Hey everyone! Well I'm currently getting ready to start on part two of the current Weather Force Book. I have been busy and have had a real rough week. Thank god it's Friday.

Anyways, I made a new OC and wanted to make a character/info sheet for her.

So enjoy getting to know Soda!

Soda (c) Me.



Info: Born into a litter of two Soda was the youngest born after her sister Blitz, Soda is a very playful and happy pup. Her older sister and her parents Jenna and Kenny are very protective over her.

As Soda grows up she begins to want to be a military dog like her mother is. Blitz is worried for her siblings safety when she is old enough to start training, but knows she is under the watchful eye of their mother.

Facts: 1. As Soda grows into her teenage/early adult years she worries about her mother whenever she is gone for a few months, due to serving in the military. 2. Soda is afraid of heights and so whenever the fair comes to town she doesn't go on any high rides. 3. Though she's mostly happy and wears a smile she is also afraid of losing her loved ones at any given time.

Random: Soda is under the care of her father and older sister when their mother is off working. When their dad is also at work Blitz will watch Soda.

Soda, Kenny, and Blitz write to Jenna when she is away working. They'll send her letters and she'll send them letters back.

Soda is a mixed breed. Kenny is a German shepherd/Husky mix and Jenna is a rottweiler.

When Soda is a young adult and finishing training she officially works in the military. She works side by side with her mother at times, other times they are both sent out to different countries.

Soda takes her job very seriously and while she always keeps a positive attitude she isn't playful when is away fighting to protect her country.

Looks: Soda has a curly tail, she is brown, tan and white furred. She wears a pink collar and has pink eyes. She has one pointy ear and one floppy ear.