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A Daydreamer's Diary
Welcome to the world of me
The Lady in Waiting (Story Idea)

Being raised to become a maid for the royal family of Vascidia, 17 year-old Preilene Ridgewood has long since stopped expecting much from her life outside of washing linen and scrubbing walls. So long as she has a roof over her head and a meal to eat, Preilene can find contentment in even the lowliest of statuses.

But after risking her life to save Trudessa Currington, Vascidia's youngest princess, during an attack on the palace (and getting nearly fatally injured in the process) Preilene finds herself in a predicament that she would have never seen coming:

Trudessa wishes for _*her*_ to become her royal companion, her _Lady in Waiting._ In the midst of entering into this entirely new world of silk dresses, precious jewels and confusing feelings regarding Trudessa's older brother Eden, Preilene begins to question whether or not her growing friendship with the Princess and her new status is worth leaving her simple old life, and a very large piece of herself, behind.


Characters (Part 1):

Preilene Ridgewood:
A simple girl with very simple tastes, and very mature for her age. She finds the most peculiar things in life to be funny and she prefers to be neither seen nor heard, and takes very much after her father, Lars, who passed away three years prior to the beginning of the story.

Preilene has never met her mother, as she abandoned both her and her father just a month after her birth in favor of a "better life beyond the palace." Preilene has resented her ever since she was old enough to fully comprehend her mother's absence.

Regardless, she isn't all alone in the world, for she has been taken in by Auda, a kind middle-aged woman who serves as the best seamstress in the palace and she has long ago developed a friendship with a Latin stable hand by the name of Jael Marcano.

As far as appearances go, Preilene is a pretty average looking young woman with shoulder-length black hair, greyish blue eyes and extremely pale skin. Her two redeeming features seem to be her eyes ("They always seem to know secrets that everyone else doesn't know," Jael once said) and the faint, constant rosiness of her cheeks. She takes pride in her face's constant flush, because her father always said that it was one of the marks of a hard worker.

Princess Trudessa (Trudy) Currington:
The bubbly and energetic 14 year-old Princess of Vascidia. Her father has affectionately given her the nickname "Rabbit" because she just can't seem to stop running all over the place. While Trudy is generally a warm and happy girl, she often wilts under the pressure of her strict mother and the ridicule of her older sister, Cornelia. She was once extremely close to her brother Eden when they were both very young, but has long since given up on their relationship due to Eden's new "all work and no play" attitude.

As for her looks, she is a lovely baby-faced girl with auburn hair, twinkling hazel eyes and round freckled cheeks.

Prince Eden Currington:
Although he is only 16 years old, Eden has already entered the mindset of a future king. He spends most of his time studying under and traveling with his father and establishing connections with prospective allies. And while his father has continued to attempt to loosen him up a bit, Eden continues to bury himself deeper into his "duties" to his country.

But everyone in the palace begins to see a slight shift in his demeanor during the rise of his sister's future Lady in Waiting.

Although he has never cared much for his outward appearances (there are much more important things about being a king, after all) Eden is a very attractive young man with slightly curled chestnut locks, deep green eyes and lean muscles that are the result of many years of fencing with his father.

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