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Vaatu & Raava / The Balance

~Image source~

For those that are unfamiliar with the series The Legend of Korra:
Raava and Vaatu appear to be representations of the yin-yang concept in Chinese philosophy, which is used to describe the way in which opposite forces are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world. In this case, the concept accounts for the duality associated with the fact that Raava, represents light and peace, while Vaatu, represents darkness and chaos. Her attributes, however, are ironically closer in Taoist thought to the ideal of darkness (yin) than that of light (yang); Raava is female and relatively reasonable, if abrasive and initially discriminatory, instead of male and aggressive.

Furthering the yin-yang comparison, Raava and Vaatu are said to contain vestigial elements of each other within themselves, from which they can regenerate after being defeated. Similarly, each side of the yin-yang symbol bears a small dot of the opposite color, symbolizing how each side bears some elements of the other.

This duality is also apparent in their names and color schemes. In Sanskrit, रव means "sound", which is the opposite of वतु, which means "silence". The two spirits are also negative images of each other.

(I didn't write that bit, I copied and pasted off of wikipedia.)

Vaatu being a spirit of Darkness isn't what makes him "evil" or 'chaotic.' What makes one "evil" is by their actions and intentions. Together with Raava, Vaatu is just fine and is his own thing in itself, it is only when they become separated that he will become a being of pure chaos. I believe that both Raava and Vaatu would eventually both become chaotic given enough time whilst being separated because they need each other and are part of one another, much like me and my companions.

I believe that what Vaatu and Raava really are is just elemental spirits of light and dark. An obvious thing is that the dark isn't "evil" and is just it's own thing and yes, can't exist without light. Think of something as simple as an empty room, it could be lit up with a light and no matter what, there will still be shadows. Shadows are just that, shadows, darkness, absent of light and vice versa.


If you know me well enough or have read enough of my journal entries then you will know of how I say that many animes and other so called "fiction based" series are actually based off of real people and events from other planets, realms, etc. After all, I am Saya Otonashi and the majority of my entries are about how Blood+ is one of those series that was mostly based off of one of my home planets, Rayearth.

See more about the reality behind Blood+ in my other entries here. Unanswered questions, more facts, connections etc.:

Avatar the Last Airbender is yet another one of those. It is based off of the planet Fallensarrow. Approximately 7 years ago is when the war ended for their planet and they have been living in peace ever sense. The Legend of Korra is something special indeed because it is based off of the future that the planet Fallensarrow will have if this planet is not liberated. You can see how horrible the future of Fallensarrow will be and that it is heading down the same path that this planet did, only this planet had it far worse.

The reason Fallensarrow will have such a dreadful future if this planet isn't liberated soon is because many planets are connected. Look at this for instance, the story of Fallensarrow and it's people is portrayed here in this world, only this world labels such a thing as fiction because of it's own horrible suppression.

Not too long ago I was informed that there are 12 key planets that are all connected to each other and do of course effect one another and Earth is among those 12. I'm not sure exactly which the other 11 are but I have an idea.

Neri (Ner-eye)
Fallensarrow (Fallen sarrow)
Xerox (Zeer-ox)
Salles (Say-leh-s)
Rayearth (Ray earth)
Drakendel (Drake-ehn-del)
Bidday (Bid day)
Reathor (Re-ae-thor)
Masentrlami (Mah-sen-tra-mee)
Connareesesombikocina (Con-nah-reese-som-bye-koh-chi-nuh)
Raulstad (Ra-ul-stad) or Yospade (Yo-spade)

I say Raulstad or Yospade because I'm not sure which of the two planets would be connected to the other 11. I know little about Yospade and even less of Raulstad. From what I do know though, I believe that Yospade would be the more likely one to be connected to Earth and the others I've listed above because Yospade is one of the oldest planets in this universe and also has many of the same countries, species, races, etc that Earth and the others do. In fact I believe that Yospade has the original versions of everything.

Not all those planets are close to each other or are in the same galaxy even. As far as I know though, Rayearth is the closest to Earth and is possibly in the Andromeda galaxy. Bidday, Salles, and Reathor are all in one galaxy called the Samo with the addition of another planet called Zeeth.

The reason I believe the above planets to be the 11 that are tied to Earth is because each one has a so called "fiction based" series about it portrayed here on Earth, some even have more than one or several things based on it even. I could name each thing that I know of that is labeled "fiction" that is actually about real people and events, but I do not care to get into all that.

Now that I think about it, I know of at least one or two more planets with "fiction based" series about them portrayed here as well and there could be many others so I don't know which the 11 planets could really be. I though with all that I am, all that I've known, and all that I've done and have been a part of for all these years, I feel I could be right about the majority of them all. If not, oh well, it really doesn't matter if I'm right or not. What matters is that this planet gets liberated so we can all be free for the rest of eternity.


Back to the concept of light and dark...

Vaatu and Raava are not actual representations of "good and evil" and are again, just elemental beings of light and dark and are a representation of the connection and much needed balance between all. What makes something or someone "good or bad" is intentions and how it is used.

Again, when Vaatu and Raava are separated long enough, a ton of s**t will go out of balance and that is why Fallensarrow was thrown into such chaos. I believe that it was both a good thing and a bad thing that the first Avatar of their world separated them.

First off, it was obviously a bad thing because of the huge imbalance it created but, through that imbalance many new and good things were able to manifest. Such as, the Avatar, natural bending abilities, knowledge, and people started to slowly but surely grow stronger and wiser.

