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"It was difficult..." she spoke slightly with the slightest hint of a painful tone to her voice. Dr. Aller looked down at her with a sappy look in his now tiring eyes "well tell me what happened Rae?" "I.. I just can't. I really would tell you if I had it in me but it hurts.. she lifted up the hair off her neck revealing an enormous scar crawling up the sides. "Then," Dr. Aller started "Just tell me what you feel like telling me."Well I know it looks like a physical scar, but its anything but. Its all in my brain, the incident, everything. YOU TELL ME YOU CAN FIX IT SO FIX IT!"

2 months earlier:
Her black motorcycle boots clicked down the hall shrouded in silence. Click. Click. Click. All was silent other than the laughter booming from Mr Galaso's classroom the class chuckled and heaved; they laughed so hard one of the scalpels from the biology room clinked onto the floor. She smiled then shrugged it off as if it didn't happen. Andrew stood at the end of the hall peeking out of the bathroom somewhat suspicious tward her. Was she truly as cruel as she put off to be?