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When in Rome....
Basic Information

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Name: Leon Steelbane
Gender: Male
Age: 820 appears late twenties
Appearance: Leon stands at Six feet and Four inches tall with a deceptively reserved muscular build. His silver locks are long and wild, spiking up about his face and on down his back terminating at his lower back. His Numero can be found on his left shoulder blade and his hollow hole is located on his right Pectoral. His eyes are a pale, steel blue. One should note that his skin appears to be in immaculate condition, not a single scar or blemish to be found.
Affiliation: Espada of Las Noches.
Position/Rank: Applying for Primera.

Immortality. His overpowers hollow healing abilities have allowed him to survive for centuries longer than he would have hoped. Though his memory does not reach back to his life as a human, a strong sense of regret is present in his personality, as he sees his life of hollowdom as a service to atone for his sins in life, even if he cannot remember what they are. In fact, the warrior has dedicated himself to a life of violence and pride as an Espada since his acquisition of his rank primarily in the hope of crossing blades with another soul capable of killing him. Finding no peace in his life and seeking none, He simply hopes for his eternity of an existence to end at the hands of an honorable and capable fighter, though not any will do, of course.

Conflicted with conscious and subconscious emotions, Leon tends to sway from one end of the spectrum to the other. He feels an exceptionally strong sense of duty to the honor of the Espada and carries their banner high into each battle. He is often the first to try to inspire others around him to take vigor in whatever task they have been commanded, while maintaining a respectable image himself. He feels conflicted if ordered to do something he feels to be "beneath him" as Primera and as an Espada, however honors all orders loyally.
Perhaps the reason for his strong ties to his feeling of pride is because of his conflicting feelings of shame or regret. His memory fails him of just what it was that the man was so guilty of, however he knows his action of life were severe enough to warrant his fate as a hollow, and what's more, he beleives in a cosmic force of justice. You see, his natural hollow essence carries a uniquely powerful healing factor, making him incredibly difficult to kill. As a result he feels that it is his fate to be denied a peaceful end, and to survive the centuries with his powerful guilt.
Though ever present, like a sinking in his gut, Leon strives to suppress his low thoughts and emotions, by painting a picture of an honorable cause under the banner of Las Noches, feeling that he truly is working towards something greater than himself. He has forced himself to believe this lie so wholly that if anyone should confront him about his darker moods, he simply laughs them off, dismissing their concerns as "nothing to worry about."

