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go die lol
Hi, this is *insert one of the ratchet places I applied at's company name here* calling, we would really appreciate it if you gave us a call back !
-calls back-
-gets answering machine-

woooow. b***h.
now she's gonna call me again in like, 20 mins. ******** annoying
i hate the whole process of getting a job, I don't mind working but getting a job is hell
especially in crap towns like this where the competition, even for crappy a** jobs , is high.

on a super serious note,
the guy I like almost got beat up by his ex cause I messaged him lol.
his ex was like "im gonna punch you in the face if you dont stop messaging eachother" to him O-O

and then apparently took him by the shirt and threw him outside ?

its not like he even finds me hot anymore, after I rejected him LMAO.

me and the 'nice guy' are probably gonna end up together.
we've been spending a lot of time together, and i'm not gonna say that i haven't been enjoying it.
he's a bit too mean to other people, but he's really sweet to me, and drives me places.
i dont even know what he wants from me , but he seems to really like me which is what matters.. ^-^

lanky giraffes are in now-a-days, b***h.

i need new clothes, too ;-;
mine are looking hella ugly, and his are so nice.
i look like hes chilling with his highschooler cousin or something every time we go to parties LOL


urgh so the uni i'm applying to wants my old grades from my other uni... -_-
they actually said it, the dreaded line.
I was really trying to avoid it, but I have to ..

"hey can I get my transcripts for the year of 2012-2013?"
oh yea sure let me just bring them up.... so you failed 3 classes and got an ABS in 5 of them?
why the hell do you want this transcript?
..... yeeeea......

********' hell.
I hate awkward s**t like that ,
and as if they'll even accept me with that track reccord,
my first year was such a train wreck.

I need to stop all this negativity , ugh.
All I do is hate hate hate , then I wonder why I barely get any love.
happiness comes from within after all, time to shut up and try to get my life together >:c

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