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Memories~Nothing's Permanent
Nothing's Permanent, ya know? And right when you start getting attached to the people you love most, things change. That much is evident. I look back and think of at least 5 instances where I have lost someone that I care about so much. And I realize that in a few years, I'll probably lose touch with one of my best friends, because she wants to stay in state, and I want to move out of the country completely. So that means that the relationship I'm in, probably won't exist in a few years. Even if we both really want it to. A lot of people say "Live in the now, enjoy what you have while you can" and I say that's complete bullshit. Because if I were to enjoy my life right now, when I'm in a big turning point in my life, what would happen to me when all of that was gone? I really hate change. And the uncertainty. I don't know if I'm going to be happy after this, so why get myself accustomed to being happy for two years? That's not a lot in the grand scheme of things. I'm just so sick of losing everyone I love, maybe I shouldn't put that much if me into anyone ever again.