Feudal Japan saw the rise and fall of many great fighters, shogun and emperors. Warring factions often rivaled over land disputes as well as disputes of honor and impotence in leadership. As such, many castles fell to their rival states, and the Samurai who survived the collapse of their masters were either recruited, or banished as Ronin, or warriors without a master to lead them.
There was one Ronin, however, who embraced the exile he was sentenced to, as his Shogun fell to a rival state over the dispute of some woman. It seemed the wife of his master had become the mistress of his enemy, and eventually exposed vital Intel which lead to the fall of her husband's regime. Many villagers saw this as a blessing, seeing their Daiymo as a Tyrant and a Warmonger, but that was what this Ronin appreciated about the man, his willingness to take whatever action necessary to defend his superiority and honor as a leader, even underhanded tactics or oppressive, strict command of the resources of the region as well as it's citizens. The Ronin was one of the Shogun's best warriors, lethal on the battlefield and brutal in and out of combat. A womanizer and an alcoholic, the man lead a brazen and dark lifestyle of taking whatever he wanted, when he wanted, and killing any man who dared cross him. Many would see the timing quite unfortunate, that his master's rival had chosen to attack during the winter months, a time when the Ronin would venture out across the state and patrol the southern border. Without the prized warrior, the Shogun hadn't a chance and the Ronin was left isolated.
He saw it as freedom, as his dark habits became much darker. He recruited a posse of other Ronin, much like him. And the group of bandits raided village after village, Raping, pillaging, and slaying innocents for the sake of their own entertainment. The new ruling Daiymo of the region took the Ronin and his band of demons behavior to be unforgivable, and launched a private campaign to bring the evil man to justice. Attacking early in the morning, while the Ronin and his men were asleep, some of them still drunk from the night before, an Ambush raided his camp and slaughtered his men with minimal losses. He was captured and detained until the Shogun himself could arrive to finally eliminate this threat to his people. The man looked down upon the wild, detestable Ronin and cursed him, to never find peace in the afterlife, to forever seek to retrieve his honor, but never find it. The fate of a monster, a demon. And with that, the Ronin was beheaded, his body burned along with the rest of his men.
The spirit of this man lingered however, liberated from his mortal desires. True, a strong sense of guilt followed him into the next life, as he found himself chained to the very mound of as he where his corpse had once lied. He lingered there for a decade, milling over his sins, his follies, watching as his demise was celebrated and his name eventually forgotten. He eventually concluded that his fate was much deserved, that to be granted a peaceful, honorable death would never be a blessing he could experience. He knew that even in death, his curse would persist. Eventually, this drove the man mad, and eventually, as the Chain which lingered, bolted to his chest, the only remaining item tying him to the world of the living eroded away, he made the painful transition into a Hollow.
Hunger. That was the very first feeling he recalls of his life as a beast, a true demon of the afterlife. Forced to relive his most detestable, carnal and monstrous desires, the Hollow which eventually came to be called Leon Steelbane hunted with ferocity, without discretion. Taking the form of some type of demonic Lion, clad in bone plating, the creature fed constantly on anything which crossed it's path, but it's hunger was never sated. With each kill, each meal, it felt a pang of regret it did not understand, but marched onward as the cravings overwhelmed his senses, his thoughts. He did not keep track of the years. The Decades. Even as it evolved into an Adjucas class, gaining more and more awareness of it's existence, Leon never slowed his persistent hunt. Forever feeding, forever striving to fill that gaping hole in it's chest, attacking every hollow, every Shinigami, every human it crossed with ferocity, with no regard to size or rank. In battle, it seemed that whatever injury the Hollow would receive, only a matter of moments would pass before the wound would heal itself. The passing of the age of the Arancarrs, the rebellion, and the rebuilding of Las Noches were all lost to the hollow, as it kept to the farthest reaches of the Sands of Hueco Mundo, out of reach and earshot of the events occurring there.
It was not after nearly another five centuries of feeding to no avail that another transformation was made and Leon experienced an epiphany. It was not hunger that remained in his gut after all these years, it was not a desire to sate his cravings that lead him to feed, it was Guilt, Regret, the pain of shame without the memories to explain the sinking sensation. There, in his Vasto Lorde form, the epitome of Hollow evolution, an accomplishment which would have seen as triumphant to any hollow, Leon Steelbane dropped to his knees in the Hueco Mundo sand and wept. The guilt of his countless sins was overwhelming, as a wealth of knowledge and awareness washed over him in his new form, as if his mind had finally been switched on after a slumber lasting over 7 centuries.

The creature crafted for himself, a burrow of sorts. A dark cave carved from rock and sand and glass, using his power to sculpt the landscape to his approval, there in the darkness he brooded over his guilt, truly contemplating if he were cursed with this existence for eternity. That was when his existence was discovered by the Arancarr of Las Noches, merely a few days after his transcendence into Vasto Lorde. He had little consideration for the creatures, and refrained from attacking them. In fact, as they sought him out, it seemed they requested his alleigence, offering him a means to redeem himself and serve an honorable power. Las Noches and her Espada seeemd like the grandest of causes, and with gusto, Leon accepted their offer, venturing with them into the castle where he made the final transition into an Espada.

