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My Stories.
Writing Is Wonderful.♥ 83
Hey all! Well here's Same Love: Book Two. Want to own it? Go to Amazon.com and put the title in. You can find it in paperback and kindle. Anyways enjoy!
Becky's eyes widened in fear as Dice lunged at her.

Quickly, the young wolf used her back front paws to block her throat, and scratch
the older wolf in the process, as her claws sunk into Dice's face.

Crying out in pain, Dice fell to the den floor.

Then Becky pushed herself up to stand, while Dice did the same.
Imogen whimpered quietly as she saw Becky fall down after trying to stay up.

She couldn't take it... she just couldn't take it.

And so Imogen growled loudly, and bit down on her father's left front paw so that his hold on her would loosen. Then Imogen kicked her father to the floor.

"Ge-get her!" Dice screamed, as he padded up to Becky.

Rose and Howard left Cherry alone with Chase, while going to help make sure that Imogen couldn't do anything.

However Imogen was not going to let anyone hurt her Becky. She leaped over the adult wolves, darted for Dice who was just about to use his claws to cut Becky's throat open, and knocked him down before he could do any damage.

Just as she looked up, from knocking Dice down, Imogen saw the three wolves charging at her. Faster than lightning could flash in a stormy sky, Imogen pulled
Becky onto her back, ran out of the den and kept going.

Then Andrew escaped the hold of Imogen's mother, and darted for the corner of the den, where Cherry guarded Chase.

"Get out of my way!" Andrew yelled, as he ran into the female wolf.
Cherry yelped as she fell to the ground, while Andrew jumped over her, and then pulled Chase onto his back.

"Stop him!" Dice ordered.

However, none of the older wolves could stop Andrew, since they were all in way too much shock. They stood frozen in place, until Dice yelled "Stop him!" again.

They snapped out of it, just as Andrew was exiting the den, as his legs moved
faster than ever before.

"ANDREW, OVER HERE!" Imogen yelled, as the male wolf ran right past the bush, that she and Becky were hiding behind.

Andrew quickly dashed behind the bush, and put Chase down carefully.

"I-I can't believe we got out of there..." Andrew managed to choke out.

"Same here," Imogen replied.

"Are you two okay?" Becky asked Imogen and Andrew, as Chase looked at them concerned.

"Yeah we're fine," Imogen answered.

"Yup!" Andrew added.

"Wait! B-Be quiet I think I hear Dice and the others!" Becky barked quickly.

And sure enough the dangerous wolves passed the bush, as they talked loudly.
"We lost them! We lost them!" Rose growled.
"Don't worry. We're going to get them! I have an idea," Dice responded.

"What's your idea?" Cherry asked.

"We're going to go back to Sawtooth, so we can check on the pack, then after that we'll have the pack help us kill them," Dice explained.

"Great idea!" Sandy howled.

"Why thank you," Dice smirked.

"Then it's settled let's go!" Alex laughed.

Then the adult-aged wolves ran off out of sight, making the younger wolves sigh in relief.

"Oh god..." Imogen mumbled.

"I hear ya, Immy," Becky said.

"Great now the whole pack will be coming after us!" Chase snapped. "How are we going to escape all of them?"

"I don't know, but we'll just have to figure out how to," Andrew pointed out.

"Oh geez. Thanks, Captain Obvious," Imogen growled.

"HEY! Don't get attitude with me!" Andrew snarled.

"Sorry... I'm just upset," Imogen squeaked.

"No worries," Andrew replied, as he calmed down a little.

"Alright then how's about we all rest for a while?" Imogen suggested in question.

"Sounds good to me," Becky chirped.

"Same here," Andrew and Chase said in unison.

And so Andrew and Imogen laid down by Becky and Chase, tired from having to escape from Death's Door.
A few hours later when they were awake Imogen, Becky, Andrew, and Chase all talked about how they'd get away from the pack.

"We'll just have to keep moving day after day like before," Imogen said.

"How though?" Becky sighed in question. "You and Chase can't walk,"

"Yeah... But there's no other way. And besides Andrew and I can just carry you guys," Imogen replied.

