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A Daydreamer's Diary
Welcome to the world of me
Part of an old OLD story.






Six worlds, six realms beyond the wildest dreams & imaginations of mortals...Six planets with their own unique powers & properties, had at one time lived in peace & unity. Security was abundant. And trust was easy to gain. Perfection. Flawlessness. This was they way they existed. But for every perfect thing, there is one who wishes to taint it, & take it for their own.

The "Father," the ruler & creater of Darcis, the realm of darkness & wickedness...was one with such a wish. The Father had his own planet to command, to control, to rule. But it was not enough. He wanted more. And it was his greed & wicked desires that drove him & his children to invade the rest of the realms.

A war had began. Lucis, Daikon, Centura, Hereth, & Sayule all fought & battled against the Father & his darkness. An ongoing battle, for centuries. One that threatened to tear the very universe apart, piece by piece. And such would have happened if the Elders, the wisest & most powerful Guardians of each realm, had not acted swiftly & decisively.

The powers of the five Elders converged, banned together, locking the Father within the Void, sending a number of his children with him, & thus ending the war that had threatened to end all things. But it did not end without cost. Many lives had been lost. Many spirits had been broken. And peace, security...trust between each world ceased to exist.

There were fears, questions. "What if such a war were to occur again?" "What if one realm were to seek the domination of the rest, once more?" These were questions that soon became frequent. These were questions that haunted each realm. And so, the Elders, in order to quell these fears, created a solution that would leave the six realms divided forevermore. Gates were placed between each of the six realms.

These gates were shut, & locked tightly, never to be opened again. Or so...everyone had believed. But when the Elders passed on, their power left behind weakened. As the centuries would come to pass, The Gates would open. The Father would slowly but surely regain power, even from within the Void. And fear would strike the hearts of each inhabitant of each world.

But there were six beings, descending from each realm, that could close these gates again for a short time. Six beings that would be anointed with the blessing of the spirits of the Elders. Beings that would hold the keys to each of the six gates to each realm.

Every 100 years, these gates are opened. And every 100 years, the realms are at the risk of another war. Every 100 years, there are six beings chosen to close these gates, to keep the Father locked within the Void, to provide peace & security once again.

The Gatekeepers.

The Gatekeeper Chronicles (Chapter 1): RISE


Blood red eyes opened at the sound of a very familiar voice. Black ears twitched, & blacker wings flexed just slightly. It was about time that he had called him. He was getting rather...restless. "It's time, my son." Dark lips curled slightly upward in a smirk. "That so? You've finally gotten sick of remaining still?" A dark voice as cold as a night with no moon echoed within the chambers of a half-destroyed palace. "No much more so than you, Xaiden. But I assure you that patience will reap rewards. As will planning." The figure simply folded his arms with a slight snort.

"I've been patient, that much is certain. So are we ready to begin, or not?" Not long after the question was asked, a dark, large & ominous aura filled the throne room. A symbol appeared within the empty center of the room, & with it...a portal slowly began to form. Slowly began to open. And the Darcisan prince soon realized, that after so many years of waiting & remaining dormant on a planet that was dying out of existence...It was finally time. He was finally free. Black wings twitched once again, & red eyes glinted with a bit of excitement.

But he wouldn't leave until he was told. No matter how anxious he was. "This gate has opened. And more are soon to follow. You know what you must do." Xaiden nodded once. "And you know I'll do it well." The voice chuckled once again. And with a single statement of approval, the Darcisan prince was off.

Somewhere, in a world of nothingness & emptiness, a long banished God waits patiently. Waiting for the moment that he is certain will come. "Earth. That filthy, lowly realm. You damned Guardians have tried to deceive me by hiding your little...treasures there. But I assure you, there is nothing that you can kept hidden forever. No matter how fast they run...No matter where they go...Every step brings the Keepers closer to ME."


Light. Beautiful, calming, warm & welcoming light. It was all I could see. All I could feel. And here, in this place, in this dream...I felt at home. I'd been having these dreams for months, now. But they were always so...unclear. So blurry & broken. I could only sense bits & pieces. It had never been as vivid & beautiful before.

I could never FEEL it all as well as I do now. But now...I'm dreaming, drifting, floating within a world that I wish was real. "Peya..." The lights begin to fade.
"Peya, wake up." Laughter, a familiar voice causes the dream to slowly disappear. And I'm not floating anymore. I'm falling out of the light & into...into...WHAT?

"Peya, wake up!" I groaned, cursing every profanity I could think of in my head. God. Damn. IT! WHY? At the WORST time possible! I was JUST finally beginning to see my dreams clearly, & then...& then SOMEBODY just had to wake me up & ruin it. "Go. AWAY." I grumbled into my pillow. Another voice huffs.

"I can NOT believe that you're willing to sleep in today of ALL days...Jeez, you're weird." Today? What's so special about...Oh...right. It's my birthday today. I'm now 16 years old. That's why. But even so... "How did you guys even get in here...?" I yawn out as I sit up, rubbing my eyes. Four people are currently in my bedroom. Four people that SHOULDN'T be in my bedroom at (I glanced at the clock) 11:15 in the morning. On a Saturday. Two boys, an African American with warm brown eyes, & a blonde with bright & happy blue eyes. Charles & Sora.

