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That had to be the best belated birthday party I've ever had! Man it was brilliant. We had plenty of stuff to drink, KFC, a game of cards against humanity which left me and my mates girlfriend literally wheezing from laughing too hard, a lot of balloons being hit with sticks for no reason, 2 large pizzas and far too many p***s jokes.

I also got to spend some decent time with my mates. It's been far too long since I got to hang out with everyone. Sitting under the trees on blankets in a park whilst munching KFC and giggling at everything was just what I needed. Jay had me laughing as always, Mark was dancing around with balloons around his feet, even my El seemed relaxed, seeing as he hasn't been well lately it was nice to see him enjoying himself.

Man I can't believe I'm 28 now. I haven't a clue where the time's gone! Ella will be 9 in August and we're still looking for a place to live with El. This time next year I'm hoping we'd have moved in and settled!