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My Stories.
Writing Is Wonderful.♥ 83
Oh my gosh... What's this? o-o IS this a STORY? and it isnt' a vent? xD Yes this is exactly what it is.

To be honest, I meant to post this at Christmas, but... things got in the way. -w- Anyways this a short children's book. (Because I had it published) So... it's a book. It's only on kindle though, and it's pretty short. But I loved how this came out, though I'll admit it's not my best work. It's also not my worst. I don't know, I just... really love how it came out. xD

Want to own it? You can! You don't even need a kindle, just download the free kinde reading app on your phone, laptop, or tablet!

http://www.amazon.com/The-Blind-Savior-Kristin-Kula-ebook/dp/B00QHEUJUE It got a five star rating by the way! x3

Now read on for the story!

Title Of the story: The Blind Savior. (Also comments about how you think I did are welcomed)

I assume you've heard many great tales about hero's. But none will never be quite like the one I want to tell you... Fifteen years ago in a small town, called Forest Wood there lived twenty one Huskies in the local state park.

These dogs were living in the state park, due to being strays. Their owners had abandoned them when they had moved away.

The dogs had become friends with each other years before their families had left them.

As all met as pups and their bond had only grown stronger through out the years.

However one of the dogs was a little different than the rest.

This dog was different because she was blind...

Her name was Grace.

Though she did have many other talents the other dogs didn't accept her.

They let her hang around with them, so that they wouldn't make Grace's owner mad.
But after being abandoned, and even taking Grace along with them to the state park, the other dogs always kept their distance.

Expect of course when they brought her food from a hunt, or helped her get around somewhere.

And even though none of the dogs were from the same litter, every single one of them looked exactly alike...

Well almost exactly like... If you didn't consider how different their eyes were.

They all had grey fur, with a white underbelly, a long white bushy tail, and grey pointy ears.

Now then on to the eye colors.

Max a male Husky, was the oldest of the group, who was also the leader had light Blue Eyes, Rose a female Husky had Dark Red eyes, Sunny another female Husky had light Yellow eyes, Kenny a male Husky had Dark Purple eyes, Clare a female Husky had Dark Green eyes, Lilly a female Husky had lavender colored eyes, Shine a male Husky had aqua colored eyes, Twilight a female Husky had light pink eyes, Brownie a male Husky had Dark Brown eyes, Ocean a female Husky had Dark Orange eyes, Checkers a male Husky had one white eye, and one black eye, Shadow a male Husky had black eyes, Snow Storm a female Husky had white eyes, Chris a male Husky had a mix of Orange And Blue in both of his eyes, Pom Pom a female Husky had gold colored eyes, Lyra a female Husky had Light Green Eyes, Straw a male Husky had one Light yellow eye, and one Dark Orange eye, Sky a female Husky had one Light Blue eye, and one White eye, Coco a male Husky had one Black eye and one Dark Brown eye, Cookie a female Husky had a mix of Dark Brown and Black in both of her eyes, and lastly Grace had a mix of a Dark Green, and a Dark Blue in both of her eyes.

Yep that's how you could tell the dogs apart!

So back to the story!

The dogs had a private part of the state park, where no humans ever came, and no coyotes.

In this area that they had found, there was a huge cave. The dogs believed it was an indian cave. They had heard of them from their owners taking about them, but they still weren't too sure if that's what it was. After all how could they tell the difference from a normal cave to indian cave anyway?

But despite that, the dogs used this cave as their home. They slept inside, kept extra food inside, and even kept some cool looking rocks, or whatever kind of interesting objects they found.

For the most part life in the state park was great! Though they did have to venture into the areas with humans to hunt deer, where they sometimes ran into coyotes. But the dogs could handle it. They learned how to fight a coyote how to figure out if they were being stalked by a few, etc.

There was still one thing though... One thing that was very dangerous, very beautiful and very scary at the same time... It appeared once every year. Once every year exactly three days before Christmas... To keep themselves safe, the dogs learned that if they put out water in bowls, that they made from wood that they found all around their private part of the park, it couldn't reach them. It went no further than the bowls of water.

And within twenty four hours it disappeared. It left the trees and the place that it touched burned down and destroyed. Each year when the humans discovered this sight, they had been wondering what had caused it. Since it was always so cold at this time of year, and snow was all over the place... It couldn't be... Fire.

