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My Stories.
Writing Is Wonderful.♥ 83
Well... Here it is. The last story in the Protectors series. I hope you all liked the series. I tried so many new things with it, and worked very hard. I had a blast working on the series, and I do plan to start another! I'll start working on it soon, so be on the look out for it!

Title Of Story: The Protectors Book 18: Final Score.

The hallways of Lake Ville High were as busy as a bee; the sounds of lockers being closed and opened, the voices of the students as they talked, and of course the huge crowd of students walking, as they headed to their first hour classes.

Rexie, Snow, Wind, and Hunnie were all standing beside Liz's locker, chatting with her and Emily.

Liz had told her parents the other night that she was a lesbian, was dating a girl, and that she wasn't going to care about what they thought. She said if they kicked her out, and stopped paying for her education, she wouldn't care, because she had to be who she truly was.

And much to Liz's surprise, her parents seemed to finally understand. They told their daughter that they'd support her, told her that they were sorry for being blind, and that they would never kick her out of the house, or stop paying for her education.

Then Liz told her mother that it was Emily she was with, with her mother responded by asking if she could ask Emily to come over for dinner, so she could apologize for how she acted all those years ago.

However even with that problem solved, there was still another issue... Tom.

Now that he was back in school, Snow didn't feel too safe. He glared at her in math class, and around the school when they walked passed each other.

Snow knew that wasn't enough to get him back into jail, so she couldn't report it to the police.

The white-furred Fox's mind went crazy whenever she saw Tom. Thinking that one day he'd do more than just glare at her... He'd approach her, hurt her, and maybe even try to kill her...

When that last thought entered her mind, Snow would just shake her head. Tom wasn't a murder... He might have anger issues, but... He wouldn't try and kill anyone, right?

At least that's what Snow wanted to believe...

After school that day Snow and Wind both applied for a university, called Academy Of Art.

Both hoped that they'd get in... Cause they learned that the school had fantastic art classes!

Rexie was still waiting for acceptance from Olivet Nazarene, and Hunnie had applied to Harvard University, where there were amazing law courses.

Emily was waiting for her acceptance as well. She really hoped that she'd get into Yale.

And so all of the young Foxes hoped that they would get into the schools, that they desired.

A few weeks later around midnight Snow, Wind, and their parents were all fast asleep in their beds... When the sound of the front door being slammed open roared through the home.

Snow's eyes widened as not even a minute after the door opened, Tom's voice yelled her name...

As all four family members raced into the hallway, they heard paw steps coming up the stairs.

Wind pushed Snow behind her, used her magic to levitate Tom into the air, and pulled him up the stairs.

Tom growled at Wind, as anger burned in her eyes.

"Call the police, Mom," Snow said.

"I'm on it sweetie!" Jule replied, as she ran off to get her phone.


Tom snarled at the middle-aged Fox's words. He wasn't going to back down from anyone.

After the police arrived, Wind put Tom down, and then he was arrested.

Tom was then sentenced to life in jail, with no possibility of parole, right away due to the fact that he had threatened an Element Of Weather.

Ever since Hunnie and Becky had met, they had been talking and hanging out a lot. It didn't take long for The Element Of Earth to wish that Becky would one day be her master.

She thought about how happy Rex and Kairi were together. Sure they had their share problems in the past, but now they were doing so much better. And that made Hunnie want what they had even more.

However Hunnie wasn't sure if Becky wanted a pet. She had told Hunnie that she never had one, so... Maybe she didn't want one? Or was it simply that the girl hadn't found the right one yet?

As Hunnie continued to think about all of this, she thought about talking to Becky about it. Hunnie wasn't sure if Becky wanted her as a pet, but she had to try... She just had to.

So that night, when Hunnie was over at Becky's she asked the girl how she'd feel, if they were Pet and Master.

Becky replied by saying that she'd be over the moon about it... And with that said Hunnie asked if she'd be her master.

The girl happily said yes, and the two shared a hug.

Hunnie couldn't help but grin from ear to ear. This was going to be awesome!

A few weeks passed, and Hunnie became Becky's pet, as she became her master. And not long after that Hunnie moved in with Becky.

The two were very happy together, and everyone was happy for them as well! When Rexie, Wind, and Snow had found out about Becky they were so thrilled for their friend, that they had a surprise party for her, to celebrate the bound between her and Becky!

Months passed on, and soon it was Spring. It was the beginning of April. Hunnie was laying on the sofa, watching TV with Becky when it happened.

"UH OHHHH!" Hunnie cried out.

"What's wrong?" Becky questioned.

"My water just broke!" Hunnie roared.

"Okay, okay! Let's get you to the vet!" Becky replied, as she picked her pet up.

"She's in labor!? Alright we'll be right there!"

Kairi hung up the phone and called for Rexie to come down stairs.


