weapons. They end up getting broken or discarded at some point in nearly every altercation.

Tyrone often worries about his children, particularly Ebele who gets into trouble from eavesdropping. He likes to think he’s getting better about it, but…

He also tends to get confused with some people’s behavior, like flirting for ex. Can even be caught off guard depending on who it is.

Tyrone rarely shapeshifts into a bear since his form is large and heavy, as well as not wanting to scare people. Plus, its really inconvenient to not have an extra pair of clothes.

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