"True," Becky responded.

"Alright then it's settled! We'll just keep on moving. Now come on let's go!" Andrew howled, as he pulled Chase onto his back.

"Okay," Imogen barked, while pulling Becky onto her back.

Then the group set out into the night, hoping that they were prepared for whatever challenges, they'd face in their second round of travels.
"Oh god. No... Not another river," Imogen groaned.

"We are not crossing it," Andrew chimed in.

"We have to! If we don't we can't go on farther away from Sawtooth," Imogen said.

"Imogen, we can't. We just can't! We've got wolves to carry this time, and I do not want to risk someone's life," Andrew sighed.

"Imogen's right, Andrew," Chase barked. "We don't have a choice,"

"Becky... How do you feel about this?" Andrew asked.

"I feel like we need to cross the river," Becky answered.

"Well then... Here we go," Andrew replied, as he began to step into the rushing water.

The weight of Chase on his back, made it harder for Andrew to be knocked over by the liquid.

Imogen followed right behind Andrew, and within one minute after crossing very carefully, the group made it to the other side of the river.
As the night went on, the wolves continued to travel. As the sun began to rise, singling that morning had arrived Becky, Imogen, Chase, and Andrew came upon a small town.

"We really should just go around. We can walk through the fields surrounding the town, avoiding the humans all the way!" Imogen barked.

"They've got food though!" Chase added.

"We can hunt, Dork," Imogen replied.

"Yeah. And remember the hunter in the field? He shot you and Becky," Andrew said.

"Oh right..." Chase chuckled nervously. "I can be so stupid sometimes,"

"Nah! You've just got a lot on your mind. So you can't think well," Andrew responded.

"You're right," Chase said.
"Of course I am!" Andrew laughed lightly, as he began to make his way through the field, with Imogen following right behind.

And so the group went through the fields that surrounded the small human town, which led them to a mountain, that blocked their path.

"Looks like we'll have to climb this baby," Andrew said.­­­

"Indeed," Imogen barked.

"Well what are you two waiting for? Take us up this end and down the other!" Chase added.

"You do realize that what you just said sounded really wrong, right?" Andrew asked, trying to contain his laughter.

"Oh... No not as I was saying it... But now that you mentioned it I do..." Chase gulped slowly, now feeling embarrassed.

"Aww. Don't ya worry, Bro. It happens," Becky squeaked.
"Yeah!" Imogen howled.

With that the wolves began to climb the mountain, wondering if they'd encounter anything while going up and down the big rocky structure.

"This is so cool!" Becky chanted with excitement pouring from her voice.
"It really is," Imogen agreed.

"Girls," Andrew smirked.

"Hey!" Imogen and Becky snarled in unison.

"I'm kidding!" Andrew replied. "The mountain is cool,"

"Indeed!" Chase responded.

Then the group shared a laugh and continued up the mountain, smiling for the first time in a long while. Maybe everything really would be okay.

-----Three Days Later-----
Dice, Sandy, Alice, Alex, Cherry, Rose, and Howard all returned to the pack.

Everyone had been doing just fine, and two of Sandy and Dice's close friends who were watching their pups had taken good care of their children.

After checking up on everything, Dice got the whole pack together and explained the plan to have everyone help find Chase, Andrew, Becky, and Imogen, so that they could be killed.

The pack agreed to help track the youngsters down... At least that's what it seemed like anyways.

As the pack moved out to finish the mission, half of them discussed about how they thought what Dice and the others were doing was wrong.

At one point, when everyone stopped to rest the half of the pack, that thought that the actions being taken were way too far, snuck away from the others.

The wolf leading the half of the pack, that was thinking logically spoke up once they got far away enough from the others.

"Okay, fellow wolves! Let's go find Becky, Imogen, Chase, and Andrew so we can help them through this!" Element howled loudly.

Everyone cheered at Element's words and then followed her, happy that they were now doing the right thing.
During those past three days Andrew, Chase, Becky, and Imogen had all gotten over the mountain, then traveled through a large forest, walked through five fields, and while doing all of this took breaks to rest and hunt for food. Which was something only Andrew and Imogen could do at the moment. Since Becky and Chase were still too injured to walk.

