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I told myself I wouldn't date online anymore. But, quitting a tried and True Method is kind of a stupid idea. How tried and true is it? Well, Here's the guys I met:

Brad Sadowski - dated long distance for two months
Brad Retterer - Didn't date but he was a pretty good guy.
K - A very unorthodox linguist I hit it off with.
Alan Lohr - Also didn't date, but we became pretty good friends.
Greg - First boyfriend, lasted a week.

Sean Byrd -
Sean here gets a special mention because he's the guy who first mintioned seattle. He showed me pictures and told me all about it. He's the reason it came to mind as a viable option.

Nicholas Payne - Second boyfriend.
Kooks - An Egyptian I talk politics with.
Michael Gunter - A guy from Charlottesville.

Jonathan Daniels -
I'd hoped he'd be a third but I could never get the guy to commit. Now I think he was just a big tease. It sucks a lot but now I have a better Idea of what I want.

Danny - A writer
Kevin - An Avatar fanboy, I like talking with.

The Current guy is named Tony. He's 32 and was a "no face pic" guy. He's seem really sweet, though. and he likes me. I've always kinda wanted to be with an older guy so I really hope this works out. At least for a little while.