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My Stories.
Writing Is Wonderful.♥ 83
So remember how I was saying I'd be doing a new series? Well here it is. Same Love: Book One.

So enjoy the first story of my new series!

Also as some of you know, I now publish books. But for those who don't, I'm telling you now that if you like my writing enough, but you can buy it.

Here's a link to amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=Kristin%20Kula

You'll see all my protectors books, this same love book, Demon's Spell, and more!

Now onto this story. I am so proud of this. Worked so hard, and I cannot wait to see what you all think of it! So... let's get on with it!

Title Of Story: Same Love.

Genre: Romance.

Becky trotted along through the open field, grinning from ear to ear.

The young wolf was on her way to meet up with her best friend, Imogen.

They had met when they were pups, and had been best buds ever since.

And so, as Becky arrived at their rendezvous spot, the she-wolf glanced around for her friend.

"Huh...? I don't see her anyw-" Becky's thoughts were cut off, when she felt someone tackle her from behind.

"Hi!" Imogen laughed, pinning Becky down.

Becky smirked, and then quickly took control, as she wiggled out of Imogen's grasp, and rolled her over on her back, so that she was on top.

"Hi to you too," Becky replied, smiling down at her friend.

Both females smiled at each other for a moment more, before Becky broke the gaze by getting off of Imogen.

"So what do ya wanna do today?" Becky questioned.

"Hmmm..." Imogen responded. "I'm not sure either," Becky rubbed her left paw under her chin, as she tried to think of something for them to do.

"Oh, I've got it! How about we go for a nice swim?" Becky said enthusiastically, as she looked at the lake in the distance.

"That sounds perfect!" Imogen howled.

"Okay then, let's go!" Becky barked, as she started towards the water.

"Hey wait for me!" Imogen chirped.

"This is nice," Becky said, as she and Imogen swam around the lake together.

"Indeed it is," Imogen squeaked, splashing Becky in the face.

"Hey!" Becky growled, splashing Imogen back.

Then both friends began splashing each other, and laughed loudly for several minutes.

Once they had finished their little game, Becky and Imogen got out of the lake, dried off, and then relaxed together beside a tree.

"So how's everythig going with the other pack?" Imogen asked.

"Okay I guess," Becky answered. "My parents said that they're all going to have a meeting tomorrow night, to work something out, but I'm worried... What if war breaks out?"

"I'm sure that won't happen, Becks. After all, they want to fix the problem, right?" Imogen asked.

"Yeah, they do," Becky chirped.

"Well, then there's nothing to worry about!" Imogen responded.

"I suppose so," Becky sighed. "Oh, hey, you never told me what you think about homsexuality..."

Imogen's eyes grew wide at Becky's words... Could she really tell her friend the truth?

"Uh..." Imogen managed to choke out. "I-I... I think there shouldn't be a problem with it..."

"Me too," Becky replied.

"Really!?" Imogen gasped in shock.

"Really," Becky nodded.

"We're gonna keep this between us, right?" Imogen wondered.

"Of course!" Becky hissed. "I know you would never tell a soul about how I feel about it, and you should know by now that I'd never tell anyone about the stuff we talk about."

"I know, I know... Sorry. The law just makes me nervous," Imogen mumbled.

"No worries," Becky smirked.

Imogen then felt herself beginning to think about whether Becky had ever been attracted to other girls. Imogen knew that she was a lesbian.

Heck, she had been in love with Becky for a couple of months now.

"Maybe she secretly loves me back..." Imogen thought, as she glanced at Becky.

She was real catch: all dark orange fur, blue eyes, a long bushy tail, and short ears. She was a few feet taller than Imogen as well.

Imogen had black and brown fur, a short brown tail, and tall black ears, with brown eyes. Many wolves said that she too was quite pretty.

But Imogen still didn't feel like she was as good looking as Becky was.

Anyways, the two friends continued to hang out together, just like two other wolves just a few miles away.

"Andrew!" Chase snarled.

"Get back here!"

"Hey! Don't be getting mad at me just because I'm a faster runner!" Andrew chuckled.

The two friends had been playing a game of tag for a few minutes by now. However,

Chase had been 'it' since they had started playing.

Andrew was just too fast...

"Alright, alright!" Andrew barked, as he stopped running. "Come here and tag me!"

"No way! I'm not giving up until I catch you," Chase said.

"As you wish!" Andrew howled, as he ran towards the forest.

"I'm gonna get you this time!" Chase yelled, running after his friend.

And so the day soon ended, and everyone returned to their dens with their families to sleep.

That night Imogen couldn't sleep much. Her mind was full of thoughts of Becky.

She hoped that maybe they'd end up together one day.

When the next morning arrived, Becky woke up just as Andrew was leaving the den.

"Andrew!" Becky barked, as she got up and padded over to her older brother.

"Oh, morning sis," Andrew greeted.

"Are Mom and Dad already down at the rocks prepairing for the meeting?" Becky asked,

seeing that they weren't home.