And at the moment the group was laying in a cave, exhausted from another long day.

After an hour of chatting, they fell asleep as night time made it's self known.

Then as the night came to an end, and morning was beginning to start all four wolves woke to the sound, of branches snapping outside the cave.

Andrew and Imogen growled loudly, as they got in front of Becky and Chase ready to fight and defend!

"Relax youngsters, we're not here to cause you any harm," Element said, as she stepped into the cave, with the one half of the pack standing right behind her.

"Y-You're not?" Andrew questioned.

"Nope. We're here to help you. We do not agree with what Dice and the other half of the pack are doing," Element explained.

"We will stand with you," Winter, a female pure white wolf with blue eyes, and a long bushy tail spoke up.

"We will fight with you," Max, a black and brown wolf with dark green eyes, with a short tail added in, as all the other wolves nodded with his word's.

"Thank you! Thank you all!" Imogen yelped happily.

"Our pleasure, Little Lady," Element replied.
"I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS! HALF OF OUR PACK IS GONE!" Dice roared, as anger filled his soul from top to bottom.

"Where do you think they went?" Rose asked.

"Probably back home..." Dice responded slowly.

"Well we did have to bring all the pups with us, they probably didn't want them to have risk putting them in danger," Dice said. "But still this is important. I will be
have to give them all a strean talking to, when we get back to Sawtooth," Dice barked.

And so Dice led the one half of the pack to kill Becky, Imogen, Andrew, and Chase, while at the cave the other half of the wolves were planning how they'd defeat Dice and the others.

"The cave is pretty big, so if we hid Chase and Becky in the back of it, with three wolves guarding them, everyone else could be outside fighting," Element said.

"Great idea!" Imogen crackled. "This should work,"

"Indeed it should," Element squeaked. "I'm just nervous about them getting to Andrew and Becky... But there's no where else to hid them, ya know?" Element replied.

"Yeah. I'm nervous about them as well. I don't want them getting hurt," Imogen said.

"Exactly! And they could very well follow their scents to back of the cave..." Element howled.

"Well... Like you said there's no where else to hide them. So all we can do is hope for the best," Imogen pointed out.

"Very true, Darling," Element replied. "Very true..."
When night fell and the day ended, Dice and the one half of the pack stopped to get some sleep.

However Dice, Rose, Cherry, Sandy, Alex, Alice, and Howard were all discussing about how much longer it would take, to reach the younger wolves.

"Shouldn't be to long now... Just three more days I'd say," Dice said.

"Unless they start moving again, or picking up the pace... I don't know they could just be walking real slow," Sandy replied.

"I hadn't thought of that, Honey. Good thinking," Dice responded.
"Thanks," Sandy smirked.

"No problem, Dear," Dice barked, smiling at his wife. Sandy was a sand-colored wolf, with light pink eyes, a long bushy tail, and short ears.

Sandy smiled back at her husband. He was a grey furred wolf, with dark blue eyes, longer ears, and a short tail.

All the other wolves in the 'Up To No Good Group' Had good features as well.
Cherry was a dark red colored wolf, with dark Red eyes, a long tail, and short ears.
Rose was a dark red colored wolf as well, but she had dark Blue eyes, a long bushy tail, and long ears.

Howard was all black with dark brown eyes, had a short tail, and short ears.

Alex had dark orange fur, blue eyes eyes, short ears and a long bushy tail.

And Alice was a black furred wolf, with dark green eyes, long ears, and a short tail. Andrew had all her looks.

He was practically a male version of her.

Chase was a male version of his mother too. Dark Red Fur, Dark Blue Eyes, a long bushy tail, and long ears...

Anyways as the night went on, Dice and the others talked more, before joining the rest of the pack for some shut eye, before another day of travels.
As the next day began, Element, Andrew, Imogen, and everyone else at the cave was training for the big war.

After deciding to stay at the cave, to fight so that they could finally end this horrible event, they thought that it would be a good idea to get some fight practice in.

