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mom issues

Uhh, mom has been really grumpy with me for no reason.
She'll tell me that i'm not eating enough proteins but when I do eat some she's like "woah stop eating, you're getting fat".
She also said that the only reason my hair looks short when I put it in a ponytail is because i'm losing my hair.
That's false actually, it's because I got haircut so my hair looks shorter but she's like "that has nothing to do with it".

She also tells me to shut up all the time but when I tell her that she's like "omg you better say sorry right now".
Mom also doesn't believe that I have depression which pisses me off
She's like "oh, but you have a great life so idk why you're depressed. my sister was depressed and she didn't want to eat and all she wanted to do was lay in bed all day."
Well, mom, the only reason I don't do that is because you tell me to get my a** up and you yell at me if I don't eat
Like everything I do, you immediately judge me and make me feel like s**t
You aren't the only one though.
Everyone in the family makes fun of my anxiety and they're just like "lol stop being so scared god" like what the actual ********

you won't be laughing when i kill myself sooner or later