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Meh against the World.
Can suicide be an option yet?
Some times I just feel like life's just not worth all this pain. The only thing keeping meh a live right now is my Scourge. Honestly I'm ready to go.
I mean what's the point in life if I cant be with him and all I ever do is ******** everything up. What's the point in being alive if I can't do anything right and every time I take in a breath I'm wasting some one's ******** air? I'm ready to run away and never look back or let a bullet feel my brain.

Fears are for good reasons...
When you truly love some one you never move on and you keep no secrets because love is mainly about trust.
Well I just did a dumb and sent the man I love a list of some of my more secretive issues... Don't be surprised if the next entry's about heat break. :/ This one is mostly going to be about the importance of security between you and your significant other. With out them well, you are just you. Alone. Single... Being alone sucks okay. I've tried it so don't do it.
So you know when that person you're crazy about looks at you it's in a certain way? It's a way that no one else could possibly look at you like and that way just seems to make your heart melt well what happens if that look changes? Wouldn't that just crush you? It'd kill meh....
I guess I have to admit I'm pretty careless with strangers and I don't really think to hard on anything but getting to know a new person. Well my Scourge brought up some very important and very serious points that hurt to think about but when I thought on them they made sense. So I guess what I'm trying to say is be careful who you talk to and what situations you put yourself into because if anything bad were to happen to you it wont just effect you. It effects your lover as well. So if they get a bad feeling about some one or some thing you're doing, you might want to listen to them and not be so risky. Trust their better judgement and get an outside opinion on new people and interior intentions.
Also if your bf/gf is constantly wanting to check your phone or your messages let them but remember to do the same. Some times it could be their own guilty conscience telling them some things not right. So if you're faithful, you shouldn't have a problem with swapping phones and sharing emails.

Here is a point Liz brought up that I will discuss and that is about brake ups. Well let meh ask you this why do you date people or ask them out? I can understand being polite by saying yes and giving them a chance but if you are dating some one do it because you actually want a life with that person and not just to mess around. It makes much more sense to date to find the right person then just to say you're with some one. (I've been guilty of pity dates and try outs before too so I'm not trying to be a hypocrite but I am trying to prove a point.) I'm done even glancing at other people. I've found who I want to spend the rest of my life with. </3 And I miss him so damn much.

Azia Foxx Faze

Ruin the eMo
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Ruin the eMo
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