Then within one second, Kairi heard her Fox's bedroom door swing open, and then Rex came racing down the the stairs at top speed.

"LET'S GO THEN!" Rexie barked, as she ran to the front door.

The red-headed girl quickly grabbed her purse, and followed her pet to the car.

Wind and Snow were playing a board game together, when they heard one of their cell phones go off.

"Snow, check to see which of our's it is," Wind squeaked.

Snow nodded and then padded over to the kitchen table, where the phones laid. It was Wind's phone that was ringing, but it wasn't a number that had called her before.

"I don't know who it is," Snow replied. "But it's your phone,"

"Answer it anyways!" Wind howled.

"Fine," Snow responded, as she picked the phone up.


"Rex, it's Snow! Don't ya worry, I'll get Wind and we'll be right there!" Snow replied.

"Okay good!" Rexie chirped, before hanging up.

Snow put her sister's cell down, and turned to her.

"Hunnie's in labor, Wind! Come on. We must get to the vet!" Snow barked.

"Oh my gosh!" Wind yelped. "Yes let's get going!"

"Congratulations, it's a human girl," The doctor said, folding the baby up in a blanket.

"Can I hold her?" Hunnie asked.

"Of course," The doctor smirked, as he handed the new born to her mother.

"Hi there, little one! You're so pretty," Hunnie squeaked, as tears began to roll down her face.

Then suddenly the door to the room opened, where Becky, Kairi, Rex, Snow, and Wind all entered.

"Wow... She's beautiful," Becky managed to choke out.

"Indeed!" Rexie said in a low toned voice.

"So very beautiful!" Kairi, Snow, and Wind whispered in unison.

The baby had Hie's hunny colored fur, as hair, and she had her father's Green eyes.

"What are you going to name the little darling?" Becky wondered.

"I think I'm gonna name her Jade,"

"Sounds good to me," Becky said.

More time passed, and now it late May, three days before Hunnie, Rexie, Snow, Wind and Hunnie's High School graduation.

The ladies were very excited happy! They had all been accepted into the schools, that they had applied for.

Emily had been accepted into her school too! And she and Liz were still going strong!

Yup everything was great! Until The Princess called Rex, Hunnie, Snow, and Wind to her castle that is.

"Princess, what's wrong?"

The Kitsune Ruler only glanced at Wind in response to her question, before letting of a heavy sigh, and looking down at the floor.

"Have you ladies heard of the creatures called Night Shades?" The Princess questioned.

"Yeah! They're extremely powerful, magical creatures! We actaully just learned about them in school last year," Snow replied, as Rex, Wind, and Hunnie nodded along with her words.

"Well I'm afraid that their is a heard of them, heading for Starlight," The Ruler said.

"What? Why? In school we were told they lived in Tree Wood Kingdom," Rexie barked.

"They're coming here, because they want Starlight," The Princess explained. "They've tried to take over before, but luckily they were stopped by t-"

"The Elements Of Weather?" Snow smirked. "Okay I get what you're asking Princess, of course we'll take the elements and defeat The Night Shades!"

"Snow... The Night Shades cannot be defeated by The Elements..." The Ruler gulped.

"What? But everything can be defeated by them!" Hunnie howled.

"Darlings, The Night Shades are so powerful, that they ca withstand the abilities of The Elements Of Weather. Back 2,000 years ago, I discovered these four weapons, that are related to the elements, they're called The Weather Wonders. They each have a marking on them that represents each of your elements. One has fire, the other water, the third has a picture of leafs, and the fourth has water on it," The Princess squeaked. "These weapons I kept with me for years, then when The Night Shades attacked, I used them to deaft them, but after that, the news of the powerful tools got to other kingdoms, and many other rulers of the lands wanted them. Some even came and tried to take them. I had only one choice. I had to get rid of them. I made up a lie, with another ruler that is a friend of mine. She was the only one that didn't want The Weather Wonders, her name is Queen Winter, from The Ice Kingdom. I told everyone I decied to give it to her. When I said that, everyone left it alone then. They never tried to take it from Queen Winter, because my gosh, girls... Everyone is afraid of her. But anyways I hid them here in Starlight. And never did I go to get them after that, but now there's no choice... We have to recover them. Because if we don't our land is going to be taken over," The Princess added.

"So... Um how many days till they get here?" Rexie asked.

"They should be here by tomorrow night,"

"WHAT!?" Hunnie, Wind, Snow, and Rexie screamed together.

Relax, sweeties. I'm going to tell you where I hid The Weather Wonders, that way It'll be easy to get them. I hid them in The Jewel Forest, in the only cave that sits in there. It's in the back of the woods. By a waterfall. Now there is something else I must tell you about The Weather Wonders... When I took The Night Shades out, I had to take each of the weapons, to the end of Starlight. There stands four tall platforms, which have the exact markings of The Weather Wonders. You take them there, and place them on the correct one. Then they will release a protection spell, that blows The Night Shades back to their home land," The Princess responded.