"Yeah," Andrew answered.

"I'm so worried!" Becky whined, as she followed her the he-wolf to the hunting grounds.

"I know," Andrew sighed.

"But we have to catch breakfast for Mom and Dad today, so let's try to focus on that for now, okay?"

"Okay," Becky responded.

After Becky and Andrew had caught breakfast, their parents had just came back from prepairing for the big meeting, just as the two siblings had managed to drag breakfast to their den.

"Hello my darlings," Alice chirped happily.

"Hi Mom!" Andrew and Becky replied in unison.

"Ah, you two did a wonderful job!" Alex added,

as he looked at the huge deer that his children had killed.

"Yeah, well, we are awesome!" Andrew pointed out.

"Indeed!" Alex chuckled. "Now then let's eat."

Becky went to meet up with Imogen after breakfast was over. Despite how scared she felt, Becky knew that her best friend could make her feel better.

"Hi Imogen," Becky barked, as she approached her friend.

"Hi Becky," Imogen replied.

"So, what do ya want to do today?" Becky asked, wanting anything that would distract her from her current thoughts.

"We could, um, play hide and seek?" Imogen suggested.

"Yeah, sure," Becky responded.

"Great! Go hide and I'll count to ten," Imogen howled happily.

"Okay!" Becky said as she sprinted off to find a hiding place while Imogen closed her eyes and began to count.

Becky lied down behind a bush, curling herself into a ball to make herself smaller, and waited to see if Imogen would find her.

However, after fifteen mintues of searching, Imogen hadn't found Becky yet.

And as she walked past the bush that her friend was hiding behind, she sighed loudly.

"I better just let her know I'm here," Becky thought, as she leapt out from the bush.

Imogen jumped in shock and nearly fell over onto the ground.

"God, Becky! You scared me!" Imogen whined.

"Sorry," Becky said. "I've been hiding behind the bush, and since I saw that you were getting annoyed because you couldn't find me, I just decided to come out."

"Well, I'm glad you did, because I think I might've gone insane," Imogen responded.

"Awesome! Now then, you go hide and I'll count to ten, and I'll try and find you. Okay?" Becky purred.

"You got it!" Imogen chuckled.

For the rest of the day, Imogen and Becky played together, just like Chase and Andrew, who did the same. But soon night was falling, and it was almost time for the meeting.

"Okay, kids, we'll be back soon," Alex sighed.

"Can't we come with you?" Becky pleaded.

"I'm sorry, Hun. But the meeting is only for the pack leaders," Alice pointed out.

"Yeah I know it is, but what if they try something?" Becky gulped in question.

"Darling, I promise that nothing bad will happen to us," Alice replied. "I know you'd feel better if you and Andrew could attend as well, however, it may anger the other pack leaders, and we don't want that."

"Okay," Becky mumbled.

"Wel,l we'd better get going," Alex said.

"Yes, we should!" Alice agreed, as she nuzzled Becky, before padding up beside her husband.

"See you two later!" Alex and Alice barked in unison, as they walked off towards the rocks.

"Bye!" Becky and Andrew replied.

"So, now what?" Andrew asked, looking at his younger sister.

"Simple: we follow mom and dad to the meeting!" Becky howled.

"What!? No, Becky, you heard what mom said!" Andrew growled.

"I don't care! I want to make sure our parents aren't being set up!" Becky growled back.

"They're not being set up! They're going to a meeting!" Andrew hissed.

"Ugh! Don't you get it!? The other pack hates us! They'd jump at any chance to take us out!" Becky snarled.

"Yeah!? But that does not me-" However, Andrew stopped himself in mid sentence and a worried expression appeared appeared on his face.

"Let's go to the rocks..." Andrew said quickly.

"Hello Alice, and hello to you too, Alex."

"Hello Dice," Alice and Alex replied.

"Where's Sandy?" Alice sighed.


"Right here!" Sandy howled, as she trotted up to the other three wolves.

"Our pups were just born. And Sandy needed to make sure someone could watch them until we get back," Dice explained.

"That is fine," Alex responded.

"So, shall we all sit down and begin?" Dice asked.

"We shall," Alex answered, as Alice nodded.

Then all four pack leaders sat down together and began discussing the issue at paw.

"Alright, so for a few years since Rover and Click, we've been at war. I believe I have an idea about how it could end," Dice said.

"And what is this idea of yours?" Alex asked.

"Both of our packs prove that no one is gay or lesbian. After that, we unite our packs into one big pack, and the four of us lead together," Dice howled.

"What do you think, Alice?" Alex questioned.

"I think it's at least worth a shot," Alice answered. "Besides I think we'd all be better off if we could get along."

"I agree," Alex replied, before glancing at Dice and Sandy.

"Okay you two, we'll do it!"

"Excellent!" Dice cheered.

"Excellent indeed!" Sandy roared.

"I'm glad we were able to work things out," Alice said.