However the pups who had been dragged into this situation, well... At first Element hadn't thought about them. But that morning it hit her like a brick.

They couldn't fight! So they would be hiding at the very back of the cave, along with Chase and Becky.

So anyways the adult-aged able wolves were busy preparing for war, and as they did this a feeling of dread went through Imogen's mind.

The she-wolf was getting a really bad feeling... She tried to ignore it, but it didn't work. And enough Imogen found herself unable to focus on any fight practice.
Imogen sighed, as she padded into the cave where Chase, and Becky were resting.

"You okay?" Becky questioned.

"Yeah... Just needed a break," Imogen lied.

"Alrighty," Becky replied.

"How's Andrew doing out there?" Chase added.

"Fine," Imogen responded quickly.

"Oh good," Chase barked, stretching the limbs that did not hurt.

"The pups are being cute too! They're watching their parents train. It's great,"
Imogen smirked.

"Awwwww!" Becky purred.

"I know right!?" Imogen laughed in question.

"You two are so weird," Chase sighed.

"Hey!" Becky and Imogen growled playfully in unison.

"W-Why are we even laughing at a time like this?" Becky asked. "We're about to go to war,"

"I have no idea," Imogen shrugged. "Maybe we really are crazy,"

"Since when did we even think that we were crazy?" Imogen howled.

"We didn't..." Becky trailed off.

"Oh... Okay," Imogen squeaked slowly.

"Wow," Chase said.

"Don't ya wow us!" Imogen snarled playfully.

"Fine," Chase responded.

"Umm excuse me, Becky, Imogen, and Chase,"

The three wolves turned their heads, to see Element standing in the Cave's entrance.

"Yes, Element?" Imogen asked.

"Everyone is doing a wonderful job with practice. I'm telling you because I thought you all might enjoy some good news," Element explained.

"Thank you very much," Chase howled. "We really do appreciate it. Could you please tell Andrew the news as well?"

"You are very welcome, Chase! And of course I will," Element said, as she turned and trotted back outside.
And so after a little rest, Imogen was able to begin to focus on fighting again. She practiced with Element and with Andrew.

"Hmm... I wonder how much longer It'll take them to reach us," Becky said.
"Me too," Chase replied. "Me too,"

"Look at all of them preparing for war out there," Becky sighed. "I hope they're ready,"

"I know they are, Becks. I know they are," Chase responded, as he joined Becky in watching the other wolves practice, from inside the cave.
After the three days passed, Dice, Sandy, Cherry, Rose, Howard, Alice, Alex, and one half of the pack were almost at the cave.

Element, Imogen, Chase, and the other half of the pack could all smell them getting closer, so they all stood together in front of the cave, as they sent three wolves to take Becky, Chase, and the pups to the back of the stoney structure, to protect them in case any of their enemies got inside.

"Ready?" Andrew asked Imogen.

"Ready," Imogen answered, with a look of determination crossing her face, as Dice and everyone else came into sight, but immediately stopped when they saw the

other half of their pack facing them.

"So this is where you all went..." Dice growled.

"Indeed," Element responded. "We may not be gay or lesbian like Becky, Andrew, Chase, and Imogen, but that doesn't mean we can't support them, and how they live,"

"So you're on their side?" Sandy questioned.

"Of course we are! To be honest I never saw anything wrong with same sex couples to be begin with, and what you all are doing is awful!" Element snapped.

"No it isn't!" Rose snarled. "We're doing the right thing!"

"And I highly disagree," Element replied.

"WHY YOU LITTLE-" Sandy managed to yelp, as she began to charge for Element, but was cut off when Dice stopped her.

"Don't get ahead of yourself, Dear," Dice added.

"Fine," Sandy sighed. And with that Dice let go of the hold on his wife.

"Look why don't you and everyone else over there get it? This is a thing that needs to be done. So I'm going to give all of you a second chance. Join us and help in killing these four young monsters," Dice chimed in.

"No," Element, and every single other wolf on her side said in unison.

