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Bloody hell this place has changed since I last used it. It's been a while, and man have I been busy.

It's been a very hard year so far. I've undergone surgery on my left leg, and it's been a struggle since then. Luckily it seems that my leg is almost completely better (I had specialist liposuction done to reduce the swelling, I now only have 3 litres on my leg compared to having 22 litres at the start of the year) and things are starting to look up.

I went through a bit of depression after the surgery. I felt like I wasn't my normal, cheerful, hyper self, and I was using my boyfriend to hide myself from the real world. I was suicidal more than once, I was in hospital 3 times for a week at a time (due to illness, not from being suicidal) and I felt like a walking trainwreck. During this time I also realised who my real friends are, the ones who came to see me when I was ill and trying to come see me and make sure I was okay.

After a few months, things started to pick up. I felt more like my usual self and started to get around better. I was undergoing a lot of post op treatment, but I knew it was worth it to get to where I am now. At the same time I was trying to start my new page on Facebook, aptly named "Mog Makes Stuff" where I post all my random makes, and sell them in auctions every few months, It's given me a focus, instead of feeling sorry for myself I've been busy making figurines, decorating bird houses, painting, making hama bead pictures and just keeping myself busy. It's been great!

At the same time, my boyfriend has been so supportive, He's stayed by my side the entire time, he was there through all the hospital appointments, all the hospital stays, he's just been there when I've needed him. I'm very lucky to have him, and the whole thing has made us extremely close, since my leg has gone down we've been going to places where I couldn't have gone before with my leg being so big. We're planning on moving in together, he's planning on learning to drive so we can go to new places together, everything is really looking up!

So I'm hoping the next year will be a lot less stressful than this one, It's been one hell of a ride, fingers crossed the rest of this year will be a lot more relaxed too! I'm also hoping I can start making my page into a small business, I absolutely love doing it and if I can make it into something better I'll be so happy!

I hope you've all had a better year than I've had so far, and I hope you're all doing well! xx