"Me too," Alex nodded.

"Same here," Dice and Sandy chuckled in unison.

"So tomorrow we'll test our packs!" Dice howled.

"Wait!" Alex barked, now realizing something.

"What happens if some of our members are gay or lesbian?" Alex questioned.

"We kill them and then we unite the packs," Dice smirked. "Simple as hunting."

"Okay. See you two tomrrow then," Alex responded.

"See ya!" Dice and Sandy said in unison, before departing from the rocks to go home.

Then Alex and Alice went back home as well, happy to tell their kids that their wouldn't be any war.

However, Alex and Alice felt something in their hearts for the very first time: Worry for the lesbians and gays.

The couple wasn't sure why, but until had Dice told them that they'd kill whoever wasn't straight, they had felt hatred towards those kinds of wolves, and because Click,

who had been in their pack,

had never been close to them. They never considered sentencing someone to death for being gay was wrong, however, now they were having the epiphany of a life time.

Murdering someone for their sexuaily wasn't right,

but Sandy and Alex were going to go along with Dice and Sandy's plan anyway,

because they did not want a war.

"Hurry!" Becky yelled. "I don't want them to catch us..."

"Relax. We left before they did, so we'll have plenty of time to get back to the den," Andrew responded.

Both wolves were running back home after hearing what the plan was for both packs.

"I like that we're not going to war, but those poor lesbians and gays could-"

Then Becky's eyes widened as she realized she was speaking out loud.

She and Andrew stopped running and looked at each other.

"You... you're not offened by them?" Andrew wondered.

"No... Are you?" Becky responded.

"No, I'm not..." Andrew said slowly. "In fact, Becky, I want to tell you something."

"What is it?" Becky asked.

"I-I... I'm gay,"

"Y-You are!?" Becky questioned in shock.

"Indeed... you know my friend Chase? We've been in love with each other for a while now, but we haven't dated yet, because we don't want to be murdered,"

"Yeah, I'm not straight either..."

"You're not!?" Andrew yelped.

"Nope. Been in love with Imogen for three years now," Becky answered. "She doesn't know how I feel though."

"Ah...," Andrew breathed.

"Alright. No matter what happens tomorrow, we are not going to die. I'll warn Chase in the morning and let's be ready to fight if we get caught. Deal?"

"Deal!" Becky howled.

After that the siblings continued on home, and made it there just before their parents did.

That night, after Alex and Alice arrived home, they explained to Andrew and Becky about what would happen the following day,

and both brother and sister responded carefully, to make sure that they didn't give their parents any reason to suspect anything.

When morning arrived,

Becky went to find Imogen as soon as she woke.

"Imogen!" Becky barked, as she ran up to her best friend. "Did you hear about what's going to happen today?"

"Yeah, my parents told me an hour ago," Imogen sighed.

"Immy, listen... Before this test thing begins I have something to tell you,"Becky mumbled.

"What is it?" Imogen asked.

"Umm," Becky began. "I-I..."

"Becky, what's wrong?" Imogen asked again, now feeling concerned for her friend.

"Oh my god... I don't know how to say this...," Becky thought to herself, as she looked Imogen in the eyes.

"Becky!" Imogen howled.

Becky snapped out of her thoughts, and glanced at Imogen, looking dazed.

"What's wrong? Whatever it is, you can tell me. We're best friends," Imogen squeaked.

Becky nodded and then gulped, before letting out the truth.

"Imogen, I...I-I'm a lesbian... And I-I... I've been in love with you for a long while now too," Becky admitted.

The young wolf closed her eyes and covered her head with her paws, afraid that her friend would try to hurt her in some way.

"Okay, first off you can open your eyes and take your paws off your head, I am not going to harm you, Becky.

Second, the truth is that I'm also a lesbian and I love you back," Imogen smirked.

"Y-You... what?" Becky questioned, trying to process what her friend had just told her.

"I love you, Becky," Imogen repeated.

Then a huge smile appeared on Becky's face, as she tackled Imogen to the ground, and hugged her tightly.

Imogen smiled and hugged her friend back.

"So, come on! Andrew and I have a plan, in case we get caught. You need to be in on it now," Becky said, getting off of Imogen.

Imogen got up and raised an eye brow at Becky. "We?" Imogen finally asked.

"Yes. Andrew is gay and in love with Chase, and Chase loves him back too," Becky explained.

"Oh, whoa...," Imogen said slowly.

"Yup. So come on! Let's get moving!" Becky howled.

"Right behind ya!" Imogen replied.

And with that both girls ran off to find Andrew and Chase.

"Andrew! Chase!" Becky and Imogen yelled together, as they ran up to the boys, once they had finally found them.

Both male wolves turned their heads towards the girls, who looked very on edge.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Andrew questioned.

"W-We gotta talk to you both, in private. Follow us," Imogen responded.

"O-Okay...," Chase said.

