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My Stories.
Writing Is Wonderful.♥ 83
Sorry guys! Had some more laptop issues. Anyways here's The Weather Force Book Three: Amber's Fire.

Be on the lookout for some other works from me and you'll get read the fourth book as I work on it during November during the National Novel Writing Month Contest!

"It'll be okay, Amber. It'll be okay. I promise," Lauren said. The fox just clung to her owner for dear life. Her body began to shake. "I...I'm safe, right?" Amber managed to choke out.

"Always. You'll always be safe with me," Lauren replied. She hugged her pet tightly and the two of them laid there bed for the rest of the night.

When the alarm went off Amber groaned as Lauren turned it off and got out of bed. "Come on, Sweetie," Lauren said.

Nodding, Amber jumped out of bed and then followed her owner downstairs to the kitchen.

Rexie, Icee, Snowstorm, Thunder, Lilly, Swimmer, and Hult were all sitting around the table, while the owners were talking and making breakfast. Amber joined her sisters looking rather distressed as Lauren joined her friends.

"You okay, Amber?" Snowstorm asked.

"No... I had a horrible night. I had really bad dreams..." Amber responded.

"I'm so sorry, Sis," Snowstorm said. She got out from her chair and went to Amber. She hugged the other fox tightly, as the other foxes joined in making it a comfort group hug.

"Do you get these nightmares from time to time?" Rexie questioned, as the group broke apart.

"Yeah... And whenever I do it really messes me up," Amber answered. "I know how that goes," Rexie squeaked, recalling the nightmares she had about that night with Red and Nick that she still got.

"Just try and have a good day. Focus on your work," Lilly chimed in.

"I will," Amber responded. "I'm sure after breakfast I'll feel better already,"

"Good! Because they told us we're having bacon and scrambled eggs with cheese and butter today," Icee barked.

"Sounds yummy," Amber replied. Inside she felt so anxious. Sounds of her gasping as she tried to breathe, under the under in the bathtub could be heard in Amber's head. "Calm yourself down, calm yourself down..." Amber said to herself.

Within ten minutes breakfast was sereved. The family ate their morning meal and then they all went back upstairs to get ready for work. After everyone was ready the family met by the garage doors as usual and the foxes put their uniforms on.

"Everyone ready?" Sarah asked, once all the pets were dressed up in their uniforms.

"Yes!" They replied.

"And what is it that we say?" Rose chimed in.

"Sky Above Me, Earth Below me, Fire Within Me!" The pets sang songed together. Rexie smiled afterwords, knowing she knew the catch prase for good now.

"Okay let's go!" Tris called, as she opened the door to the garage.

The family ran out into the garage as the door to exit it with their vechiles came up. Amber jumped into the passnger side of the firetruck, as Lauren got in the driver's seat.

"Ready to go, Hun?" Lauren asked.

"Yep," Amber said, as her owner started the fire truck. And so Lauren and Amber drove to their section of Weather Town: FireFlame.

"Okay let's start looking for those fires," Lauren said. They drove around FireFlame and spotted two fires. One in a field and another... In a top window of a house.

"Alright, Amber! You take your tools and go put the fire out in the window of that home. I'll take the long hose and go to the field,"

"You got it!" Amber responded.

Amber took her oxygen mask and short house in her mouth and then jumped into the driver's seat of the truck as Lauren got out and took the long hose to the field with her. It was able to detach from the vehicle and still work.

The fire fox being taught how to drive the firetruck with her paws went to the house and then barked once, which activated the latter to go up all the way to the window. Now with her oxygen mask on her muzzle and another hose in her mouth Amber climbed the latter to the window.

A shadow of a dog could be seen behind the flames... It looked to be a German shepherd. "Hold on! I'll get you! Let me put the fire out!" Amber barked. She then sprayed the fire until it was out. However as soon as she did that, the German shepherd dog lunged at her and bit her in the neck. She had a collar with a tag that had an image of a bomb on it.

"HEY!" Amber growled. She kicked at the dog as they went rolling down the latter.

Meanwhile Lauren had just put the fire out in the field when she heard Amber screaming.

"AMBER!" Lauren cried. She dropped the hose and ran towards the house that her pet was at.

Lauren saw the dog pinning Amber down to the ground and biting her fur Lauren raced over and grabbed the German shepherd.

"HEY! HOW DARE YOU MESS WITH MY GIRL!" Lauren screamed. She held the dog by the scruff. The dog just growled at the girl and showed her teeth.

"Is that her over there!?" Yelled a voice from behind.

Lauren turned her head to see five police officers coming over. Amber had just pulled herself to her paws. She had bite marks all over.

"We've been looking for this dog, Ma'am. She's been wanted in several states for murder... And it seems she tried to play a trick on your fox here in order to kill her too," An officer said.

"We'll take Bomber off your hands," Another cop said. "Looks like she copied the style of the Weather Force's pet tags... That's another charge for this crimnal here,"

Lauren handed over Bomber to the cops who then took her to their police car and locked in her in. They taked to Lauren for a few minutes before finally leaving for the police station up north.

"Oh, Amber!" Lauren cried. She hugged her fox tightly and sighed in reilf upon knowing that she was okay.

Amber was quiet for a few seconds before she began to wail.

The rest of the day Amber worked along side Lauren . Even though she had been through a lot that morning, the fox still wanted to work, but vistions of her nightmares came into her head once more, and she thought about how she was almost killed. Almost killed by a dog for that matter. It had never occured to her before, but she along with the other members of the team had little to no fight exprence. Not to win in one anyway...

"We're going to have to have a meeting when we get home," Lauren said as they drove back to HQ that evening.

"I bet..." Amber mumbled.

"I mean it, Amber. This cannot happen again. Not to you. Not to anyone else in the family," Lauren replied.