That's right it was fire, but this was no ordinary fire. This was Rainbow Fire. At least that's what the dogs called it.
It had all the colors of the rainbow in it, it was even hotter than normal fire. The dogs believed that it was magical as well.

So this is really where the story begins. Four days before Christmas. The town of Forest Wood was covered in snow, as the families prepared for the holiday.

In the local state park, the dogs were setting up the bowls of water, that guarded their home

"I still wish we knew more about The Rainbow Fire than we do right now..." Cookie trailed off, setting a bowl down.

"Maybe the author of this book will write a book about it, So everyone reading this story will know just how incredible it really is," Checkers replied, as he too set a bowl of water down.
"Wait what...?" Cookie asked, looking at Checkers with a concerned look on her face.

"Nothing. Just a little thought. Come on let's go back to the cave and get some more bowls," Checkers said.

"O-Oh okay..." Cookie mumbled, following Checkers. "I swear that dog's head isn't screwed on right..." Cookie added to herself, shaking her head.

"Come on, Dogs! There's only a few more bowls left. Let's get this done!" Max barked.

"Yes, Sir!" All of the other dogs replied in unison, as they ran out of the cave each with a bowl in their mouth.

Just as almost the whole group had excited the cave, Checkers and Cookie entered, seeing Max cleaning up the cave floor, by picking up branches, rocks, etc and bringing them to the very back of the cave.

"Hi, Max," Cookie greeted.

"Oh hello, Cookie, and hello to you too, Checkers," Max responded, glancing up at two of his friends.

"Did the others take the rest of the bowls?" Checkers questioned, seeing that their were no more left.

"What does it look like?" Cookie asked, shaking her head once more.

"Hey can one of you take some food to Grace? You know how she won't let us bring her to the front, when we're all doing the bowls, and she needs to eat her dinner," Max added.

"Why of course!" Cookie chirped, going over to the mile of deer meat and picking a rather large piece.

"Great! Thanks, Cookie. Checkers, come help me finish the cleaning," Max said.

Checkers nodded and went to help Max, as Cookie went deeper into the cave, where she found Grace laying half way between the front of the cave, and the back of the cave.

"Here, Grace. Dinner," Cookie said, putting the deer meat in front of the blind dog.
"Thanks, Cookie," Grace responded, as she began to eat her meal.

"Well one of us will come back and get you soon. All of the work is almost finished,"
Cookie replied, as she ran off quickly towards the front of their stony structure home.

"Yeah okay..." Grace said sadly.
"YES WE DID IT!" Pom Pom cheered loudly.

"Indeed!" Clare chuckled, as she, Pom Pom, and the others entered the cave.

"All done?" Max asked, looking up from his work, as Checkers did the same.

"Yes, Sir!" Rose howled.

"It's our best work yet!" Twilight chimed in.

"Couldn't agree more," Shine smiled.

"Yes!" Lilly giggled.

"This year The Rainbow Fire may even stay a few feet away from the bowls!" Lyra said.

"I know right!?" Brownie yelped.

"We're just that great," Sky smirked.

"You said it!" Kenny barked.

"The Rainbow Fire will be in for a surprise this year!" Snow Storm said.

"Yes, Yes!" Coco agreed.

"Heck yeah!" Chris added.

Heck, yeah, yeah, yeah!" Sunny howled.

"Okay okay!" Max howled, getting all of other dog's attention.

"Let's all settle down now. It's time for bed. We've got a lot of work to do tomorrow.

But before we all go to dream land can someone please go get Grace?"

"I'll get her!" Pom Pom said.

"Thanks," Max said.

"No problem!" Pom Pom howled, as she raced off down the cave.

"Come on, Grace! Time for bed," Pom Pom said, as she reached the blind dog who was laying down.

"Okay," Grace sighed, as she stood up.

And so Grace listened for Pom Pom's footsteps, which led her back to the front of the cave. Then everyone went to sleep thinking that that were safe and sound once again, but were they really?




"Huh? Huh what?..." Grace asked, yawning loudly.

Suddenly Grace felt herself being pulled to her paws.

"GRACE! COME ON!" Pom Pom yelled.

"Everyone calm down!" Max yelped. "STOP SCREAMING!"

"Max what is going on?" Grace questioned.

"It seems that there was a snow storm last night. It caused the bowls of water to be carried away. The Rainbow Fire has reached our home! It's almost touching the cave..." Max answered, glancing out the entrance.