Then Chase and Andrew followed Becky and Imogen to the pound, where no one else was.

Becky and Imogen then explained everything to Chase and Andrew.

After they had finished explaining, all four wolves then agreed on a new plan.

Instead of fighting the packs if they got caught, they'd try to run away.

Chase pointed out that running away even before the test began would be a good idea, since that meant that they wouldn't be risking their own lives, and that way they would be able to live the way they wanted to.

However, Becky then told her brother how she didn't want to leave, unless it would be completely necessary.

So in the end the group agreed on staying, even though it was risky.

In the next hour, both packs were ready to begin the test.

Sandy and Dice brought their pack, over to Alex and Alice's packs' territory for the occasion.

All of the wolves were told to sit in a straight line, as the pack leaders told them how the process would go.

"Every single one of you must kiss someone that isn't of the same sex. It doesn't matter if you're married or dating. And if so, you must kiss someone else other than your partner, to make sure you are not hiding something," Alex said.

Then Dice spoke up.

"'Kay, so now we'll call one boy and girl to come up by us at a time, that way we can see you kissing, and how you're really responding to it. You pass if you show no discomfort at all. If you do show it though, you will be killed."

And with that it began.

Alex and Dice would call up one female and one male at a time, to watch them kiss, as their wives watched as extra eyes for their husbands.

As their turns got closer, Chase, Andrew, Becky, and Imogen all stayed as calm as they possbily could at the moment, hoping that they wouldn't show discomfortable kissing the other gender on the lips.

Soon enough Becky, Imogen, Andrew, and Chase were all tested, and without even knowing how they did it, they passed.

The four had grown so anxious as they got closer to having to take the exam, so none of them had an idea how they had made it through, but they were certainly glad that they did.

After everyone else was tested, the leaders had an announcement.

"Well, no one here is lesbian or gay, which means that we do not have to kill anyone. Now we are going to unite into one big pack and share all of Sawtooth National Park!" Alex howled.

Both packs cheered loudly, happy to finally be at peace with the one another.

Later that day Becky, Imogen, Chase, and Andrew were all talking at the pound again, when no one else was around.

"I don't want us to have to hide our true selves," Imogen sighed.

"Same here, but if we don't, we'll die," Becky replied.

"You know, maybe we all should run away anyways.

All four of us could stay together. We'd be a pack of four!" Chase barked.

"I have to admit that does sound nice," Andrew smirked.

"Indeed it does," Becky added.

"So, we're leaving then?" Chase questioned.

"No, you're not. None of you are," a voice said from behind.

The four young wolves turned to see Dice standing just a feet away, glaring at them.

"I knew there had to be some gays and lesbians somewhere in at least one of our packs," Dice growled, "So I've been keeping an eye on everyone since the test ended."

"Please, sir. Do not harm us. Just let us go and we'll never return. We promise," Becky chirped.

"Sorry, darling, I can't do that," Dice responded. "Now I have to go get my wife, and all of your parents. They won't be happy to find out that you four are acting out of line."

Then Dice dashed off, leaving Chase, Andrew, Becky, and Imogen frozen in place, as their mouths gaped open.

After a moment the wolves shook the shock away. And Imogen spoke up in a scream.

"Quick! We have to get outta here!" Imogen screamed, as she began to run.

"Wait for us!" Becky yelled as she, Andrew, and Chase followed her.

Sawtooth National Park was huge, so getting away from the pack's territory took a while.

"When we get out of here I'll be so happy!" Chase yelped, as he and the other three wolves continued to run.

"You and me both," Andrew replied.

"I'll be happy too!" Imogen pointed out.

Becky rolled her eyes and just stayed quiet. Yes, it would make her happy when they got to safety,

however, until then she didn't want to talk. She just wanted to focus on the task at paw.

"Wait, they're what?" Alex questioned.

"T-They can't be...," Alice mumbled sadly.

"Oh my Chase!" Rose yelled.

"What has happened to my son!"

"And our lovely Imogen is not so lovely anymore,"

Howard said, as his wife Cherry nodded along with him.

"Well, come on. We must find them and rid them from this world!" Sandy barked.

"Hear, hear!" Sandy said in agreement.

Then the group of adult wolves went to search for the younger wolves, hoping to stop them before they got away.

"Okay, if we cross this bridge we'll be out of the territory," Becky squeaked, as she tried to catch her breath.

"T-Thank god..." Imogen managed to choke out as she breathed in and out.

"Y-Yup...," Andrew and Chase said slowly in unison.

They had been running for over thirty minutes non-stop, so they were exhausted.

"Alright, we took a breather, so let's go," Becky sighed, as she took off running onto the bridge.

The others followed right behind her, but even when they were over the bridge,

they didn't stop their fast movement, and they kept on going to make sure they were far away from Sawtooth.

"Their scent seems to go over the bridge. They've made it out of Sawtooth," Rose sighed.

"Then we'll just have to go after them!" Sandy said.

"Indeed," Dice nodded.