All existence was thrown out of balance long ago and is why chaos was ever a thing. Suffering and misery is something that seems to be as old as all existence itself, but it actually isn't nor is it something that is natural. Many existences or universes were plagued by something not natural and that was the complete opposite of everything which is why it is something we can not fully understand.

When people are truly "evil" or ******** up as I prefer to say, they are referred to by some as "dark" or "of the dark." In actuality, that is not what they are because darkness is it's own thing and there is nothing wrong with it. There are many beings such as myself and my companions that are from the actual dark, Loris-- the realm of Darkness.

All true Dark and Light does have manifestations of the other within it as it is stated about Raava and Vaatu. My companions and I were created from both the Dark and the Light but some of us were more so by the Dark and others more so by the Light. It is exactly what the Yin and Yang symbol means.

On this planet, for now even some people that know all that I do still refer to the "true evil" as "darkness" only because it is easier for some to understand, --those that have barely awakened to everything. I don't know the actual name for the thing that plagues the universe, this world, and some people so I usually just say that specific people are just ******** up because that is what they are.

As to how Fallensarrow was thrown out of balance by such occurrences, in a sense it was sort of meant to happen so their world could completely stabilize. It is why the same thing happened with the rest of this universe and others. It doesn't justify suffering and torment and horrid things like that, but if all this didn't happen, all existence would still be defenseless. Since most of existence if not all had been through such chaos, through it all we learned and became stronger and after this planet, Earth is liberated, there will be no such atrocities anywhere ever again.

I've been told that Earth was one of the most chaotic planets and it is why it is being liberated last. I heard that all other chaotic realms and planets have already been taken care of and for those that were unable to be liberated, they were already destroyed. If this planet doesn't become liberated, it will destroy itself like others have in the past, but that wont happen to this world and it is already in the beginning of the liberation process.


The Red Lotus

As shown in the LoK series, the Red Lotus' intentions were of liberating the planet of tyrannical leaders and governments and restoring balance between spirits, humans etc. Those are pure intentions but they went at it the wrong way. To quote myself from a reply to someone that stated something along of the lines how it was cruel or wrong how the Earth Queen was taken out;

I don't get why people trip out on that. She was a ******** up b***h that would not stop. Corrupt leaders have to be gotten rid of or they will keep ******** the world. I believe that it should be done in a more humane way though because I don't think anyone should suffer no matter what they've done. But if someone is an obvious threat to innocent people they need to be taken out swiftly. The Queen was not innocent, she treated people like objects and people like that have no place in a peaceful universe.

Zaheer so far seems like he is just using drastic measures to liberate their world by violent means. It wouldn't have to have been that way if they would have taken the time to spread awareness to the masses so the people of their world would know what is wrong with the leaders, what's really going on, how to take care of everything, and what was to be expected so there wouldn't be mass panic and chaos.

Since the Red Lotus went at everything all fast and such they pretty much ******** themselves and the world over. This is why Zaheer is desperate and is being such a b*****d to some people that don't deserve it, like the Airbenders and such. It wouldn't have had to been like that if they knew the proper way to liberate a world.

(That reply was written before I saw the season's last episode.)

More on proper planetary liberation process, and connections etc, here.~
For even more detailed bits, there is this blog that I constantly check up on. It has all the proper ideas and ways for planetary liberation.

For another synchronized bit, you can check out one of my other latest entries here.~


Harmonic Convergence

The 17th and 18th of this month was the start of Harmonic Convergence. I took part in a global meditation and I did my usual Advanced Telepathy / astral projection session along with my meditation.

I wrote about both of my sessions so far.
Here, 1st session
and here, 2nd session.

There is also going to be a 3rd session for the last day of this month. You can check it out here on Facebook.

I get intel on those things via the Cobra Facebook group Cobra Etheric Liberation.
You may have to join those things to view them. If you join you are not required to do anything if you don't want to. I am in that FB group and others and I hardly say anything, I just check out what resonates with me personally.

In the LoK series, two weeks after the Harmonic Convergence of their galaxy, quite a bit of balance was brought back to their world. The Airbenders returned and Korra made it to where the Spirit Portal would remain open so that spirits and humans could live together.

I state this because it is exactly what is going on with this planet, Earth. I and others like me have been opening many portals including a couple at the time of HC. Soon enough balance should be completely brought back to this planet as well and thus this planet will be liberated. It has already been almost 2 weeks after this planet had it's HC.

I've written about a little bit about the suppression of this planet, here in this entry.~

What will happen after this month is over, I do not know. All I can say is, I know for a fact that change is in the air and it is for the better for all of us. I'm personally experiencing many rapid, emotional shifts and physical ones as well. I feel this body is about ready to give and when it does, I will be back in my own body, I will wake up after these 101 years and nothing will be the same ever again. Soon, we will all be able to live real and fulfilling lives, the lives we've always desired and deserved. There will be no more insolent drama ever again.

At Summer's end of Fallensarrow was the end of the war there and peace and balance was restored to their world. Now it is nearly Summer's end on this planet and HC nearly completed. Lets just see what happens. I've also already read that the GCR (Global Currency Reset) has been completed and we are waiting for particular announcements to come out. When that happens, well s**t can get real once and for all.

I still am aware that in the other worlds such as Fallensarrow, there isn't complete and total balance, but that will all change as soon as this planet is liberated. In order for there to be complete balance, all the planets must be in perfect harmony and the one that needs the most fixing now is Earth. Once it's complete, then everything else will fall back to complete balance.

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