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My Stories.
Writing Is Wonderful.♥ 83
Hey all. Well this year for Easter I wrote a horror themed story for the holiday. xD So yeah... Enjoy!

Title of story: THE EASTER BUNNY?? Genre: Horror. Rated M.

Easter. A holiday in which kids were told they'd be visited by a bunny, whom would leave baskets of amazing treats. But... It was all a myth and not even the parents knew that. They believed that Easter was a happy time like their kids did... However they only thought that cause they hadn't been targeted when they were little. Adults couldn't be attacked, but kids could...

As the week leading up to Easter would soon begin, little children would learn the truth when night fell...

"Goodnight, Kevin,"

"Night, Mom," Kevin replied, as the woman kissed him on the forehead, and then walked out of his bedroom, closing the door behind her.

Kevin closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep, with no idea that he'd soon get a visitor.


The door creaked open, as a tall figure hoped into the bedroom. It went to the bed, where it's prey was. It looked down at him with a blank expression.

It's pink eyes blinked, it's tall blue ears twitched lightly, it licked it's lips, as it continued to look at it's victim.

It was hungry for some action, so it was going to feed it's self...

"MO-MOM HELP ME!" M-" ...

The boy could no longer speak... He was dead.

It was had killed him. Blood was splattered all over the bedroom walls, a foot, a thumb, an ear, and a p***s laid across the bedroom floor.

Every other body part was gone though... Gone into another creature's body.


Three year old Anna laid asleep in her bed, while a figure came up to her window from the outside.

It used it's paws to open the window, then it flattened it's self so it could come in the room...

The figure hoped over to the bed, where it looked down at it's next victim of the night.

Anna stired in her sleep for a moment, before she yawned and woke up.

Suddenly the little girl's heart beat sped up... She saw an eight foot bunny staring down at her. It had blue fur, a white puffy tail, and pink eyes.

And before Anna could do a thing, the bunny pinned her down, covering her mouth with it's left paw.

It used it's right paw to tear off her pajamas pants and T-shirt, then it removed her underwear...

After that it began to hump the three year-old repeatedly, as it still used it's left paw to cover her mouth.

It kept on ******** Anna for ten minutes, then it stopped, and left out the window, leaving a terrified little girl laying naked in her bed.


Six year-old John was sleeping sound, as his bedroom door opened, which led to his unknown company hopping over to his bed.

The bunny leaped onto the boy, pinning him down, and covering his left paw over his mouth, as he awoke with a horrified look on his face.

And then the visitor stuck it's sharp teeth into the boy's neck, ripping off a bunch of the skin, which it ate quickly, before it continued to rip off the child's flesh, and consume it.

It ate the whole neck, until there was nothing left but bone. The boy was now dead, but the bunny kept on eating him.

Blood dripped from the bunny's mouth, it licked the red liquid off, as it moved down the boy's 'area' where it ripped off his pants, and boxers.

Then it began to eat John's p***s, and testicles.

After that the bunny licked the blood off of it's self once more, and left through the kid's bedroom window.

The next person who'd come into the room would not believe what they'd see... Blood covering the bed sheets, pillows, and blankets, with a pair of pants, and boxers laying next to the parts of John that the bunny did not eat, and of course the bones that were the only remains of the parts that were taken from the little boy.

The next morning the public got news of the three kids. The police investigated the houses, but couldn't find a trace of who it was that had raped Anna, killed, Kevin, and who had eaten John.

All three children lived in Miami Florida, which meant the person who did this must be from around there right?

Nope... No one would ever know where this criminal lived.

The night when all was quite, the bunny began to strike again. It's first stop was to see a ten year-old named Maggie.

As the bunny entered the bedroom and went over to the girl, it looked the girl up and down, feeling lust rush through it's body.

Within a split second, the creature was on top of Maggie, with both of it's paws over her mouth, as she tried to scream.

Then Maggie's clothes were all ripped off and she was violated...

The bunny humped her, sucked and licked her v****a, and repeated those actions for over than hour.

Once it was finished, the bunny left the house where Maggie laid naked in her bed, shaking in fear.


Next up was nine year-old Alli.

The Easter Bunny reached her house, where it found it's way inside, and then to the little girl's room.

Alli's eyes opened slowly as The Bunny hopped up to her bed. The little girl looked over at the figure standing there, but before she could do a thing, the bunny lunged onto her, and pulled her head off of her body.

The bunny growled lightly, and threw the little girl's head across the room.

After that it ate every part of Alli, leaving nothing but a skull, and lots and lots of bones in the bed.


The final stop of the night was to see an eight-year old girl named Ruby.

And what happened to the sweet little lady? She was murdered...

As the week went on more kids were killed, raped, and were eaten. The police were busy as bees trying to figure out how this had happened, and the town of Miami Florida was in terror.

All of these ice cold acts had all taken place in Miami.

Now during the night before Easter Morning, the bunny was on the move to drop off baskets to all of the other kids in the town, but when they got up and saw what they got for Easter... They'd never think of the holiday the same way again.

Easter had finally arrived. Kids from all over the world found baskets filled with candy, toys, stuffed bunnies and lots of other great things! But as for the kids in Miami they found different things in their baskets..

"Mom, Dad let's see what I got in my Easter eggs!" Alex cheered.

The two parents smiled and nodded, as they waited for their son to open them up.

Then the little boy opened his first egg, and a dead nine-inched centipede fell out of it, and onto the floor.


"Chocolate Bunnies!" Sally howled happily, as she picked one out of the basket, then unwrapped it and took a huge bite.

Sally's smile faded a moment later... This didn't taste all at like chocolate.

Then the little girl looked down at the rest of the chocolate bunny, as she swallowed what was in her mouth.

She looked at her treat curiously and took another bite. As she was eating it, she looked down at the little peace left, and saw that the chocolate bunny was turning into another shape... And it began to smell really bad... The chocolate bunny then revealed it's self as a turd.

"MOMMY!" Sally screamed, as she threw the poop across the living room, and ran for her parent.


"Look, Mommies I got a toy! How do I play with it though?" Jenna asked, coming over to her parents.

"Well here, Sweeite let's see what it is," Amber purred.

"I bet it's something really good!" Nala chimed in, as their daughter handed it her.

Nala's eyes went wide when she saw what it said on the box, which held the toy: Rabbit Vibrator.


"Alright, Kids let's see what The Easter Bunny left you!" Donna said, as she and her husband walked side by side, leading their three twins into the living room.

When the family got into the room though, they all froze in place... Their laid three baskets full with dead red ants, Daddy long-leg spiders, and centipedes.

Then on the floor next to the baskets laid three bloody skulls, piles of poop, and three boxes which held sex toys. One box held A Pleasure Pillow, another held A ball lock, and the last box had c**k rings.

The family stood there petrified... Did The Easter Bunny really leave these things?...


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