"We must escape through the back," Max added. "There's a hole big enough for all of us to get through. "Pom Pom will lead you, Grace. Now come on and stay calm everyone!"

So the dogs headed for the back of the cave, but as they did this The Rainbow Fire reached their cave.

Now the fire was expanding faster than ever before. It covered the entire front part of the cave within two minutes, and reached the deeper parts within another minute.


"RUN!" Checkers roared, taking off towards the back of the cave.

The others began to run too, but Pom Pom who was leading Grace couldn't.

"Come on, Grace. We've got to catch up to the others. Run right behind me, you'll be fine. I promise," Pom Pom said.

"Okay..." Grace gulped, as the smell of smoke filled her noise.

Pom Pom began to run, leading Grace who listened for her footsteps.

But The Rainbow Fire wasn't far behind...
Sure Pom Pom and Grace caught up to the others, but when they did so did The Rainbow Fire.

"Ugh! I can't see! The smoke is in my eyes!" Cookie howled.

"It's gonna trap us if we don't run!" Sky said, as The Rainbow Fire got to where it was only one foot away from them.

"I-I I can't even breathe right..." Kenny whimpered, as the smoke from the fire filled his lungs.

"ENOUGH!" Max yelled, as his lungs became filled with smoke.

"R-RUN! JUST RUN!" Max ordered.

Then all of the dogs began coughing from the smoke, and tried to whip their eyes as it filled them.

Grace knew she couldn't see her friends, but she knew they needed her now more than ever.

The Rainbow Fire was now only inches away from the dogs, and Grace could feel it. How hot the cave ground was getting...

"FOLLOW ME!" Grace ordered in a loud voice.

"W-What?" Checkers asked.

"Do it. Follow her," Max said. "She can't see, The smoke can get in her eyes, but... It can't affect her. "She can lead us to safety,"

And with that Grace took off running. She knew that there were no more turns. You could only run Straight.

The others followed right behind. Then within three minutes she had them at the back exit.

She stepped aside, letting the others go first, as they did she sniffed the air, getting all of their scents to make sure no one was missing.

There was one scent that wasn't there... Which meant that one dog wasn't there either... Max.

"MAX!" Grace yelled.

"I ca-can't..." Max groaned, as he crawled into sight.

Hearing her leader crawling to her, she hurried over to him. "Come on I'll get you out of here," Grace said, bending down beside the male Husky.

"N-No... G-Grac-ce. I can barley breathe. I-W-Won-W-Won't M-Make I-It. T-T-Take Car-Care o-of the-them... Y-You-r-re the-their new l-lead-leader..." Max managed to choke out, before his head fit the floor, and his body went limp, as his eyes stayed open.

Then the cave floor got even hotter... The Rainbow Fire it was close...

Grace turned and jumped out of the back cave exit, where she heard the other dogs calling her name.


Grace followed their voices, she reached them where they had been waiting. Four feet outside the back of the cave, beside a tree.

When she reached the other dogs, she felt them hug her tightly.

"THANK GOODNESS YOU'RE ALRIGHT!" Pom Pom cried loudly.

"Y-You were worried?" Grace asked in shock.

"Yes, Sweetie we were," Clare said. "I'll be honest... We always considered you useless until this happened, but... We have always cared for you. If we hadn't, we wouldn't of taken you with us out here in the first place, bring you food, or lead you places..."

"Hey where is Max?" Checkers asked.
"O-Oh... He didn't make it... I tried to save him, but..." Grace said, as tears filled her eyes.

"Shh. It's okay," Pom Pom said, as she continued to hug her friend.

Grace began to sob in Pom Pom's arms, as the others began to sob as well.
After a few minutes of crying everyone calmed down.

"W-Well we're going to have to find another cave... It won't be in a private part of the park, but I know we can make it work... Come everyone," Grace said, breaking away from Pom Pom's embrace.

"Lead the way, Ma'm," Pom Pom smiled.

The others cheered together at their new leader, who nodded and smiled.
"Come everyone. Let's go," Grace said, as she sniffed the air. "I smell a deer not too far from here,"

Then the other dogs followed Grace to their new home, with a bittersweet feeling.
Christmas wouldn't be the same for the dogs ever again, but maybe just maybe in a way it would be better...

And that's the story of Grace. That's the story of The Blind Savior.

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