"I know," Amber responded. "And I think the team needs to know how to pchisacally fight... Lauren, Bomber had me in her paws... I couldn't fight her back. I don't have the skill and nither do the others,"

"That's one thing I wanted to call the meeting for, Amber. I believe we need to have someone come in to teach us all how to defend our selves," Lauren responded.

"Great minds think alike, yeah?" Amber barked.

"Indeed they do," Lauren nodded, as they arrived home and parked in the garage. The others were just heading into the house when they turned around to see Lauren and Amber rushing up to them.

"WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOU!?" Lilly cried, upon seeing the marks on Amber.

"Lilly calm down... We all need to go inside and have a meeting though. Now," Lauren said.

The family headed to the living room where they all sat on the sofa and around on the floor. Lauren explained everything that had taken place earlier that day.

"Why did you make her work!?" Becky yelled. "SHE COULD'VE GOTTEN MORE HURT!"

"Becky!" Tris snapped. "We're a rescue organization. We have to do our jobs in order to keep the people safe. If Amber hadn't kept on working with Lauren FireFlame might've burned down!"

"I still think Lauren could've handled it herself for one day!" Becky argued back.

"OKAY STOP!" Lauren screamed, before talking in a more cvil manner. "Just stop... We're a family we shouldn't be fighting... And Becky I'm sorry... But Amber herself wanted to keep on working,"

"It's true," Amber piped up.

"Oh..." Becky trailed off. She now felt embarrassed. "Tris, Lauren... I'm sorry I yelled at you guys. And everyone else... Sorry for yelling,"

"Thank you," The others replied in unison.

"And besides we would always forgive you! You're family!" Icee barked.

"Here here!" Hult added in.

"Thanks," Lauren responded. "So... Anyway Amber and I were talking about how we don't know how to defend ourselves... And that maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to have someone come here to teach us how to fight,"

"I think that's a great idea!" Tris said. "Yes," Sarah agreed.

The others quickly agreed as well. And it was settled! A fighting class teacher would be called to come out to Weather Force's headquarters.

"I'm looking up the best around the areas that we adopted the pets. Since a lot of those are cities and have a lot of places," Sarah said. She scanned the names of teachers from her laptop screen. "And I think I've found someone!"

That night at bedtime Amber was in Lauren's room laid curled up in her arms. She was finally letting out all of the distress and fear that the day had brought.

Almost being killed and reliving those awful nightmares again and again in her head... How her old master almost murdered her in the bath tub... How it made her never look at water the same way again.

Amber cried for over an hour straight until she fell asleep from emotional exhaustion. Lauren looked down at her pet with a worried expression. She took a deep breath, before laying her head down and tried to get some sleep.

When morning arrived Amber awoke feeling a little better than the day before, but still a little bit anxious.

"Good morning, Lauren," Amber said, as she nuzzled her owner awoke while the alarm went off.

"Morning, Sweetheart," Lauren responded, as she opened her eyes.

"Come on let's go get breakfast!" Amber barked. She jumped out of the bed and smiled as her owner got up and followed her downstairs.

"Morning, Sis!" Lilly greeted, as Amber came over to the table as the others filed into the room after them.

"Hey, Lilly. Good Morning," Amber responded. She pulled herself up into a chair beside of Lilly's. "Did you sleep last night?" Lilly asked.

"Yes," Amber nodded. "Better than then night before last too,"

"Sweet Beans!" Lilly chirped.

The other foxes joined Lilly and Amber at the table and smiled at the two. "Morning you guys!" Hult said.

"Morning," Lilly and Amber replied together.

"Fruit Salad for breakfast, Girls," Sarah said, as she approached the table. The foxes nodded and with that Sarah smiled and walked back to the counter.

After breakfast, getting ready and heading to work that day Amber felt anxious on and off. Sometimes she felt fine, then the next second she'd feel scared to death...

Lauren could tell Amber wasn't one hundred percent okay as they worked, but she said nothing. She knew that Amber wanted to act like everything was fine... Even if it wasn't.

That evening around seven' o clock two ladies showed up at Weather Force's headquarters. One would teach the human girls and the other would teach the foxes.

"This is Miss Lucy and Miss Lacey, girls," Sarah said, as she pointed to the fighting instructors. The foxes all waved their paws at the two.

"I'll take you and the rest of your friends in the living room. While Lucy takes the pets in the backyard for practice," Lacey said.

"Sounds good," Sarah nodded.

Then the two groups separated and went to begin their lesions.

Once outside in the yard Lacy stood before the rescue foxes and smiled. "Okay, Weather Force! Get into a pouncing position!" Lucy said.

Back inside Lacey was teaching the humans how to get out of a choke hold. -

And later that night when Lauren was giving Amber her bedtime bath the fox felt much more relaxed. "I'm so happy that Lacey and Lucy will be coming by every night for five months, so we can really learn how to fight," Amber squeaked.

"Me too. It'll be good to be able to defend ourselves," Lauren replied, as she scrubbed soap into her foxes fur.

Amber smiled as she sat in the bath tub and enjoyed the feeling of being cleaned. Even though she had a rough past with water, she trusted Lauren so much that baths now a days didn't bother much anymore.

After the bath was done Lauren took Amber to bedroom and tucked her in. "Goodnight, Amber," Lauren said.

"Goodnight," Amber replied.

Lauren smiled and kissed her fox on the forehead, before leaving her pet's bedroom and closing the door behind her. Amber sighed in content as she laid her head on the pillow and closed her eyes. It was finally time for a night of complete peaceful sleep.

-The End-

I am strong because I am weak. I am beautiful because I know my flaws. I am a lover because I am a fighter. I am fearless because I have been afraid. I am wise because I have been foolish. I can laugh because I have known sadness. :heart:

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