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AVGN: The Movie
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WARNING: May contain potential spoilers.

So I'm a bit late but it's finally here! The long awaited Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie. It got a lot of praise and a lot of hate, I was surprised at some of the comments I read about this movie.. although more good than bad! However some of the bad comments made me feel compelled to write about it. I went into this movie expecting nothing short of an average movie maybe even a little bad because it was a low budget film about nerdy things.

I would have to say this movie was surprisingly good BUT only if you like nerdy related things. I don't think anyone outside of a certain fan base would enjoy this film unfortunately and I think it would be more enjoyable for an older audience and is a bit semi educated on video game history.. or else you may or may not even get any of the jokes in this movie as well as the millions of references made. I mean it doesn't take studying of a history book to get them but to have a brief knowledge I think would help make this movie more enjoyable.

I think a lot of people had high expectations for this movie because of the long production length but they have to remember it was a Fan movie, made by the creator and by the fans for the fans! I felt this movie was a really long episode in itself explaining his feelings for the ET game if it wasn't apparent already but with some silly movie elements of the story plot in order to make a movie.

Now I'd like to start off by saying I LOVE how they poke fun at how certain parts were intentionally cheesy. However there are several other things I did like about the film History references, Game references, Nerd Stereotypes, AVGN elements and AVGN episode references (of course), poking fun at their own fan base, several guests from YouTube and his own cast like Mother ******** Mike I also enjoyed how he actually had people like Lloyd Kaufman in the movie as well as Next Gen's Logo from the Online Gamer web series.

Now that's highlighting some of the bonuses, the story it's self is fairly easy to follow and nothing to complex. It's about the "Nerd" as people like to call him and his friend / new camera man cooper living their nerd lives and working at "Game Cops" with a very obnoxious and angry boss.

Well during their everyday lives Cooper keeps trying to to convince "Nerd" to review ET for his fans! However Nerd continuously rejects the idea because of his horrible memories of being introduced to ET on Christmas morning. Later cooper reveals a company deal with the "nerd girl" Mandi who wants to release ET 2 however she wants him to review ET 2. Nerd of course refuses to review either ET game. He then makes some crazy "demands" in order for him to review it. ONLY if they find the ET games in the landfill from the ET theory, however his main reasoning was to debunk the theory so people can put ET to rest. However he later discovers secrets he would have never imagined in a million years he would find out about the landfill and the ET game it's self.

That's a brief summary of what it's about, overall if I had to rate it out of 10 I would say for a general audience 4 / 10. However for a nerd audience such as myself 8/10. Also if you liked this movie you may also like an old bit series that use to be on G4 called code monkeys they make loads of references that were in this movie as well for example, the game crash, ET's "secret" , Howard Scott Warshaw, Apple / PC references and many other hilarious references poking at gaming history.