"Let's go then!" Alex roared.

Then the group ran across the bridge, and continued to follow the scent of the four young wolves.

As Chase, Andrew, Imogen, and Becky got as far away from Sawtooth, they had no idea how much danger they were going to face...

They didn't know that their families were tracking them, but that wasn't the only threat.

"Alright, can we stop running now?" Imogen asked, as they came upon a river.

"Y-Yeah," Becky replied with struggle.

Andrew and Chase immidiately dropped to the ground and sighed in relief from Becky's words.

"I wonder if there's any dens around here that aren't being used," Becky said.

"There might be," Andrew responded. "We'll just have to look around and see."

"Walk around now?" Chase groaned. "I don't want to move my legs ever again."

"Relax Chase. We'll rest for a few hours before looking." Becky smirked.

"Oh, well in that case it's fine!" Chase barked.

"Wow, this water is so good," Imogen sighed in content, after lifting her head from getting a drink from the river.

"I bet it is," Becky chirped.

Then the four friends relaxed and talked about their further together. They talked about getting a den that would fit all four of them, how they'd spend each day together. And how their pack system would work, like who would be in charge of the morning hunt, and after the hunt, patrolling whatever territory they'd mark as theirs, etc.

After their rest, the four wolves went to look around for a den.

"See anything?" Imogen questioned.

"No!" Becky yelped.

"Same here," Andrew sighed.

"Hey! Come over here. I found something!" Chase howled from a nearby tree.

Imogen, Becky, and Andrew ran over to where Chase was standing, and saw that on one side of the tree, which they had been called over to, had a huge hole that was big enough for them to get into. Andrew laid on his tummy and peeked inside, and saw that there was a big den like space for all of them. It was perfect.

"Yay! We've found our home!" Imogen cheered.

"Yup!" Becky replied happily.

"Great job, Chase!" Andrew added.

"Thanks," Chase responded, as he blushed from Andrew's compliment.

"'Kay, now that we have our home, how about we all hunt for some dinner? It'll be getting dark soon after all," Becky howled.

"Sounds good to me!" Imogen cheered.

"Sounds good to me too!" Andrew and Chase said in unison.

So then the group went to catch some dinner for themselves, happy that things were working out. At least, for now anyways.

Late that night Chase, Andrew, Imogen, and Becky were all asleep in their 'Tree-Den'. They had decided to call it that, since it was like a den, but made out of a tree.

Anyways, danger was lurking just a few miles away, and since they were asleep, the youngsters had no knowledge of the threat.

"They're close..." Dice said slowly.

"Yes!" Rose howled in happiness. "I'm so glad after a day of searching we're actually going to catch them."

"Same here!" Sandy, Howard, Cherry, Alice, and Alex barked together.

And within a few minutes, they reached the tree where the younger wolves slept.

"They're in here," Dice whispered. "They're asleep too! Perfect time to attack."

Dice growled at the four wolves, as the others did as well. And that's when it happened. They ran into to the Tree-Den, and lunged Chase, Andrew, Becky, and Imogen.

The four woke up and yelped loudly, and it didn't even take them a second to realize that they had to fight. And so they did.

"Get away from us!" Becky yelled, kicking Cherry to the ground, and then jumped out of the way, just as Sandy was going to knock her down.

Imogen growled loudly, as Howard her own father backed her up against the wall.

"Turning your back on mother nature, huh?" Howard hissed.

"I did no such thing!" Imogen snapped.

"Oh yes you did!" Howard snarled, as he grabbed his daughter by the neck.

Imogen screamed and then used her front claws to scratch her dad, which resulted in him letting her go.

He yelped in pain as Imogen then pinned him down and began to injure him.

Chase and Andrew fought Dice, Alice, and Alex together. They kicked, bit, and sctratched. They did everything they could to defeat the older wolves.

After a few minutes of fighting, Imogen, Becky, Chase, and Andrew were able to make a run for it out of the den, and as they ran outside,

they didn't stop their running: they kept going. Dice and the others chased after them, but since they weren't as young the younger wolves, they couldn't run quite as fast, giving their enemies the advantage.

"We'll get you, you monsters! You can't keep running forever!" Dice screamed into the night, hoping that the young wolves would hear him.

The sun rose and the moon lowered: morning had arrived.

Becky, Imogen, Andrew, and Chase were all walking through a forest, their eyes glowing with hurt and anger.

How could their own families do this to them? This was the question they were all asking themselves.

They had heard Dice's words too, when he had yelled out to them.

It had sent a shiver down their spines. Dice, his mate, and their families were tracking them, and they weren't going to stop.

Not until they succeeded with their task.

The four wolves did have each other though, and that they were thankful for.

No one wanted to hunt for breakfast, they just wanted to keep moving and moving.

As the group walked deeper into the forest, the sound of branches snapping could be heard.

Then it was followed by a loud roar, which made Chase, Andrew, Imogen, and Becky stop in their tracks.