He bided his time, within their ranks. Learning their ways, their rules, their protocol. He learned of the identities of the Robed warriors he had slain, and their sinful acts against the Hollows. He came to appreciate the mission of Las Noches, to rid the three realms of the Shinigami who had oppressed the hollows so, to see their existence transcend the limits of the endless deserts of Hueco Mundo. He made is personal mission to serve the cause with pride, to redeem himself the sins of his past, as well as to rid himself of his persistent guilt. However his cause had never become more solid than the day he had learned of the fate of the existing Primera Espada, captured by the Shinigami themselves. Though her fate was unconfirmed, Leon knew just what those ruthless robed swordsmen would do to another hollow. Therefore he stepped forth, and claimed her position, vowing to use the fallen Primera's sacrifice as an example in her wake.

Basic Information

Name: Ryoichi Kade (Ree-oh-ee-chee, Kah-day)
Gender: Male
Age: 503 appears 22
Appearance: ((If no picture is used))
Affiliation: 12th Division of the Gotei 13
Position/Rank: Taicho of the 12th Division and Head of the Research and Development Bureau.
Fears: Kade fears loosing control, or being found out. In his earliest years in Serietei he was petrified of rejection or failure, as such he refused to take part in anything which may bring attention to himself. However over the years, and in acquiring his seat of Captain, Kade has strong self confidence but still deeply fears losing control. He is well aware that his mental state is anchored on just how well he can maintain the illusion of normalcy. While self medication is the easiest solution, Kade run's the risk of dependence or even, the substances used gradually loosing their effect, causing him to run the rist of reverting back to his alternative persona. If the other captains of the Gotei 13 should ever learn of his instability, Kade knows he would not just loose his position, but likely be locked away in the Nest of Maggots if not put to death. As such Kade is extremely careful to keep all details of his mental condition secret.
Kade Ryoichi is a very easy person to get allong with. When he chooses to socialize, one may find him to be an entertaining fellow to converse with. Goofy and pure to the core, one would see Kade as a naiive but honest man. The stereotypical "good-kid." But due to a certain secret which he holds flawlessly is the demon within him. Not a Hollow, no, but a part of his own mind which has veered in a direction that did not mix with where Kade wanted to go, to be. The result split him in two. Enter the dark side of Ryoichi Kade, A dangerous, violent, and masochistic individual. Never smiling and seldom speaking, this entity is like a wild lion on the hunt. Buisness first and to the point, he assaults without warning and takes more pleasure in inflicting pain than actually winning a fight.

