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Something Special
Something really special happened to a good friend of mine not too long ago and it is just so sweet and amazing I want to share it with yas. I may be off on a few minor details but this is pretty much what happened.

My friend had a fiance and for some reason she hadn't contacted him in 6 months or so. He had no clue as to why and just held up for her ever since. He has told me that he has someone else for him, a companion like how I have mine and I take it he only could communicate with her via astral projection and whatever else much like how it is with me and my beloved companions.

He kept his fiance's number the whole time and a month ago decided to try and get a hold of her again. Turns out it was still a working number and it was a number that now belonged to another lady. He ended up telling the lady about why he seemingly randomly contacted her and she seemed genuinely interested in him and such. My friend ended up talking to this lady for a bit and she described to him a guy that she was having visions of or something and the guy described matched my friends appearance.

My friend also told this lady about his companion that he had been searching for for quite some time and it turns out that this lady matched his description of his companion. The two ended up really hitting it off and it turns out that she was in fact his long lost companion and they are planning on getting together.

I thought that was so amazing and sweet. I am so happy for him and glad that he found his companion and in such a pretty much magical way haha. It is similar to what happened to me 7 years ago. I found Machet my 2nd companion on a site, lost contact with him then looked up the same username, Bloodspitter and found Mike, my 3rd companion.

I do believe that when love is real, it finds a way regardless of anything. This having happened to my friend and at these dire times gives me much hope indeed and I believe as my 1st companion Ratface tells me that we will all soon be reunited. =>

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