"W-What is that?" Imogen gulped.

"No idea," Becky replied quitely.

After that the ground began to shake. The wolves could hear something heavy running.

Another roar flew through the air, only this time it sounded louder... That meant that whatever was making the noise was getting closer.

The group glanced to the right, where the roar had come from and saw a full grown brown grizzly bear coming towards them.

"Run!" Becky screamed, as she took off.

It didn't even take a second for Chase, Andrew, and Imogen to follow Becky.

However, even though they were running as fast as they could, the bear was gaining on them.

Now only a few feet away, the friends wondered how they were going to out run the creature.

"Let's make this bear confused! Follow me!" Becky howled, as she went left.

And, of course, the others followed her.

"If we keep changing direction, maybe we'll lose it," Becky explained.

"Good idea!" Imogen howled.

But suddenly the wolves found themselves exiting the forest all together.

They stopped as they realized that they had came upon a human road.

Since the coast was clear - no cars, no people walking - the wolves ran across, to an open field and kept on going.

They couldn't hear a roar anymore, or feel the ground shake. They had gotten away from the bear!

"That was close," Andrew said.

"Yeah it was!" Chase agreed.

"At least we're all safe now," Becky pointed out.

"Yeah," Imogen squeaked.

"That's true."

The wolves stopped running, and began to walk,

now feeling that they had no need to move quickly anymore.

"I'm getting pretty hungry,"

Andrew sighed.

"Me too!" Imogen and Chase chanted in unison.

"I'm hungry as well," Becky said. "Come on, let's hunt for something to eat. I'm sure we'll be okay as long as we don't take too long to find something,"

After finding a deer they killed it, ate it, and then continued on their way.

It was now getting late and the sun was going down, while the moon was rising.

The group had decited to travel that night, as they didn't feel safe sleeping...

They were now walking along another human road, with no big open fields on each side.

Once and while a car would pass them. Some slowed as they passed the young wolves, others didn't.

Some even spead up, acting as if the wolves were going to pounch on their vehicle or something.

Soon a farm came into sight from down the road.

There was a big red barn, a white fench that curled around it, and a big white farm house. No lights were on in the home. No light shone through any of the windows.

When walking past this area, the wolves were as quiet as could be. They had heard stories when they were pups, about wolves getting shot by farmers, and killed by their dogs.

As the night went on, clouds formed in the clear black sky. Soon clouds had taken over every inch of it, and thunder boomed loudly.

Then lighting flashed from a distance.

"Oh great. A storm," Becky muttered.

"Where are we going to take shelter!? Look around.

There's not another farm,

forest, or den in sight. Just these fields," Andrew added.

"I don't know," Becky replied.

Suddenly rain fell from the clouds in a downpour, and within seconds the wolves were soaked.

They walked on slowly through the rain, that was now slowing them down.

It was hard to see too. If they ended up in another forest, or somewhere other than the field which they were walking through, they wouldn't know it.

Imogen stepped in an ice cold fluid and realized she was in water. It wasn't a river though, just a small creek. She could feel that the water wasn't moving quickly.

"There's a creek here!"

Imogen howled out, as she heard the others walking behind her.

"Oh whoa! The water is cold too," Chase barked.

"Yes it is," Becky replied, as she walked through the creek with Andrew behind her.

After crossing the creek, the rain was still coming in a downpour. But when lightning fashed in the sky, for a moment giving light, the wolves saw that they had in fact entered another forest.

"I hope we don't run into another bear," Imogen squeaked.

"I don't think anything is out and about right now, other than us, of course," Becky responded. "Because we do not have any shelter, unlike the other animals."

"We had the perfect place too!" Chase growled. "Then we were chased right out of it."

"Yeah!" Andrew grumbled.

"I'm so mad about that!"

"We're mad about that too,

boys," Imogen said, as Becky nodded along with her words.

More hours went past after that, and soon enough the rain stopped as yet another day began.

Exhausted from walking all night, all the wolves wanted to do was sleep.

Instead of stopping for some rest, however, they kept on walking.

Now warm from the summer sun, and dry due to the rain stopping, they did feel a tiny bit better than they had before.

Being cold, wet, and exhausted was worse than just being exhausted after all.

So as they traveled through the forest, everything was nice and quiet, but after about an hour that changed.

They heard a tree fall from behind, then followed by branches, and another tree in the distance.

Turning around slowly, Becky's mouth gaped open and her whole body froze.

Part of the forest was on fire.

"Oh. My. God." Becky managed to choke out.

"Becky!" Imogen barked, as she pushed her lover to start moving.

"Come on! We gotta get out of here!"

Becky snapped out of her freeze, and began to run.

The three were right behind her as always.

The wolves gulped as they heard more trees falling behind them, making the ground shake.

More fire began to spread to other parts of the forest too, making it visible to the wolves as they continued running, trying to find a way out.