In life, Kade was a young intellectual boy with high hopes of living a successful life as a scientist or engineer. A mind like a steel trap, Kade had always been fascinated with the workings of various objects, often dismantling them just to see what made them tick, only to put them together again. However Kade never had too many friends. A recluse and anti-social, he was an easy target for bullies. Often he would be assaulted on his long walk home from school, but never once did he speak a word. His home was his sanctuary.
One fateful day, Kade fell victim to the jealousy and hate of one particular boy from his school who often took the bullying of Kade much too far. A year prior he had broken Kade's arm intentionally. However his intentions never once softened, his deep desire to cause harm and pain to someone weaker than him lead to the claiming of Kade's life after he dragged Kade out of view of the public. The conflict culminated with one last push which sent Kade stumbling over a set of train-tracks where his foot became trapped beneath one of the rails.
Waking in Rukongai in a dazed state of panic, as if the fear of his last moments alive had carried over into the next world, Kade was found trembling and in a frenzied confused state. He was taken in by a family and raised as their own son, but the active mind of the boy and ambitious soul within him led to him hungering for sustenance. It was at that point that the Shinigami were brought in to examine the frail boy. Anything but impressive, the scouts contemplated leaving him behind, but decided against it, and instated him in the Soul Academy.
Any mental stimulation the boy could possibly receive, he excelled at, as if his mind were just as starved as his body. But the same could not be said for his skills in Combat. Kade could defend, but his attack strength was lacking tremendously, along with his technique. Each time Kade felt he had a hold on the situation, the panic of conflict would settle in and he would begin to flail hopelessly. Nevertheless, he graduated and without a second thought, drafted into the 12th Division.
Kade was so happy to be buried within the wealth of knowledge and research which surrounded him, but there was a bit of guilt which remained as he watched the actions of the superior officers. Kade quickly deduced that he could never hope to be a true Shinigami if he could not fight. And so he set his mind to the task to study the art of combat as best he could. Countless books and records on the strategies and techniques of countless Kenpachi's and former Taicho's became all Kade cared about as he studied and attempted to break down and analyze each bit of data he could extract. But it was inevitable, he knew that he would have to acquire field research, he would have to watch fights, watch them in action to fully understand them. And so after spying on the members of the 11th Division, Kade was able to mimic their mannerisms and slip inside their grounds. Kade turned it into a game of pretend, copying the dangerous and violent men of the Gotei 13's infantry as best he could for the sake of learning to fight only to return to the 12th's facilities and return to his quiet timid self. It became easy, far too easy.
Then he had his first blackout. Kade had set out for the 11th division's grounds, and then woke up returning to the 12th division with no knowledge of what had happened. The next day, he was surprised to find that the members of the 11th division had all noticed his presence, but seemed to have no issues with his being there. They bragged about the young, silver haired shinigami and how he'd beaten one of their own men in combat. Kade became afraid at this news. He'd always watched but never gotten involved, keeping to the rear, so how then had he managed to not only reveal himself but also best one of their men in battle?!
Kade found that these blackouts were occurring more and more frequently and eventually decided it best to refrain from returning to the 11th division to train and instead do so on his own. That was when he first came face to face with his darker self, the violent side of his mind demanded to go back to fight, but Kade refused, instead setting his hands to the task of creating some way to keep his shadow from rearing its ugly head again. After experimenting for a few days in solitude, Kade managed to find a compound which induced a calm within him, a peaceful state of mind which chased his shadow away if only for a bit. But it required constant dosage. Kade disguised the substance he coined as Minnagen as a candy. Things seemed to calm down, at least enough for Kade to manage himself again as he fought alone, trained alone, studied alone, worked alone. In time he felt he was ready to achieve the rank he had dreamed of for years when the seat of Captain had been vacated, though the details remained a well kept secret.
And so Kade sought out his Zampaktou's spirit, Yurishingmo with the intention of learning Bankai. However, unwavering, Yuri rejected Kade and his interests. Yurishingmo declared that he was a soldier, a warrior, and sought out the glory of battle, and actually held it against the young Shinigami that he was forced to be used by such an unworthy shinigami. He told Kade that he would remain loyal to Kade in battle, but as for Bankai, he would never acquire it. Kade was shattered, broken from being told by the only companion he had held on to for so long, that he was inadequate. It was in the depression that followed that Kade allowed a switch over only to watch as his Shadow effortlessly forced Yurishingmo to commit to granting him Bankai. The spirit gave in and agreed to the act, and even agreed to allowing Kade to use the technique as well, if only to keep the two of them alive.
Kade battled to get a strong hold on the ability of Bankai before he approached the Sotaicho and asked for the position. After proving himself to be qualified for the position, if only lacking in Bankai mastery, the Sotaicho could think of no reason why Kade would not be suited for the position and granted him Captaincy.
Kade felt as if his life was complete, he'd finally managed to reach the highest honor he hoped he would ever reach. He lead the 12th Division with a confident heart, he even mastered the forging of his own medication and maintained a conscious control of his two egos by means of continued self medication. It seemed Kade had reached a new pinnacle, and with the rising of his lieutenant in capability, Kade found himself becoming comfortable. He relaxed to the point of complacency, often leaving important tasks to his Fuku-taicho, while delving into less vital, but ground breaking research on his own, while privately managing his own personal mental health, testing new formulas or variations of chemical compounds in the hopes of either nullifying his alter persona, or eliminating it completely.

