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Melody - The Space Goddess
Name: Melody - no known last name.
Nicknames: Melmel, Lo, Elody. She vastly prefers Melody to any nickname.
Age: Timeless, but generally appears to be in her early to mid twenties.
Gender: Female, by human standards.
Sexuality: Bisexual, but homo-romantic, in most cases. She is sultry toward the vast majority of people but when it really comes down to it she has a strong romantic preference for women. There are a few exceptions.
Position: Originally chaotic neutral, she now resides more toward the virtue scale. She is known as the priestess, or guardian, or even the Goddess of Space. Azmaria, her counterpart, is the Goddess of Time.
Family: None to speak of.
Melody and Azmaria were once considered neutral beings who simply stood guard over Space and Time. When Nektaria's parents both disappeared and they created a council, she and Azmaria (her partner in crime) decided to swing toward the general direction of the aforementioned council. However, they do still get into mischief and often do what they want. Not much else is known about Melody and Azmaria, except that they were born from the essence of the magic that is intertwined within Space and Time.
Melody is mischievous, flirty, whimsical, sarcastic, daring, and a bit two-faced. She does what she wants, when she wants, however she wants. That being said, she has a soft spot for her friends, and in general anyone who can capture her attention for an extended period of time, seeing as she's generally very quick to move from one thing, to the next.

As a human, she is quite trendy and generally works as a model. She is quite the player, and cares not to be secretive regarding her promiscuous lifestyle. In fact, it is the contrary -- she revels in it. She doesn't necessarily go looking for trouble, but she doesn't stray away from it should it present itself to her, and she doesn't normally consider the consequences of her actions, since it's easy for her to go back and erase past mistakes. This also makes her a highly creative thinker, like Azmaria.
Long, ruby colored hair and blue-purple eyes. She can be seen wearing lots of jewelry as a human, and high-end expensive fabrics and brand names. Her complexion ranges. Normally it dabbles between a fairly dark tan, to a bit pale, though, never as pale as Azmaria gets, and not near most of the other council members.


Melody enjoys cats, but gets a little antsy around dogs.

Despite coming across as shallow, and somewhat snobby, Melody is actually moderately intelligent, and easy going for the most part.

She really loves red wine, and most classics.

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a little hummingbird
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