"No huh?" Well then fine! Have it your way," Dice responded, as he eyed Imogen and Andrew, whom were standing next to Element.

"Hey where are Becky and Chase?" Dice asked quickly, now realizing that they weren't there.

"Sorry but we cannot answer that question," Becky barked.

"Oh yes you can! And you will!" Dice hissed, glancing back at his army.

"GET THEM! GET THEM ALL!" Dice screamed a moment later.

Then the two wolf groups charged for each other and the war began.
"Why hello there..."

Imogen growled, her eyes glowing bright with bitterness, as her parents approached her.

"How could you do this to us!?" Imogen spat. "Why couldn't you being moving and accepting parents!?"

"Imogen, Dear. We are accepting, but we cannot be accepting of all things," Cherry said.

"Indeed," Howard added.

"But to do this to your own daughter!?" Imogen snapped. "To want to murder her? That's insane!"

"No it isn't!" Cherry howled. "But being a lesbian is,"

"No! No it's not! Love is love no matter what! It's natural!" Imogen hissed.

"Immy, your mother is right," Howard chimed in. "And you're wrong,"

"Sorry, but you're wrong and I'm right!" Imogen snapped, as she lunged for Cherry.
Cherry yelped in surprise, while the younger wolf brought her down.

Imogen pinned her mother to the ground, and was just about to cut her throat open with one quick swipe, when Howard pushed her off.

The she-wolf got up quicker than Howard could help his wife get to her paws, so Imogen charged at her father, knocking him off of Cherry, and then grabbed the older female, pinned her down, and cut her throat open.


"CHERRY!" Howard yelled. "NO!"

Blood flowed out of the cut in the wolf's throat, and she groaned in pain.

Imogen dashed towards her father, who was glaring at her.
"YOU'RE GONNA PAY FOR THIS, YOU DEMON CHILD!" Howard roared loudly, as he charged for Imogen.

Imogen and Howard crashed into each other, and began rolling around on the grass, biting and kicking.

Howard managed to grab Imogen by the neck, and threw her a couple feet away.
"OWWWWW, OWWWW, OWWWWWWWWWW!" Imogen cried, as she landed on her right side.

"How do ya like it, huh?" Howard asked, walking towards his daughter.

Imogen growled, as she pushed herself to stand up.

"And how do you like this!?" Imogen snapped, as she charged at Howard, who then charged at Imogen.

When the pair collided again, Imogen used her front paws, to push her father to the ground, and then pinned him down.

"This is it, Dad. You're finished," Imogen said, raising her right front paw in the air, and slashing Howard's throat open.

Howard screamed out in pain, as the began blood seep out.

Glancing over at Cherry, Imogen could tell within a split second that she was dead. Which meant it wouldn't be long before Howard was.
Meanwhile on the other side of the battle field, Andrew was battling Rose.

"It's time to end you, Sinner," Rose snarled.

"I don't think so!" Andrew responded, with a look that could kill.

Rose lunged for Andrew, who quickly jumped out of the way, which caused Rose to hit the ground on her stomach.

Andrew took this opportunity, to pin his lover's mother down.
He leaped onto her back, making Rose yelped in pain.

He pushed her front legs and back legs down, making her totally unable to move.
"This is for Becky, Imogen, and Chase!" Andrew cheered, as he bit into the back of his mother's neck.

Blood was all over Andrew's face as he stepped off of his lover's mom. He licked his face clean, and then went to fight some more, as the cherry-colored female died.
"WHAT THE HELL! GET OFF OF ME!" Element snarled, kicking the little pup off of her back left leg.

The pup growled and snarled at the grown wolf, and then charged at her.
Element growled loudly. She didn't like the idea of killing pups. They were forced to fight them, because their parents were making them.

However as much as Element would like to not hurt this child, she knew she couldn't do anything else.

As the pup bit onto her leg again, Element leaned down and pulled the pup off of her.

Then she dropped the pup onto the grass, who landed on his tummy. Element snarled, as she pinned the pup down, and then bit into his neck.

Within a few seconds of biting , there was a great amount of blood coming out of the puppy's neck, who was now dying.