Then Becky, Imogen, Chase, and Andrew spotted a clearing straight up ahead.

They were almost out of the danger zone.

"Come on! Hurry!" Becky howled, as they began to run for the exit.

They made it to the clearing, and away from the burning woods.

The group ran for thirty minutes though, just to make sure that the fire wouldn't spread to where they were.

Once they were safe, they began to walk again.

Now even more exhausted than before, the group decided to find somewhere to take a nap.

Soon enough the group found a few trees beside a river in another clearing.

Becky and Imogen laid down together by down tree, as Andrew and Chase did the same by another.

And five minutes later, all four wolves were fast asleep.

A few hours later Becky, Imogen, Andrew, and Chase awoke.

It was night time now, but despite being dark out the group began to get a move on once again.

They weren't sure how far away their families were at the moment, so they couldn't take any risks.

"Look at those stars. They're so pretty!" Imogen barked,

looking up at the night sky.

Chase, Andrew, and Becky glanced up to the sky, and yes, indeed, the stars were pretty.

"They're wonderful," Becky said.

"Yeah! Look how bright they are," Andrew howled.

"I love that they're bright!

It's just... great," Chase added.

"Why are we even discussing stars?" Imogen questioned. "I don't mind, but it's just random."

"Because you said they're pretty, dork!" Becky chuckled.

"Oh, yeah," Imogen giggled as she blushed.

Then as the wolves kept walking, while the night went on they discussed more little wonders of life.

When morning came it turned out to be very nice out.

Blue sky, no clouds, very warm and sunny.

However, even though it was nice out, it didn't mean the day would be nice.

The group came across a racing river, and the water was moving way too fast for them to cross through it.

But there was a line of rocks from one side of the the river to the other.

"Okay, if we cross one by one, and are careful jumping from one rock to the other, we'll all make it to the other side," Becky chirped, as she jumped onto the first one.

She quickly jumped to the next rock, and kept jumping to the others, until she was on the other side of the river.

Then Andrew went, who also made it, and then Chase successfully crossed as well.

Now it was Imogen's turn to get cross the river. But as she jumped on the first rock, and then went to jump to the second one, she lost her balance and fell into the river.

"Imogen!" Becky, Andrew, and Chase yelled in unison, watching the racing river drag her away.

"Help!" Imogen screamed,

while trying to stay above the water.

Chase, Becky, and Andrew ran down the side of the river, as they tried to keep up with Imogen.

"We gotta help her!" Becky yelped.

"We will!" Andrew replied.

"Oh my god, look!" Chase cried, pointing up ahead as he stopped running.

Andrew and Becky stopped their fast forward movement too, and then looked ahead, and saw a waterfall.

"She's gonna go over waterfall if we don't do something!"

Becky howled, taking off down the side of the river.

Becky fet herself running faster than ever before: her lover was in trouble she had to save her.

As she ran to catch up to Imogen, who was almost being dragged under the water, Becky spotted a tree, that had a branch that went out one of it's sides, and streached over the river.

Suddenly Becky got an idea.

"Imogem! See that long branch coming up ahead?! Grab hold of it!" Becky called out loudly.

Despite being trapped in the loud roaring water, Imogen heard Becky as she tried to keep head above water. She saw the branch, and then prepared herself to grab onto it.

Then as the river planned to pull her past the branch, Imogen grabbed onto it with her sharp teeth, and then she used her front legs to pull herself onto the branch.

However, it began to snap because it could not hold anything too heavy, which made Imogen run across the branch quickly until she made it to safety.

She leaped onto the ground and fell onto her right side.

"Imogen!" Becky howled, running up to her lover.

"B-Becky..." Imogen managed to choke out,

shaking from the ice cold water.

"Are you alright?" Becky asked, leaning down and kissing Imogen on the lips.

Imogen nodded as she kissed Becky back.

"Oh, thank goodness!"

Andrew and Chase howled together, as they ran up to Imogen and hugged her tightly.

"We're so happy that you're alright," Andrew said.

"Yeah, I am too," Imogen managed to choke out. "I'm way too young to die."

"We all are," Becky responded. "Wow, I had no idea how dangerous the world was outside of Sawtooth."

"I know right!?" Chase barked. "We've been through so much in last few days."

"Yes, but you know what?

We're all still here, and that's what really counts."

Andrew chimed in. "And one of the good things that have come out of this adventure is that we've learned how strong we are."

"You're right," Becky replied. "We're like stone. Nothing can break us, nothing,"

"Indeed," Imogen agreed, as she pushed herself to stand, and then shook the water off her fur to dry herself.

"Hey, Andrew. Let's go hunt for breakfast. Imogen needs to rest a little, and Becky should stay with her," Chase chanted.

"Sounds good to me! Come on! I bet we could find a deer again!" Andrew howled.

"I bet we could!" Chase laughed as he and Andrew went off to get their morning meal.

"We'll be back soon, girls!" Andrew barked back to the female wolves.

