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☆.。.:*☆ Nicki's Thoughts ☆.。.:*☆
This is my Wishlist, I will cross out items as I achieve them on my quest!

I'll be adding onto this list as I go along! ^^

Anything in Red I am questing at the moment, anything that is crossed out I have obtained! C=

Honeymoon Series

Black Honey Moon Bra
Black Honey Moon Panties
Black Honey Moon Camisole
White Honey Moon Bra
White Honey Moon Panties
White Honey Moon Camisole
Blue Honey Moon Bra
Blue Honey Moon Panties
Blue Honey Moon Camisole
Cream Honey Moon Bra
Cream Honey Moon Panties
Cream Honey Moon Camisole
Pink Honey Moon Bra
Pink Honey Moon Panties
Pink Honey Moon Camisole
Red Honey Moon Bra
Red Honey Moon Camisole
Teal Honey Moon Bra
Teal Honey Moon Camisole

Babydoll Series

Purple Babydoll Shoes
Red Babydoll Gloves
Red Babydoll Tunic
Red Babydoll Socks
Pink Babydoll Shoes
White Babydoll Tunic
White Babydoll Socks
Porcelina White Babydoll Dress
Porcelina Black Babydoll Dress
Porcelina Mint Babydoll Dress
Porcelina Cream Babydoll Dress
Porcelina Blue Babydoll Dress
Porcelina Pink Babydoll Dress

G-LOL Series

G-LOL White Dress
G-LOL White Maiden Top
G-LOL White Maiden Skirt
G-LOL Azure Dress
G-LOL Azure Maiden Top
G-LOL Azure Maiden Skirt
G-LOL Primrose Dress
G-LOL Primrose Maiden Skirt
G-LOL Primrose Maiden Top
G-LOL Champagne Dress
G-LOL Champagne Maiden Top
G-LOL Champagne Maiden Skirt
G-LOL Orange Gown
G-LOL Blue Gown
G-LOL Red Gown
G-LOL Bruise Mistress Skirt
G-LOL Blood Mistress Skirt
G-LOL Dark Mistress Skirt
G-LOL Blood Mistress Top
G-LOL Dark Mistress Top
G-LOL Bruise Mistress Top

Lucie Series

Lamenting Lucie
Lavish Lucie

Stellar Series

Stellar Rain
Stellar Dreams
Stellar Flurry

Light Charmer Series

Light Charmer
Blushing Light Charmer

Princess Series

Princess of the world
Princess of the Heavens
Princess of the Woods
Princess of my Heart
Princess of the Orbit

Rosamund’s Series

Rosamund’s Redemption
Rosamund’s Devotion
Rosamund’s Rage

Sea Series

Whim Sea
Wood Sea
Polar Ice Sea

Beyond Series

Beyond Brown
Beyond Blush
Beyond Black
Beyond Blue

Refrain Series

Wintergreen Refrain

Puppeteer Series

Puppeteer’s Doll
Puppeteer’s Marionette

Ravenant Series

Faded Ravenant
Withering Ravenant

March Series

Teddy March
Kitty March

Artemis Series

Coral Artemis
Mint Artemis
Starless Artemis

Lady Series

Lady Knightingale
Lady Crow

Majokko Series

Majokko Dorobo
Majokko Akuma

Astra Series

Astra – 111: Wisteria Breeze
Astra – 27: Clockwork Wings
Astra – 33: Lunar Moth
Astra – 43: Origami Dream
Astra – 67: Dazzling Platinum Halo
Astra – 112: Mournful Breeze
Astra – 10: Rolling Rainstorm
Astra – 119: Pearl Photo Filter
Astra – 23: Nouveau Wings
Astra – 154: Bread Tumble

Doll Series

SDPlus #362 Fallen Star
SDPlus#408 Bloody Mary
SDPlus#354 Cassiopeia
SDPlus#346 Thea the Unicorn Spirit
SDPlus#328 Little Lucie
SDPlus#310 Alzbeta
SDPlus#469 Ellette
SDPlus#485 Runcible Spoon Renewal
SDPlus#441 Seol-Tang Park
SDPlus#225 La Dragonne
SDPlus#304 Jittery Jill
SDPlus#466 Shin
SDPlus#046 Mirai
*SDPlus#136 Jaiden
SDPlus#326 Tink
SDPlus#212 The Princess
SDPlus#267 Elpis
*SDPlus#254 Fafnir
SDPlus#265 Princess Rosamund

Mini Angel Wings Series

Pink Sugar Mini Angel Wings
Taffy Mini Angel Wings
Sprig Mini Angel Wings
Creamy Mini Angel Wings
Pure White Mini Angel Wings
Abyss Mini Angel Wings
Mini Lavender Angel Wings
Gold Mini Angel Wings
Mint Mini Angel Wings

Devil Tail Series

Red Devil Tail
Violet Devil Tail
Green Devil Tail

Scarf Series

Pure White Angelic Scarf
Abyss Angelic Scarf
Holly Berry Scarf
Sprig Scarf
Minty Scarf


DJ Media Headphones
DJ Holiday Headphones
Merlin’s Hat by Dernier Cri
Jophiel’s Wings
Rookie Detective
Casual autumn
Bewitching Beauty
Aria Dannata
Emerald Dream*
Halo of Bayanihan
Queens Advisor
Caroling Medic
White Pawn Infantry
Lil Sultana
Mini Chequer
Merry Belle
Nightmare Headband
White Monster
Hawkins Treasure
Sir percy
Royal Keymaster
Momotaro no Utah
Keen Bandit
Cockerel's Waltz
Les freaks
La Sanguine
Erik's Masquerade
Flightful Dream
Divinity Court Aya
Ebon Laurels
Navy Angelic Sash
*Lunar Countess
Runcible Spoon Renewal
Minty Cat walk
Queen’s Vengeance
Tale of Clarion
La Mort Rouge
Bicolored Cutie Pigtails
Romantic Street
Precious Pet Sweaters
Terre Reverie
Lunarian Royalty
Spring Carry All
Amazonite Snippet
Dragon of Roses
Red Rose Mood Bubble
Pious Cleric
Veracious Musketeer
Sweetheart Schoolboy
Cloud Iridescence
Lady Luck
Scenic Quest
Danse Des Etoiles


Optical Illusion Bundle
Optical Illusion II Bundle
May Advance Chance I Bundle
May Advance Chance II Bundle
Princess of the Universe Bundle
Beyond Bundle
Lucie Bundle
Rosamund Bundle
My Little Pony: Celestial Letter


Maisy Lovely Locks
Bambi Light Hair
Bambi Dark Hair
Bambi Warm Hair
Bambi Cool Hair
Dark Keiko's Curls
Warm Keiko's Curls
Renards Light Flowing Hair
Renards Dark Flowing Hair
Renards Warm Flowing Hair
Renards Cool Flowing Hair
Kuri's Luscious Light Curls
Kuri's Luscious Cool Curls
Kuri's Luscious Dark Curls
Kuri's Luscious Warm Curls
Cool Madelyne Hair
Dark Madelyne Hair
Warm Madelyne Hair
Light Madelyne Hair

Thankyou for taking some time to glance at this long long list! XD

Please feel free to visit my Quest Thread - User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.


My Dream Avatar!

Heavenly Sequence

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xx Lixiss xx
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