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When in Rome....

"They're acting like they want a riot, it's a riot I'll give them
As the sound comes higher on this violent rhythm."

                                                      The mutant which had been a sole prisoner of an entire MRD compound had very quickly turned into a liability to the would be saviors who'd come kicking the door down to liberate him. This was as clear as the looming carrier which hovered over the massive facility. The grounds which the ominous barrier enveloped where quite expansive and Krystof couldn't help but question just what type of organization could command such technology, not to mention the power to maintain such a thing. He was no physicist but common sense spoke volumes for the size of the vessel hovering overhead, not to mention the feeling of static electricity which seemed to build within the confines of this new cage. He'd traded in once cell for a much larger one. But nevertheless, his intentions remained solid. He was going to get out, he was going to break loose.

                                                      The willing nature of the mo-hawked mutant seemed to falter, however, as the team of heroes he'd owed his freedom to quickly turned on him. Talk of something called SHIELD and spies and moles made the reality abundantly clear that his liberation would not come so easy. This team was wise to this type of tactic, and as he put the pieces together himself, he realized that the evidence was quickly mounting against him, especially as the stone-faced female who'd introduced herself as Katerina stated her own case against him. This SHIELD was evidently a force to be reckoned with, and was not above planting a single agent within a compound such as this in the hopes of destroying whatever little organization that might hope to save a mutant like himself. He was sure that this team's intentions were noble, but they were cautious.

                                                      Rightfully so.

                                                      "I ain't gonna argue that... Where I come from, actions speak louder than words anyway." He trailed off, a bit of despair in his tone as he pondered if the group wasn't going to just cut him down there and then out of principal. After all, he would if the tables were turned. Still, if the team was willing to allow him to prove himself, he was all too willing. His fists clenched at his sides as troops were deployed not far from their location. He welcomed the chance to fight, but it seemed that a second team in this operation was already on the task. He would have to wait for his chance, especially with the eyes of the supposed leader and Katerina remained upon him.

                                                      Talk of returning to the facility and holding out in one of the bunkers was mentioned. As reluctant as he was to go back into that shithole, he knew that if he wanted out alive, he would have to play ball. The more he argued, the more he resisted, the less likely he was to be brought along for the ride. A taste of disgust filled his mouth as he pondered the idea of being a simple refugee or a prisoner to a group he knew nothing about. It seemed everyone around him preferred not to deal with the risk he posed simply by standing in their midst, but they all confirmed the fact that with the odds stacked against them, they best utilize his talents. He prayed that they might act in his favor, letting him loose against his accused comrades. Yeah, we'll see just how tight he was with this SHIELD after he leveled a platoon of their soldiers. Not even Stone-faced Katerina would be able to discredit him.

                                                      What came next came fast, almost too fast for him to react. The teleport vanished in a smooth flash, only to reappear a moment later. Seemed the barrier barred their exit via his unconventional but convenient powers. Battle seemed the only option, that is until he vanished once more. Krystof could barely keep up with all the broken conversation, Being the only one present without one of those spiffy little ear-pieces, he was left out of the loop of communication as the two teams barked back and forth at each other in desperation. Clearly they were scrambling to put together a counter-plan. Just when it seemed that at least a general course of action had been laid out by the male who commanded the group, The teleport reappeared, only to lay down an effective concealment in the form of a smoke screen, whisking away the members of this team, two by two.

                                                      Krystof braced himself, knowing what would be coming next, to have a firm grip taken out of his shirt and the sudden disorienting nausea that came with teleportation as he would find himself somewhere else. Eyes shut tight, breath held in his lungs, muscles tense and footing firm upon the ground, he waited for his turn. But it did not come. Eyes finally flickered as silence fell over the feild, save for the steady hum of the engines above. Had they intended to leave him behind? Was this a test? Did that a*****e of a teleport purposely leave him behind out of spite? Was he just too great a liability? Krystof questioned everything as his head spun, trying to make sense of the fast moving day he was having. s**t, just a few hours ago he was trying to figure out why dinner was running late... Now here he was in the open contemplating if this was all a dream.