Two girls. Cheng, Sora's white-haired & equally hyper sister & Emily, a red-haired sweetheart, shy to the core. My best friends, the people that I'd known for what seemed like ever. I loved these guys...but right now, I just wanted them out of my room so I could go back to SLEEP & dream.

"Your mom let us in, OBVIOUSLY. I mean, we didn't just break in here." Cheng said, sticking her tongue out at me." Sora tilted his head to the ceiling in thought. "But it WOULD have been a lot more fun if we'd done it that way." His sister only nodded her head rapidly in agreement, leaving Charles to facepalm. "Yeah, breaking into her house would've worked out SO nicely." I can't help but smile, albeit sleepily.

"Anyhow, we just came here to wish you a happy birthday." Emily says with her own smile. "AND to help get the most epic, ultimate, sweet 16 party ever known to man started!" Cheng interrupted excitedly. I let her rave on & on about it for about 15 minutes or so. Meanwhile, I drag my own self away from the comfort & warmth of my bed.

It's my 16th birthday. And I should jumping up & down with excitement like other newly turned 16 year-old girls my age. But I can't. I have no clue why...but I've been dreading this day for months. Every tick of the clock that would bring me closer to this day just made me feel so uneasy. So nervous. But I put on a smiling mask for my friends as I laughingly tell them to get the hell out so I can get ready. They all agree & tell me to hurry up. To them, everything is fine. To them, this day will be perfect.

But when they're gone, & I'm alone...I can't help but stare at the calendar on the wall. November 8th, circled in red. To my friends, it's my birthday. My "sweet 16." To the rest of the world, it's just another day passing by. But to me...It's something that makes me want to crawl back into bed & sleep until it's over. Call me paranoid. Call me a killjoy. But for some strange reason, I, Peya Sakano...Have a bad feeling about today.



"So you boys really don't mind helping me set things up here?" May says as she places another pancake onto Sora's plate. Seriously, either Peya's mom is the sweetest & most generous woman on earth, or she has no idea that with Sora around, her fridge will be cleaned out completely in a matter of minutes. This is his SEVENTH pancake. My eye twitches involuntarily as I try to figure out how the hell he manages to eat so much & remain so SKINNY.

"No problem, Mrs. S!" He says as he gulps down his food. "Putting streamers & stuff up is better than letting Cheng drag me in & out of, like...ten million stores in the mall." Cheng only huffs & throws a balled up napkin at him from across the little island in the kitchen. May shakes her head with a laugh. "Well, thank you. There's a lot to get done & it'll go faster with more helping hands." "Just don't go overboard, mom. PLEASE." Peya says as she enters the kitchen. I can't help but smile. She's changed out of her PJ's, but she still looks like she's just rolled out of bed. Like a ruffled cat disturbed from it's nap or something. Brown hair still frizzy. Brown eyes still hazy. That's Peya for you.

"Hey, uh...I think the brush that was aiming for your hair might have missed by a few inches, Peya." I say with a smile. She only sticks her tongue out at me, earning a laugh from all of us. "So, what's the plan for today, anyhow? Are there hidden cameras recording this so that it can be put on MTV or something?" She asks as she leans against the counter next the stove where May is making yet ANOTHER pancake for Sora. God. REALLY?

"Well YOU will be coming with US today to be primped & pampered. And meanwhile, Charles & Sora will both be here doing something a little out of character. WORKING." Cheng states. I roll my eyes & Sora grumbles something unintelligible. Emily only smiles. "And when it's all done, everything will be perfect. Trust us." Peya smiles back. But I know her enough by now to know that that smile is...completely forced. But I also know her enough to know that she wouldn't want to be called out on it around everyone else. So I'll ask her what's up later.

Besides, as selfish as it might sound...I've got my own issues to worry about right now. A few minutes later, after breakfast is eaten, dishes are washed, & the girls leave to go do God knows what, Sora & I are left alone in the finished off basement to put up decorations. The basement itself is pretty nice-sized, & shouldn't even really be CALLED a basement in the first place.

Time passes by & Sora & I both work in a cooperative silence. That is until he chooses to break that silence with a question, "So, am I the only one who feels weird?" I look down at him from the top of the ladder. And although I think I understand what he's talking about, I decide to play dumb anyway. "You know, that could just be the 12 pancakes you scarfed down this morning." He only gives me a pointed look. "Ok, first of all, Cheng & mom are both on a health kick. So there is NOTHING at our house to eat besides rice cakes & salad. So can you blame a guy?" I wince in sympathy. "Thought not. And second, you KNOW what I mean. There's just something about today that feels...off."

I sigh before hopping down off the ladder, handing him the hammer I was using before. "Fine. It feels weird, I guess. But it's not like we can do anything about it." I reply with a shrug. Sora only shakes his head. "Nah. We can just keep our heads up, you know? Make sure..." "Make sure s**t doesn't hit the fan." I supplied. He nods. "Right. That."

No other words are exchanged, & we both go back to working in silence. Which is odd...Because I'm working with SORA. So needless to say, if Sora has too much on his mind to talk, then something's definitely up. But what?


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