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It be here.
Gaia name: Sindee15

Name: The Clown (Codename) and informal is Dee

Gender: Female but I can be ambiguous.

Age/Apparent Age: Appears to be young teenager.

Race: Human

Appearance(Height, Weight, Eye Color, Hair Color, Clothes, pics accepted): Everything is unknown accept height is 5 foot six inches and weight which is 141 pounds of muscle and leg fat. Wigs are always on, bright green-blue wig is most common but also big hair like afros. Always behind glasses so the eye color is also a mystery. One distinct feature is the mighty red clown nose. I dress in a midriff-body suit and the belly button usually is exposed.

Personality: If you get me to speak a normal conversation I could be described as a space-case. I am shy. The best two qualities are resourcefulness and rationality. So if I need to go to the bathroom I'll find a bush and carefully examine it.

History/bio: Odd family. Circus runaway. Circus clown. Killer clown. Assassin school student. Clown Assassin going solo. Clown that got lost. Clown ends up here.

Weapons: One gun and a whole lot of bullets hidden in silly clownish places. Anti-battery flashlight. Gasmask/thema-goggles. A butt-load of disguises and a spare clown nose. A muilti-purpose cooking knife. None-cool items: Bobby-pin (if I can pick the lock I will but I can't always) old trusty rope, compass, balloons and role sting, chemical-heaters, clown stickers, pen (with no magical ability or ink). ALSO A BAG TO CARRY MOST OF IT!

Weapon ability's: To aim and fire (if the trigger is pulled). Flashlight can dim down brightness and light up darkness (WITHOUT BATTERIES). Knife is just a knife-hidden somewhere on the body.

Powers/abilities: No supernatural powers. Abilities: Resourceful. Clever. I know when to yield. Standard strength, ability to squeeze through things, and impeccable stamina. I also have a sixth sense for ghosts and danger but it's more of a feeling- I wouldn't call this supernatural sense sharks have this.

Explanations of powers, weapons, and abilities where aplicable:

Attacks: I do my research. Set traps.Shoot.

Special Attacks: Shoot. Run. Dodge. Sense some bad luck.

Weakness: Human weakness. I can't smell. I stop everything if my clown nose is removed. It's my priority.

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