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holy tits.
my last journal entry was intense LOL I remember being mad at my bf that day.
glad that greasy monster doesn't go to my school anymore, too.

so its summer now, i've been pretty busy with my job , actually.
I got this "part time" thing going on at a thrift store.
it's not really like a cool vintage hipster thrift store, more like an old people looking for deals type thing.
still pretty okay though. i just hang stuff up, work cash, organize stuff...
and I get 50% off which is pretty cool since I collect a lot of stuff like records, magazines, dvds and cds.
also they sometimes have manga and games!

i actually bought this vintage af book from there, it was 4$ cause it was in pretty bad condition,
but it's a 1940's pocket book on all the "great masters" of the canon of arts.
(my art history teacher HATES the term masters LOL. she thinks its gendered, but there are a few female artists included in here..)
the book was hand-covered by the person who last owned it, she used this pretty floral linen and a pink bow.
pretty great find if you ask me c:

other than that hmmm... I missed yet another local con, ********.
I didn't have time to prepare anything, and I had just started my job when it happened.
at least I had absolutely no plans to go to this one, though.
unlike last year when I had a panel to cancel.. I still have the kpop CDs i was gonna give away LOL

im not really that much into kpop anymore.
i mean , i know about the popular songs, like right now I def know sistar, aoa, and snsd's new songs,
but I don't know much more than that.. I used to be soooo into it LOL but now im just casual i guess.
my music tastes changed so much pfffff

i started playing heroes of the storm tho, thats a thing.
its kinda like league but ... easier imo.
maybe its cause i know a lot about mobas now, but i picked it up sooo quickly.
i already know all the characters' skills, maps, builds, etc, and its only been a month

this weekend i'm going to NS for pride with my friends !
it's gonna be lots of fun c: im actually dieting right now, cause I dont want to look fat for it
everyone there will probably be a lot better looking than me since there's people from all around the country coming
some drag queen from rupaul's is coming , too ;_;

other than that, my life is pretty boring i guess LOL.

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