So hey,Wasting my time right now cuz my dad's laptop is making a fuss n I can't do my work. I decided to do other homework after I have a shower. Yeah I'm probably wasting my time right now by going on YouTube and junk but hey,This wouldn't happen if my mom allowed me to have my own laptop but NOOOOOOO talk2hand LIKE UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! scream Okay,I'm just being a spoilt brat. Right now I just.......just.....ugh.......I wish.......someday i can make something happen. I know waiting for school is like the craziest thing a student would do but I actually can't wait for school. I know I'll be stress in this new year that's for sure but it's the only thing that can make me forget this tech stuff n all the things I wanna do when I'm at home. My focus is to study,get good grades,pass add math n soon graduate. Then, I'll decide what the hell I would do cuz stuck at home makes me wanna go crazy. It's noon so I better reheat some leftovers from last night's dinner. So chow