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army of goblins
the new runway thing, is so much fun.
i love voting on stuff, and a lot of these avis are really creative vuv
i spent the past, like, 30 mins doing that LOL

i should be writing an essay rigght now but its 3AM+
i cant sleep tho
and tmr i need to wake up early, go get my paycheck from work
(oh yea i started working at this coffee shop btw lol, its kinda cool i guess)
then i need to figure out if my friend can drive me to hali,
if not, i need to buy a bus ticket, then write my essay, send it in,
clean my whole apartment, fill out this form for my loans,
pack a bag (that i need to borrow from someone lol) and thats it lol

the essay im writing is on romeo and juliet + midsummer night's dream
i read R&J like, in 3 different classes now. so overdone.
why cant we read twelfth night, or much ado...
oh well, i guess it makes it easier for me to write this essay.
the topic is super broad , too. which actually works against me
i rather things be precise and focused, and i hate topics set by profs

i just want to be a fine arts major already -_- so done with this english/drama s**t

my new job is ... interesting.
it's really chill when the owners leave,
but when theyre there, they stress me out hardcore.
they want everything done their way, but like suuuuper specifically
like , stuff that doesnt even matter...

my house is such a mess holy f.
i need to clean all of it by tuesday.... like. two days from now
yeah thats not gonna happen
hopefully i dont come back to an army of rats
or goblins
that would be cool actually.. as long as they let me reside with them wtv.

this weekend's gonna b fun tho
although we're going to this party for my bf's friends bday
and they look really sassy/uptight/rich
aka opposite of me.

im gonna get a haircut + my eyebrows done for it, so i look somewhat presentable lol
they even put a dresscode for their event.. who does that lol
"everyone has to look nice"
like. . . what? what constitutes a "nice" appearance ?
who decides this? lol ugh
i hate superficial people :c wtv
im sure it'll be fine, i just hope they like me, so it's not overly awkward that im there.

anyways im gonna watch the new bobs burgers and sleep.
too much to do tomorrow.
also im vegan now lol k

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