"Okay! Thanks, boys!" Becky and Imogen replied together.

Chase and Andrew did caught a deer, and brought it back to Becky and Imogen. Then all four wolves ate breakfast, and continued on their way.

The rest of the day went by fine. No dangers or threats.

It was great!

But as the sun was setting that evening, the group reached a gorge. The rocky walls that surronded it were cracked. They looked as if someone touched them at all, they'd fall apart.

As the four wolves walked through, they wondered about how much more they needed to travel before they would be safe for good.

Andrew, Becky, Chase, and Imogen all knew that their familes, along with Sandy and Dice wouldn't stop until they caught them.

However, if in time they didn't find them, would they just give up and go back to Sawtooth?

"Huh. I wonder how these walls got the way they are,"

Chase said. "Same. They look so... sad,"

Andrew responded.

"Poor walls!" Imogen howled.

"Poor walls?" Becky smirked in question.

"Yeah! Nothing deserves to be injured," Imogen replied.

However, before anyone could reply to Imogen's words, something very unexpected happened.

The stone walls began to crack more, and began to fall apart.

"Run!" Becky yelled. "Run to the end of the gorge!"

Then the four wolves began to run as the stone walls continued to fall around them. They had to jump and dodge some pieces of the rocky structure at times, as they almost fell on top of them.

Thankfully though, the wolves made it out of the gorge as the rest of the walls came down, creating huge piles of rocks that now covered the path where the wolves had ran on to make it to safety.

"That was close!" Becky barked.

"Too close if you ask me," Imogen responded. "Bad walls!"

"Yeah, I'm sure you'll never call walls poor again," Andrew muttered.

"Okay. Let's go," Becky added in, wanting to get a move on.

"That was really intense!" Chase howled, as they started to walk.

"It definitely was," Andrew agreed.

A few hours later, when night was falling, the four wolves decided to sleep for a while. They found a cave that wasn't occupied.

It fit all all of them too, so they curled up and went to sleep, feeling quite tired from their day.

When the next morning dawned Chase, Andrew,

Imogen, and Becky all set out for another day of travel.

They walked on through a tall grassy field surrounded by trees.

As the wolves walked on through the area, they did not notice the threat hiding behind one of the trees.

Until it made itself known,

that is.

Suddenly two loud bangs rang through the air,

and within seconds Becky and Chase fell to the ground in pain.

"Becky, Chase!" Imogen and Andrew screamed in unison, as they ran over to the injured wolves.

"I-It must be a hunter...," Chase managed to choke out.

Then something caught Imogen's eye. Something was moving in the grass.

"It's moving! The hunter is moving! Andrew, help me chase it off!" Imogen yelped.

"Of course! No one hurts Becky and Chase!" Andrew replied.

The two wolves ran towards the hunter whom was still moving around.

They growled as they got close, which made the hunter drop the gun, get up quickly, and run out of the field.

After that Imogen and Andrew went back to tend to Becky and Chase.

"Are you two alright?"

"Yes," Becky Chase answered together.

Both had been shot in the leg. Becky's right and Chase's left.

"Good," Imogen responded.

"Okay! I'm back!" Andrew barked, as he dragged a dead deer into the den that they had found earlier that day.

"Thanks Andrew," Imogen said.

"No problem," Andrew replied, setting their meal down in front of Becky and Chase. "You guys eat first,"mAndrew added quickly.

The next few days were focused on doing anything and everything to help Becky and Chase get over their injuries.

Since it was the legs that were shot, Becky and Chase could not walk, which meant they could not travel until they were all better.

And because of this Dice, Sandy, and the young wolves' families were able to catch up to them...

They approached the den early in the evening as Chase, Andrew, Imogen, and Becky were all chatting with each other.

But when the wolves that they had been running from for days came into the den, their eyes widened in fear. Imogen and Andrew jumped up and stood in front of Becky and Chase protectively.

"Back off!" Imogen hissed.

"No!" Dice snarled.

"Mom, Dad. You're not really going to have us killed are you?" Andrew questioned.

"Well...," Alice replied slowly.

"If you get any second thoughts, we'll kill Alex!" Sandy howled.

Alice froze in place, while shock filled her mind from what Sandy had said.

"No. I am not having second thoughts. Kill Becky first please," Alice barked.

"Mom? Mom!" Becky cried, as she and Sandy lunged for Imogen and Andrew, While Howard, Rose, and Cherry dragged Chase to a corner of the den.

The next minute went by like a second... Imogen and Andrew were being held back by Imogen's parents, while Chase could only watch as Dice went up to Becky.

"It is time for you to die," Dice growled.

Becky's eyes were full of tears, her breathing heavy. She looked up at the older wolf with pleading eyes, hoping that somehow she'd get him to change his mind.

However, it did not work...

Dice pushed Becky onto her back, which caused her to yelp in pain from her injured leg.

Then Dice lunged for Becky, aiming for her throat.

-End Of Book One-

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