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A Daydreamer's Diary
Welcome to the world of me
Rosebud Pudding Bio

Name: Pudding

Full Name: Rosebud Pudding

Age: Refuses to say.

Birthday: November 8th

Lover/Love Interest: Bunni (Aka: "Supreme Emperor Princess Overlord Bunni Bonbon, Future Evil Bunny Dictator..." Her words. Not Pudding's.)

Pet/Familiar: Little Tim (Kitten Star)

City of Residency: Durem

Occupation: Waitress, greeter and manager of her very own diner/cafe, The Pastry Tree. That and taking care of Bunni and her little brother, Spiky, and attempting to keep them both out of overall general mischief. If that counts as some sort of occupation, and it really should, because it really is a full time job.

Attributes (Positive): Loving, loyal, nurturing, creative, imaginative, honest, offers sound and reasonable advice when asked.

Attributes (Neutral): Protective, idealistic, romantic, quiet and reserved around new people, is easily flustered, has the occasional tendencies of an introvert.

Attributes (Negative): Impatient, hot tempered, stubborn, hard headed, vindictive, fickle/changes her mind too often, prone to bouts of random overly possessiveness and selfishness.

Loves: Bunni, Spiky, Little Tim, the Pastry Tree, reading, writing, singing, sleeping, drinking tea, eating sweet things, organizing, beautiful things, adorable things, the idea of the paranormal, supernatural and the like, collecting ornaments/figurines, interior decorating, all things pertaining to anime, manga, horror and romance and any colors within the pink and purple end of the spectrum.

Hates: Waking up at any time before 2:00 PM, Spiky's perverted tendencies, blushing/being flustered, sharing Bunni with just about anyone and everyone, spiders, the color gray (for a thousand different reasons, both literary and otherwise), angsty tweens, and old ladies that smell like makeup and dead flowers.

Special Skills/Abilities: Hack Scratch Mode: The ability to enter a full bakeneko-like state (two tails and all) when severely and violently pissed off. Spiky (and his antics) is usually the main cause of this state, as well as the main recipient of Pudding's wrath thereafter.

Rosebud Pudding
Community Member
Rosebud Pudding
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