                                                      [******** it... every man for himself I guess..."
                                                      He would mutter as the smokescreen would waft through the air, dissipating to expose him standing alone in the field. SHIELD troops mounting their offensive against the bunker, wise to the Mutant team's strategy, but also aware of Rykov's isolation. They likely counted him as easy prey, and with little urgency moved to recapture the lone mutant as he stood, apparently abandoned by his saviors. But Rykov had no intention of going quietly.

                                                      "I'll be damned if you're gonna throw me back into that ******** can." He would curse through a dangerous grin, taking a combative stance. The collar had been removed and Krys was all too eager to run a few poor bastards through. Weapons drawn, a squad of about fifteen soldiers flanked the Mutant as he patiently waited. Each rifle was trained on him as his eyes flickered from one face to the next. He felt his powers swirling with potential kinetic energy in his limbs as the familiar red markings inked his flesh. Without explanation, the Soldiers glanced to one another for some sort of assurance, but as none came, they resolved to move in. A single nod was given by one armored trooper and a pair of SHIELD operatives moved in cautiously straight on to the patient captive. However as they were only a few paces away, Krys would launch his assault. Kinetic energy exploded from the soles of his bare feet as he kicked off in a speedy charge for the two men, arms stretched out to either side of him as he clothes-lined the two men, their body's contorted through the air as they both landed on the arches of their necks as Krystof followed through by bringing both fists down, square on the protective screens of their helmets with a powerful crash of kinetic energy, shattering the glass and burying their skulls in a pair of small craters in the soft earth. Eyes would glance from one stunned soldier to the next, his smirk intensifying as he would stand upright yet again, shifting back into his offensive stance. Patiently waiting. "C'mon fella's... dont be shy..." He would chuckle aloud.

                                                      "Open fire!" The commanding soldier would shout, and with that intance, Krystof would kick back on his heels, seting himself into motion with yet another burst of Kinetic force against the earth, gliding over the soft grass as his body would collide with another soldier standing directly behind him with an extended elbow which struck the dead center of his breast plate, as he reached straight up over his shoulder with both arms, taking hold of the man's helmet and tossing his weight over his shoulder as the rest of the team reacted to the sudden move. Rounds struck Krystof's victim as his body was protected for only an instant, just long enough for him to identify his next target as he would leap in a hulk-like fasion straight into the air, only to come toppling down on top of another soldier, the armored man's body buckling under the sheer force of Krystof's bare foot against his helmet. The opposing force was struggling to keep up with the resourcefully tactful Krystof, as he lept from target to target. A roundhouse kick to one soldier's spine sending him colliding into his comrade, A rifle removed from another soldier's grip used as a blunt weapon as it's buttstock battered the exposed ribs of another, cripling him in pain as a swift sweep of his leg delivered another surge of kinetic energy, snapping his femur in half. The remaining soldiers converged on Krystof in the hopes of overwhelming him. But tactful as he was, a swift combo of fists, elbows and a strong knee thrust would compromise their armor and deal significant internal injuries. In a matter of moments Krystof would be standing alone among a littered space of soldiers writhing in pain if not unconcious or worse. Panting, out of breath, Krystof's arms would drop to his sides, body relaxing slightly.
                                                      "s**t... I thought I'd be able to last longer than this..." He muttered under his breath, eyeing the main force ahead of him, a few more squads turning their gaze upon him. A signal was given and a gut wrenching sound was heard from the carrier above. Krys would glance upward in time to find a few large cannons mounted to the underside of the carrier swivel into position.
                                                      [******** me..."

                                                      ( outofcontext: Assuming Julian will be swooping in to pick up the straggler. )

[color=dimgrey]"Go on already, hit em! You gotta be kiddin'
Wanna talk about a victim, Imma put you there with 'em!"

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