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Think for a minute
Taking a gander at how people criticize the ******** out of people who are obviously portrayed as good people fighting all they can for the greater good, I feel that people are going to ******** hate me once everything is over. Sure these particular people being portrayed in such ways are mislabeled as fiction, but still people complain and show so much hatred and negativity towards them. I honestly don't understand how someone could feel so negative towards people that they don't even know are actually real. Perhaps they just feel that these things are bad examples? Makes sense and I could understand that.

But once my role is revealed and that of all the others with similar positions as mine, I feel that so many people will criticize the ******** outa me/us. I'm not even completely known to the world yet and what little is let out, so much negativity and misconceptions is being spewed all over the place.

I know my situation well enough and I don't blame myself for anything. No one will have the right to judge me what so ever because they are not me and they don't know how I felt and all that I've been through. On the other side, I feel that once everything is over that people will have learned to be more understanding soon enough to where they wont let their hurt feelings and whatever else blind their judgment.

I nor anyone else with complicated and difficult positions deserve to be judged so harshly. I know there are many good, understanding people out there that will appreciate the ******** outa me and the others, but there seems to always be those that are ignorant and misguided that will judge wrongly. Again though, I'm sure something will come up so there will be none of that because if that happens, we may as well not even have any Event at all.

From watching some darling guy play some games that were based on real people but that is portrayed by one character, he seemed to not get the 'character' at all and what the story was all about. He didn't understand why 'the character' was so violent and destructive. The main protagonist of the series always had to defend 'itself' and take down the people doing the real damage. But since this was all portrayed in a game there had to be several things added and removed to the series which would make it seem even more confusing. Same goes for all the other so called 'fiction based' series that are based off of real people and events.

It's just more facts and things being messed with for so many reasons is all. I don't see many of these misconceptions to being too relevant though because who they are about and such, the actual people involved will recall the reality of it on their own eventually. This just leads back to where people shouldn't judge someone when they do not know the entire situation and especially when what they think they know of the person and events was portrayed incorrectly in whatever series.

I expect better from everyone after the Event and after all is revealed. I believe that everyone will understand every one of us once all the truth is let out. With all the lies and misconceptions out there, it's no wonder people are confused and are even some what hateful towards some of us. I understand where people's negative feelings are coming from, I really do but it's still not fair to us that we've been lied about for so long. No matter though, I believe this shits about to end. I'm seeing to it personally.

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