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Adara Vahni Daughter of the once revered dragon lord she now rules the kingdom in her father's absence, using the palace left to her as a personal paradise with a select few trusted servants at her beck and call.

Ashra Far from a master of the host of spells in her book she's a wanderer in search of answers as to what exactly lead to the obliteration of her village while she was a child, one lucky survivor of very few.

Aidan Sparx The jail keeper in a small fairly well settled town out west.

Sylph Born in the southern forests she has remained unchallenged by the hatred often brought against her people and has rarely even seen men or women not born of the same scaly skin as she. Still a young fang her venom isn't deadly and she has spent much time learning the techniques to disguise her serpentine body with hopes to experience the world beyond the tree line.

Nomad Recently exiled for betrayal of her kin when she refused to kill an innocent peddler passing through the centaur's land she now seeks peace, caught between the natural distrust of human kind and the strong misguided stubborn nature of her tribe.

Leila The temporary master of her clan in the mountains she holds a cold stare and deadly talent for the ninja arts, commanding her allies until their true master returns.

Wendigo Once human she now only holds onto fragments of the life she left behind often unable to control the murderous urges and cravings for flesh that plague her fading mind. She tries to seclude herself in the snowy mountains.

Rin Training is a personal hobby and she's always looking for a good sparring partner.

Crimson Blayde Sword for hire. She has many skills for use in combat and is willing to take on almost any job, providing the purse is large enough.

BunnehA fun loving halfling

DD Maybe your run of the mill damsel in distress, maybe not. You'll have to rescue her to find ou

Bramble My squirrely self cat_smilies/icon_whee.gif

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