And with that, Element went to continue fighting.
"I hope everyone's okay out there," Becky sighed.
"Me too," Chase responded.

"I WANT MOMMY AND DADDY!" One of the pups cried.

"Don't ya worry, Sweetie. Mommy and Daddy will be back very soon," Becky said, smiling down at the small she-wolf pup.

"O-Okay..." The pup replied, as she then went over to the other pups, who were curled up in the corner asleep.

The three guards glanced over at the pups, with sadness in their eyes. As if they were certain that some of them... If not all of them would never be seeing their parents again.

"It'll all be okay... It'll all be okay," Becky mumbled to herself.
Back outside the cave, both packs were still very much at war.

The sound of screams, and pleads filled the air, as the sight of blood, and dead bodies laid on the grass.

And now Imogen, Andrew, and Element were all fighting Dice, Sandy, their pups, Alice, and Alex.

"WHERE IS BECKY AND CHASE!" Dice screamed, pinning Andrew to the ground.
"I AM NOT TELLING YOU!" Andrew roared, as he managed to wiggle out of Dice's grasp, and then pushed him off.

Dice landed on his back, and howled in pain.
Andrew charged at Dice, just as he was beginning to get up.

But since he wasn't on all fours yes, Andrew was able to pin him down.

"Y-You... You're the one who started all of this!" Andrew snarled.
"And I'm glad I did," Dice growled.

"But in the end you're the one going down..." Andrew said slowly, as he dug his claws into Dice's neck.


Andrew growled down at Dice, whom was now losing lots of blood.

Element was dealing with Dice and Sandy's pups.

They both looked like her in quite a few ways. They had all Black fur, dark brown eyes, and long ears. The only difference was their tails. Element had a long bushy tail, where the pups had short tails.

But despite how much they looked like her, she had to end them anyways.
So as they both bit her legs, trying to get her to fall over, Element kicked them off, sending both of them flying into the side of a tree.

The pups yelped in unison, fell to the ground, and as they landed, the sound of both of their necks breaking was heard.

Now only Alice, Alex, and Sandy remained.

Sandy was up against Element, for killing her family.

"How dare you..." Sandy snarled.
"******** you, you Hypocritical b***h!" Element snarled, lunging for Sandy.

Element had Sandy pinned within seconds. She bit down on Sandy's neck and with that the older wolf was screaming in pain.

When blood was draining from Sandy's neck, Element got off of her.

Then she ran over to Imogen, and Andrew whom were fighting Alex and Alice.
"YOU TWO ARE THE WORST PARENTS EVER!" Andrew screamed, kicking Alex in the face.

Alex growled in response, as he fell to the ground. Andrew jumped onto his father, and used his front claws to tear his stomach open.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Alex screamed, as blood stormed out of his stomach, and onto the grass.

Andrew got off of his father, who would be dead within a few minutes, and glanced over at Element and Imogen, who had just finished killing Alice.

"Come one you two, let's go fight some more, and let's win this war!" Andrew howled.

"Right behind ya!" Element smiled.
"Awww yeah!" Imogen barked.
The war lasted until nightime. Finally it was over and the good half of the pack had won.

While some good lives had fallen, most did survive. Including Element, Imogen, and Andrew. Becky and Chase were so happy to see them alive.
And all of the pup's parents lived through the war as well, when they got to see their mommies and daddies again they were thrilled!

The next few days were spent cleaning up outside the cave, getting rid of the dead bodies, and blood.

Once that was all taken care of, the pack decided that they'd stay at the cave. It would be their new home, and the land surrounding it would be their territory.

Becky and Imogen became the leaders of the pack, with Element next in line, when she married.

Chase and Becky's legs finally healed, so after that, the pack held a double wedding for Becky, Imogen, Andrew, and Chase.

And after the pairs were married a new law among the pack formed: That wolves of the same sex could date, marry, and mate.

Because love is love no matter what.
And so the wolves settled into their new lives, feeling happier than they ever had before.

- Cause it's all the same love- Kristin Kula- A proud lesbian.

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