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Some Notes and Scribbles~
Pretty much just stuff like how my day went, stuff im thinking about, how i feel at the moment, etc.
i miss skype Dx
but before i begin my entry..... lookkkk~ i changed my font to PINK <333
okay im done x'D lets get this started then x'3

i still dont have internet x.x and its been like this for idk how long DX like two weeks? so i havent been on skype very often in the meantime. some of my friends on skype dont go on gaia too often, so thats pretty much where i go to talk to them. so now i havent talked to those ppl in quite a while too DX

and also, skype calls. i havent heard any of my friends voices in a long time and i just realized that a couple days ago so im like nuuuuu Dx and to be honest, i kinda miss singing to some of them x'D although if they asked me to sing again, id still get nervous and take a super long time to start x'3 but oh well

i wanna be able to talk to someone all day/ every day again. he knows who he is x'3 but even though were like sending pm's to each other on gaia, its still kinda inconvenient and im too clingy or something so i tend to get lonely pretty easily if i dont talk to someone or do something to distract myself x w x ; so yeah. skypes a lot better x.x

and now that i finished ranting about stuff, im pretty much done with the entry x'D now time to nom on some food and get started on reading a book that i really dont wanna read.... x.x

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