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My Stories.
Writing Is Wonderful.♥ 83
Well I think my writers block/post of passion for writing I had is gone. This afternoon I was able to put together a little short story I planned on doing after the one I was already working on, but I got the drive to write so I did.

I'm proud of this one and I love how it came out. I have a great picture that goes with this story too. If you look up the book on amazon. You can see it!

This is titled "Father Constellation" It is for sale as an Ebook!

Now then here's the story so enjoy!


Father Constellation was a young adult wolf whose body was made up a constellation it's self. He had black fur with some white on one paw and he had some white fur on his back that made three very different looking shapes.

Every 50 moons he told stories about the great ancestors who now lived on in the stars. He told these stories to the wolf pups in the pack. At the time there were only five pups and they gathered on a big rock as Father Constellation stood in front of them with a smile on his face.

"Welcome Pups," The grown up wolf greeted.

"Hello, Father Constellation!" The wolf pups replied back in unison.

"Tonight I'm here to tell all of you about three wolves who made our pack better, stronger, and braver than ever before in our pack's history. These three wolves were amazing. One knew how to get herbs for healing injuries, the second knew now to use his strange to help hunt. And the third? She was the bravest wolf of all. She fought in a war between our pack and another," Father Constellation explained.

"What were their names?" One of the pups questioned.

"Well the first wolf was named Ember. The second was named King and the third wolf was named Fire," The older wolf responded.

"Tell us about Ember first!" The pups howled.

"Alright. Alright. So Ember was a female wolf. She loved to help the pack out in anyway she possibly could. She learned about these plants called Star Nights. They are black and white with star shaped leaves. She learned how they healed injuries not only very fast, but almost right away would the wound go away. When she shared this with the pack she became the pack's healer. And was the first to make her way up to the stars," Father Constellation said.

"Wow..." The pups managed to choke out.

"Wow is right! Now ready for the second story?" The older wolf smirked.

"Yes!" Answered the pups.

"So Kion was the strongest wolf our pack has ever had. One winter the pack was short on food. So short on food in fact that some of the hunting wolves had to be sent out to look for anything to eat... Kion was able to find a herd of caribou that had gotten trapped in a valley. Using his strength he helped to hunt down the whole herd! He knocked several caribou off their hooves and allowed for the other wolves to come in for the kill. Then he was the second wolf to go up the stars where he joined Ember,"

"Kion sounds amazing!" The pups cheered.

"That he was. Now ready for the story of Fire?" Father Constellation responded.

"Oh yes please!" The pups barked.

"Fire was definitely the bravest wolf the pack's ever had! She was the first female wolf to fight. Not only that though, but she was able to take down the other pack's leader whose name was Lighter. After Lighter was gone the others fled and ever came back to our pack's territory. You see they wanted our land however thanks to Fire it's still our's. A few years later Fire joined Ember and Kion in the stars. And that pups are the stories of the three great ancestors!" Father Constellation replied.

"Yay! Thank you!" The pups yelped. They all then ran off to meet their families with excitement in their eyes. Father Constellation smiled at them as they went out of view. "I love telling those stories," The young adult wolf said to himself, as he headed for his den.

I am strong because I am weak. I am beautiful because I know my flaws. I am a lover because I am a fighter. I am fearless because I have been afraid. I am wise because I have been foolish. I can laugh because I have known sadness. :heart:

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