Combat Information

Kade is capable in combat and well versed in many Kidou spells, such to the degree he is able to maintain himself in combat should he be called upon. However his true gift is knowledge and intellect. A genius inventor and flawless tactitian, Kade has been identified as one of the brightest minds in Gotei 13's history and claim's credit for many breakthrough's and advancements within the 12th Division's information management. It was Kade who had initiated the transference of the Shinigami Archives into a digital database, and made that information accessible to every member of the Division based on clearance levels as well as nature of acquisition.
Kade's powerful intellect is coupled with his incredibly analytic nature. If he applies himself, Kade can analyze the nature of an opponents attacks and identify its nature as well as execution after viewing it only twice. Similarly, most mechanisms, barriers, or other constructs of sentient design, no matter the race, can be fully understood by the Shinigami if only he applies the time to it.
Kade holds the position of Taicho of the 12th Division and Head of the Research and Development Bureau, granting him access to nearly unlimited technological and spiritual resources, as well as access to reconnesence devices planted all over Serietei. As the Shinigami Archives are located within the 12th Division, Kade has access to this plethora of knowledge at a moment's notice.
Known Techniques:

Shunpo {Flash Steps): A movement technique, which allows the user to move faster than the eye can follow. The focal point which determines the basis of this technique is speed. As speed is the main point of the technique, the method is best characterized by how fast one can get from point A to point B in the least amount of steps.

Kido: Bakudo 9 - Horin (Disintegrating Circle)
  • Causes an orange hued tendril with spiraling yellow patterns to erupt from the users hand and attempt to trap a target. The Kidō is able to connect with another one of itself if both have captured a target and bind them together.

Kido: Bakudo 39 - Enkosen (Round Lock Fan)
  • Summons a shield of condensed reiatsu to block opponents' attacks.

Kido: Bakudo 62 - Hyapporankan (Hundred-Step Rail Parch)
  • A rod formed of energy is thrown towards the target before it disintegrates into numerous short rods which are used to pin the target to the surroundings and render them immobile.

Kido: Bakudo 81 - Danku (Severing Void)
  • Creates an energy barrier in the form of a rectangular wall.

Kido: Inemuri (Forced Slumber)
  • A spell that forces someone to fall asleep.

Kido: Noren Mekuri (Curtain Stripping)
  • A spell that is capable of stripping away illusionary effects.

Kido: Hado 1 - Sho (thrust)
  • Pushes the target away from the caster

Kido: Hado 31 - Shakkaho (Red fire Cannon)
  • Fires a ball of red energy at a target.

Kido: Hado 33 - Sokatsui (Blue Firefall)
  • Fires a burst of blue spiritual energy at a target in a similar manner to #31, but over a wider area and with more power

Kido: Hado 58 - Tenran (Swelling Storm)
  • A widening tornado-like blast is fired towards the target

Kido: Hado Soren Sokatsui ( Twin-Wake Blue Firefall)
  • Essentially a doubled version of #33, this spell fires two shots of blue fire with greater potency than the single-shot variety.

Zanpakuto Information

Name: Yurinshingmo
Sealed Appearance: A katana whos blade is made of a raw, uncut Diamond. The hilt is wrapped in dark blue.
Release Command: "Shatter, Yurishingmo"
Shikai Appearance: A Katana of a finely cut, polished Diamond.
Shikai Power-Ups:
The blade of Kade's Zamapakutou is made of a Soul Synthesized form of Diamond, extremely similar in principal as Soul Steel, however is much harder, sharper, and more difficult to break. As such, most armor fails to Yurishingmo's attacks in due time, as well as it's abilities. An extremely offensive Zampakutou, Yurishingmo relies heavily on plentiful riatsu to take advantage of it's true potential, however the trade off is well worth it, as each and every attack is capable of destroying armor extremely efficiently.
Shikai Techniques/Abilities
- Shatter:
Kade infuses his blade with Riatsu, and with a simple swing, a destructive wave of energy carries a storm of Diamon shards through the air in a dangerous wave of destruction. Each wave is proportionate to the amount of Riatsu is infused into the blade prior to each swing.

