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Random stuffs
Some stuff I write when I'm bored and what not.
First Character: Inei Tegamine (Birth name)
Legal Name: Inei Alumei Pinflare
Gender: Female
Appearance: Inei's hair is aqua blue, a very unique colour due to her Tegamine blood. It is styled so that she has a side tail on each side, and a ponytail at the back. Her eyes are bright teal. Inei has a relatively small frame, being quite thin and frail due to this. She has a pale complexion, and dons a neutral expression most of the time. She is seen mostly wearing a white hoodie with a dark coloured shirt underneath, which matches the colour of her pants. She also tends to wear sneakers or short boots.

Personality: Inei doesn't talk much, but when she does she is either being sarcastic or replying to someone. She is intelligent, but doesn't do well in some subjects. She enjoys arguing with Treil. Even though it may seem they don't like each other, they trust and care for each other a lot. Inei is very sensitive emotionally, and if her trust is broken with someone she'll be affected deeply. While she does put on a very neutral expression, she uses that to hide what she really feels most of the time.

Magical Abilities: Inei's magical aptitude is extremely high, but only in some elements. She uses ice magic the most, but her affinity is light. Inei is able to effectively utilise ice magic so that she can slide right past her enemy in the blink of an eye. Inei's unique abilities would be her control over blood magic, a trait only available to those with Alumei blood, and her innate ability, called Analysis. Analysis recognizes a target and goes into detail about every aspect of the target, including preferred magic and affinity. This makes Inei a vital part of her team, since she is the only one able to analyze something accurately. Paired with Aiko's strategies, this makes the four horsemen quite effective and powerful.

Physical Abilities: Inei is from the Tegamine family, meaning her body is unnaturally light, and she's quick on her feet. This helps her fighting style, which mainly involves speed, accuracy, and attack speed. However, her stamina is quite low, and she isn't able to keep up for very long. Although her stamina is more or less the lowest of the Four Horsemen, she has impossibly quick reflexes and reaction time, able to freeze time just before a bullet can hit her.

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