Don't judge okay? emotion_facepalm but my height makes me insecure. I'm only 5'1". I mean, I'm an Asian female, what did I expect? emotion_sweatdrop But still, it makes me feel small af. Everything about me is small omfg. Like I legit can't find any guy or girl my age with hands smaller than mine. Okay, maybe my nose and lips feel too big for me, but everything else is small.

At this point, it doesn't even matter which gender I'm looking at myself as. I'm Asian, so I'm pretty sure other girls are like 5'4" or so. And obviously, I'm short compared to other boys. I used to be pretty happy with being small and petite cuz it's cute to a lot of ppl. But now I don't care what other ppl like cuz I have to do what I like. And some days, I really don't like being short. Try standing taller than another person. Makes you feel a little bit more powerful. Now try being smaller than everyone else. That makes you feel like everyone's bigger than you and can squish you like an ant.

I think if I ignored what was realistic, an ideal height I'd like to be is like 5'5" or 5'6". Realistically though, I think I'd be lucky to grow even 2 inches. I'm already 18 yrs old, so what if I stopped growing? But I think that's what I'm gonna aim for anyway. 5'3" would feel better than nothing. Technically, I was 61.5 inches the last time the doctor measured me. Which translates into 5'1.5". Sooo... if I round up its 5'2" emotion_awesome jk that feels like cheating. I can't cheat.

I'm trying to figure out a way to go about this. Sleep, exercise, and nutrition is pretty much the only way. But school makes me sleep deprived and I don't always have time to exercise. And chocolates and sweets have been very tempting lately. I feel like procrastinating until the summer when I'll actually have time to do this, but maybe I'll be too lazy and I'd lose any progress I might/ might not make now. So I guess I gotta do small things at least.

1. I have vitamins in my house. My parents kept insisting I take them cuz they think being vegetarian means I don't get enough nutrition. I'm not about to prove them right, and I'm only doing this as a chance to get a tiny bit taller. Side note: When I ate meat and junk food, they never even cared. So I can eat junk food and still be considered healthier than if I ate just vegetables? Like question question question
2. I walk home from school sometimes but that's weak exercise. A 25 minute walk with pauses in between before crossing the street. Maybe I can force myself to stay awake instead of napping by getting up and doing something. I haven't skateboarded in a while so that sounds fun 4laugh
3. This is probably the most unrealistic one, but sleeping at around midnight instead of 1 or 2 am. I keep staying up too late and maybe that's why I'm still short. It's better if I get enough sleep anyway, so I might as well try.