Bankai Status: Acheived
Bankai Name: Nihonzashi Yurishingmo (Two-Sworded Samurai, Yurishingmo)
Bankai Appearance: Kade is given a second blade in his bankai form identical to his Shikai.
Bankai Power-Ups:
This bankai offers dramatic increases in Kade's attack power as well as Spritual presence, as His Riatsu levels are bolstered heavily. This allows for Kade to fully utilize the dangerous nature of Yurishingmo's devastating offensive power.
Bankai Techniques/Abilities
- mugoi (merciless) - Merely the Bankai form of "Shatter." Little to no preparation is required of Kade to use this technique, as the spiritual energy within his Zampakutou is constantly flowing through Kade's body and Vice Versa. The result is a spiritual balance where the pool of energy is shared between Shinigami and Zampakutou, eliminating the need to move energy into the blade before attacking. As such, Kade can fully control the size and nature of every Shatter wave with a conscious thought. Of course, the attack power of each wave is Five times that of Shikai.
- Exert-reactive crystalized impactive Hyperpermiation (Say wha!?) - A name for a technique which Kade came up with after analyzing his own Bankai over an extended period of time. Quite simply, Kade forces his bankai to become unstable by withdrawing all spiritual energy from one of his two blades, causing a negative feild of spiritual energy within the Diamond blade leading to the following effects;
Kade takes a single blade of his Bankai and holds it out in front of him, pointing it toward his opponent. He then lets go of it as it hovers before him. Slowly the blade, hilt and all, dissolve into a fine diamond powder which is attracted to the highest level of Riatsu within a 300 yard radius. It bonds to the flesh of this source and begins to feed on all riatsu released by that source in an attempt to cancel the negative void and restore it's bankai form. As the Riatsu is consumed by the Diamond powder, it begins to grow into a coating of crystallized diamond in an even layered sheet over the opponent's body. The more riatsu released by the opponent, the faster the growth occurs. This can be a hindrance as it continues to grow until it is no longer fueled by riatsu or until Kade orders it to cease.
The most lethal and dangerous feature of this technique however does not take place until Moderate growth has been established (which is typically within fifteen seconds). Once a coat of diamond has grown on the host, it does not expand outward, but rather inward, as the riatsu is still being released from beneath this coat of crystal. As a result, this creeping prison of powerful diamond begins to crush the body of it's host, growing mercilessly until it's source is consumed completely. The remaining blade of Kade's bankai remains as his sealed blade, which he then sheathes. The process is only reversible in certain situations. Keep in mind the nature of this Crystaline Diamond is that it is nearly impossible to break, and depends greatly on the expulsion of Riatsu from the target's body.
Restrictions: Relies entirely on the release of spiritual energy. Rate of growth is proportionate to the amount of spiritual energy being released. Difficult to remove after it has formed. Can easily target Kade if he is not careful with his own Spiritual energy. This move ends his Bankai.
[ In Summary, activation time requires one full post. First layer of this powder is established in one post. Expansion rate is one limb (or the equivalent) per post. Should the target fail to alter his Riatsu level, the rate of growth is set at fixed pace.
Post two causes significant pain and immobilization of affected area. Expansion is one limb per post.
Post three results in breaking of smaller bones and severe pain.
Post four causes damage to internal organs as well as breaking of larger bones.
Post Five typically results in the target's Death.
While suppressing one's Riatsu WILL stop the progress of the Diamond's growth, the most reliable way of escaping this fate is to completely seal one's spiritual energy, then attempt to shatter the growing Diamond, as the presence of Riatsu is required to fortify this substance, however this is often difficult as the target is likely to either try to overpower the substance and use pure strength to destroy it or panic sets in, making it impossible to identify the nature of the attack, and form a solution.

Other Information

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