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********. you.
i have no time in my life for bullshit like this.
i was studying for a class i have with my bf and 2 friends,
and the whole time, they were patronizing me, acting like im stupid..

it's an in-class essay, and I DO essays, Essays literally are my forte.
but yet, they were negating a lot of the useful information I was bringing to the table.
i'm an english major. they're all science and/or commerce students.
the whole time they were scrutinizing my every word, spitting out condescending comments when I used colloquial expressions (as if their oral English is any better..)
"and YOURE the English major?" "Guess they accept pretty much anyone in your field.."
Jesus. ********.
English is my second language + I'm 5 years younger and I can still write better papers than you.
She didn't even know what MLA was (or any other style of formatting for that matter). How can you go through 4 years of post-secondary education and not know proper formatting?
Literally human garbage.

I REALLY hope I get a higher grade than them just so I can rub it in their faces.
I know i'm younger but ********.
sorry your fat disgusting a** isn't capable of seeing past the barrier of nasty greasy hair created by the strands that are constantly spewing out of your disheveled "bun" held by an elastic looser than your v****a (just kidding, we all know you're a 25 year-old virgin), but I'm actually quite insightful on these matters , b***h ! ********

I asked her what her approach was going to be to this essay, what thesis she had in mind
and she's like "i had no time to think of a thesis, i've been actually studying the material unlike you, wasting your time"
theses ARE the basis of any essay. LITERALLY.
without a thesis, you're basically free-handing a pile of worthless words with no argument.
it's not a creative writing class, it's a classics class.

Jesus ********.

Also, I asked her what her opinion on my idea for a fundraiser of makeovers by donation,
and she said "i wouldn't go to you with THAT hair to do mine.."
literally, her hair was in a greasy bun she re-did at least 5 times in 3 hours.
She NEEDED a makeover.

and my stupid boyfriend always sits there and says nothing,
he tells me to shut up, or even worse , takes anyone but my side.

i de-activated my facebook account

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