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Thank you to the following people:

Retro Space- 1,500 g
stolen candy- 1,000,000 g- Sad you are leaving, but thank you so much!
Shigahiro- 100k
Gifting Enthusiast- Hip Hop Shake
A Random Fairy- Lemonade Style, Orangeade Style, Limeade Style, Secret Sparkles, and Party Hats...
oh and this wonderful button
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Nyansuu- Holiday 2k13 Snowbunny [Payment for Art]
Fatal Whale- Ruby Candy Apple
CaffeinatedKink- 250k towards my first dream avi.
xGhibli- Black Leather Belt, Red Leather Belt, Bunrin Carroto, and Funnel Kate. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
DOROHEDOROBRO- 2mil! THANK YOU SO MUCH! And V2 gave me Nubia the Unicorn, La Mort Rouge, La Belle Chanteuse, and a Love for Tea bundle. LOVE YOU! AND A MAD HATTER BUNDLE!!! YOU DEVIL YOU! <3 Deen's Potion, Stellar Night <3<3<3, Queen Chimes, Ode to the Studio Killer, All Star Cheer Sapphire Skulls, Head Case, Kanoko's Delusions of Grandeur Bundle, Herbalist Marianne, Candy Heart, Cupcake Darling, Loving Manner, Princess Harmony, and Giovane Maccarone, Keiko's Trifle, March Birthstone Streaks, Starless Artemis
Maki Kappa- The Magician (as a thank you for making her day better)
Blake The Fapulous- Band of Bremen (Just because I was cute about squishing speeders *spiders*) Kottan Bell Reunion
Cindycate- 100k, what a sweetheart
Singing Anon- Chocaholic Cherry Fondue (Beautiful voice, sang me the song from Paulie)
Zetsuen- Antique Evolving Item Bundle AND Charming Evolving Item Bundle!
ANON- Secret Homecoming Tiara with Amethysts <3
x_Ouroboros_x- Butter the Kitten