"So these things are way more powerful than The Elements?" Wind asked.

"Yes, my dear. They are," The Princess answered. "And that is why other rulers want to steal them for their kingdoms,"

"We promise your highness, that we'll make sure to get them from The Jewel Forest, and bring them to the end of Starlight!" Rex chattered.

"Oh my gosh, Thank you ladies. So very much!" The Princess chirped.

Using a Teleportation spell that The Princess had taught them, The Four Foxes appeared right in front of The Jewel Forest within seconds.

"Whoa... It's soo pretty," Hunnie managed to choke out.

"Indeed it is!" Snow agreed, looking up at the trees covered in jewels.

"Come on, Girls! Let's do this," Rex said, as she began to walk into the woods.

The others quickly followed The Fire Fox into the forest, and then continued to keep moving. Not wanting to stop until they were at the cave.

When the group arrived at the cave, they entered it immediately. It was a small cave. So finding The Weather Wonders was very easy.

The Four friends each carried one of The Weather Wonders. Rex had the fire one, Snow had the water one, Wind, had the air one, and Hunnie had the earth one.

As they approached the platforms at the end of Starlight, Hunnie, Rex, Wind, and Snow all smiled in unison.

The group then set each Weather Wonder on the platforms, and then four bright lights were suddenly released into the air, and then traveled through all of Starlight.

"It must be going to every edge of the kingdom, to make sure The Night Shades cannot get in," Rexie said.

"Those are some smart lights!" Wind barked.

Rexie, Hunnie, Wind, and Hunnie all teleported back to the castle, where The Princess was waiting for them by the front doors.

"Girls, you've done it again! Thank you," The Princess squeaked .

"You're welcome, Your Highness," Hunnie replied.

"Come we have a visitor I'd like you all to meet," The Princess added in.

The ruler led the four Foxes to the dining room, where a small pure white-furred Wolf sat at the table. She had a blue crown, that had images of Ice on it.

"Why hello, Elements Of Weather," The Wolf greeted, as she got up and walked over to them.

"This is Queen Winter," The Princess said. "She and I were talking about The Weather Wonders, and decided that we'll keep on the platforms, even after The Night Shades are sent back to their home,"

"But why?" Wind questioned.

"Because The Weather Wonders can erase any threat. You see, Darlings. All of you will be going off to College in the fall. Where you'll be pursuing your future careers. Nothing could distract you from that. Plus with The Weather Wonders being so powerful, there really isn't any use for the elements anymore. Queen Winter here is going to make sure no one touches The Weather Wonders. Like I said before every other kingdom ruler is afraid of her," The Princess explained.

"So... So this means... We won't have to protect Starlight anymore?" Rexie stuttered in question.

"Indeed it does," The Princess replied. "And I want all of you to keep your elements. As a gift for all the heroic duties you've done for me, and for the kingdom,"

"Well thank you, Princess," Wind purred.

"You are very welcome," The Princess responded. "Now you ladies should be getting home now, you do graduate in less than three days now,"

The day of The High School Graduation had arrived. Rexie, Hunnie, Snow, and Wind all wore their elements, and had their fur nicely brush and washed.

They met Liz and Emily at the auditorium, where the ceremony was being held, to talk to them before it started.

Wind blushed a bit at the sight of Emily. She still had a crush on her... But no one could really blame her for that. After all Emily was a betfual Fox. A long bushy tail, long pointy ears, pure-black fur, and light Pink eyes.

As the friends walked together into the hall to line up, with the other students Hunnie noticed Rex glancing at other female foxes.

"You know, Rex. You seem to only check out girls now a days. I don't think you're bisexual anymore," Hunnie said.

"You're... You're right," Rexie mumbled. "Wow... It took me this long to figure that I'm a lesbian, and I'm actually right to graduate High School? Damn..."

Hunnie, Wind, and Snow all chuckled at Rexie's words, as they all got lined up.

As the graduation began, everyone entered the auditorium. Kairi, Leo, Weezy, Lois, Jule, Sammy, and Becky (Who was holding Jade) all sat together, as they watched their loved ones take their seats in the front of the room.

When everyone was seated, the students were all called up one by one to get their diploma.

It wasn't that long until it was all over... Rexie, Wind, Hunnie, Snow had all graduated High School.

They congratulated each other, and then congratulated Emily and Liz. After that Wind, Snow, Hunnie, and Rexie were taken out to dinner by Kairi, Lois, Weezy, Leo, Sammy, and Jule.

The families celebrated together. And as the night went on smiles didn't fade. laughter got louder, and happiness got stronger.

The Princess smiled proudly from the distance, as she watched the four young foxes from a tree, that stood outside the restaurant.

"Well done, Protectors. Well done," The Princess whispered, before she teleported back to her Castle.

-The End-

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